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Heat...Beach Festival Ahead...Tortilla Slapping

Jun 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and it’s already the middle of June. “Sweltering” would be a good word to describe the heat right now in middle Tennessee. We’re with a lot of the country breaking heat records already. 100-degree area for several days. Hot enough the Nashville Electric Service folks are asking that we conserve energy. Okay then, I promise not to go for a jog today.



I finished up a funny song idea with my buddy Jerry Salley yesterday morning. As the head of our record labels Billy Blue and Billy Jam, as a songwriter and recording artist himself, Jerry is as busy as anyone I know. So it’s always great to get some one-on-one time to create something together. We’ve talked more than once about the possibility of me cutting an all-funny bluegrass album for the label, or at least we’ve kicked the tires on that, and we kicked that tire a bit more yesterday It certainly would be such great fun to do this with Jerry as the producer as I know the sessions themselves would be filled with laughter. So, we’ll see.  Stay tuned as they say.


Plus, I’d love to have a new album out!



The official invitation arrived by e-mail today to play the “Blast on the Bay” songwriters festival this October 20-23. This is a smaller boutique type songwriters festival held in the beautiful little bay town of Port St. Joe, Florida that I play every year with my “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier. It’s one of our very favorite gigs we play down on the Forgotten Coast.  Come join us if you can. You’ll fall in love with the festival and that area if you come.



That would be the one in Marion, Virginia this Saturday night with Linda Davis, Lang Scott, and myself at the incredible looking Lincoln Theatre in downtown Marion which is near the very western border of Virginia. A lot of my bluegrass friends have played there over the year on the stage looking at those great paintings on the wall and all of them have told me how much we’ll enjoy playing there. It was opened way back in 1929. A show called “Song of the Mountains” is recorded there on a regular basis that features a lot of bluegrass acts like my friend Jerry Salley who I mentioned above. Jerry says to eat at the Irish Pub right next door. So, I see a Guinness and a corned beef sandwich in my near future.



The CDC listed 3 new places as high risk for COVID for travelers. Mexico, New Caledonia, and the United Arab Emirates all on the list at risk level 3. The highest level is 4.


Hugh Jackman, the actor has COVID for a second time a day after the Tony Awards on Broadway that he was part of. And, Mick Jagger has COVID too and that forced the Rolling Stones to cancel a big concert.


A new survey out reveals that the unvaccinated had a lower rate of severe COVID than those who were vaccinated. They mentioned the unvaccinated did a better job of self-care. On the vitamin D if you will.



It’s all the rage today kids. I have yet to Tik or Tok. And I don’t watch a lot of it. BUT, if I did, and I did, I would have to watch people slapping each other with tortillas. How can you not?! I’m always curious about the mind of someone who would think, “you know what would be cool?  Grab a couple of tortillas bub and let’s go outside and smack the heck out of each other.”  And then convince them to actually go do it!


Hey, if Pickleball can now be a sport shown on TV?  Why can’t tortilla slapping?



The new biopic on Elvis is coming to theaters with Tom Hanks playing Colonel Tom Parker, but it’s the young actor Austin Butler who’s playing Elvis who’s getting a rave review from Lisa Marie Presley. Lisa says of his role as Elvis that it moved her to tears and that “If he doesn’t get the Oscar for this, I will eat my own foot.”  Wow. Hard to get a better review than that. I wasn’t completely in on thinking I wanted to see this movie, but her reaction may have changed my mind.


FYI…some random Elvis trivia. First Elvis movie I ever saw?  That would have been in Columbia, Missouri when I was an FFA member. We competed in the state competition for stuff. I judged chickens. Go figure. But we had a day off and our Ag instructor Howard Harmon took our little FFA crew to see the Elvis movie “Girl Happy”. I think it might have been only the second time I had been in a movie theater at that young point of my life. Just thought you should know. And I can still hear that theme song in my head.



Barry Trotz is being by the Winnipeg ice hockey team to be their head coach. He coached our Nashville Predators for a lot of years and was beloved here in Nashville. He won a Stanley Cup in Washington. And now the folks in Winnipeg want him to come there so badly that a local brewer has offered Barry a lifetime supply of beer if he’ll just say “yes” and come. Not sure that will sway his decision, but a “pop a top” perk for life isn’t a bad incentive.



A husband tweeted, “Last night my wife asked me to grab her keys out of her purse, but instead I found 3 Tupperware lids, 2 socks and a third child I didn’t know we had.” 


Can you relate to that guys?  My wife’s purse is always crammed. Always. But there have been times when we’ve been on a road trip and I’d say something like “I wish I’d have though to pack those salami pieces for the trip” and she’ll pull a bag out of her purse and say, “See!  Stop complaining about my full purse now”. I swear I could ask for a leaf blower and she’d find it in her purse.


Sort of the same theory women have with throwing a hundred pillows on one bed. You can never have enough pillows on a bed.  What size do you want?



That’s what’s going to be hanging in the sky after sunset, a big ole full moon which is typically the last full moon of Spring and the first full moon of summer. Look southeast to see the Supermoon tonight. All I have to do is somehow remember to go outside and look up.



Nothing big on the calendar so a little working ahead on a couple of projects is the order of the day. And trying to stay cool.


Have a great Tuesday!


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