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Branson Tonight

Jun 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from Missouri.  I heard a radio station saying the low was 51 degrees last night!  Wow.


Short blog this morning as I’ve just crossed the Missouri line headed to Branson for three shows this weekend for the Billy Yates Songwriter Series at the Americana Theater.  I’ll be on stage with Billy and Alan Rhody this time around with a 9:30 show tonight, 9:30 Saturday night and a 2 pm matinee Sunday afternoon.  Missouri is my home state so I’m certainly looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new one’s here in the beautiful Show Me State.



I wrote for the first time with Lee Black who’s a very noted southern gospel writer (although he can write anything)  But yesterday I was fortunate to bring an idea that Lee loved and we wrote that with him playing the piano and me just listening to him sing and being amazed at his great voice.  Gosh what a great session that turned out to be.  And I know we’ll be doing more of that in the future.



I had some good news roll in a couple of different ways yesterday.  First, fellow Missourian Becky Denton has a song we wrote with her hubby Will Denton "Take Me Back To Tybee"  that just landed at #10 on one of the Trop Rock internet charts. (think beach music).  Good for Becky for getting a little notice in that world.


And the nominations came out yesterday for the IBMA Awards…the big Bluegrass Awards show held every year in North Carolina.


Three of the five “Female Vocalist Of The Year” nominees are friends who have recorded songs that I’ve helped write.  I can’t lose!  Congrats to Brooke Aldridge, Irene Kelley and Kristy Cox…all nominated.  So proud to have music on your projects…and good luck to all.



I do want to send out “get better” vibes and wishes to my youngest brother Gene who’s working on trying to get over some health issues here in Missouri.  Thinking bout him big time and his wife and friends here in my home state along with all my brothers and sisters.  Love ya man.


Gotta go…off to Branson.


Have a great weekend!



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