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Printers Alley...Evening In The Round Video...Charley Pride Audio

Jun 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s a bleary eyed Thursday.



I’m on a late night run this week.  Last night I played in the historic Printers Alley at Alley Taps with my friend Dave Lenahan.  That old alley that used to be seedy is now cleaned up and jumping with tourists from all over the country going club to club down that brick alleyway.  We had fun…and I thank Liz Kilgo for inviting me last night.  There were folks from Ohio, and Wisconsin that I could relate too after living in both states for a lot of years…nice meeting you guys.


I was deeply disappointed because the bar had a Guinness tap but no Guinness.  After getting where I loved it Ireland…that would have been nice…but no.  Sigh.  Maybe next time.







I spent a little time with my friends and “Evening In The Round “ partners as we rolled video to promote a show and some workshops we will be involved with in Pennsylvania…and then a separate concert we’re doing in Crossville, Tennessee next month July 6.  Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself are all looking forward to doing some more shows together…and we look forward to seeing you.


This VIDEO will show you what I’m talking about and explains some of what I’ll be talking about in my songwriting workshop in Pennsylvania in November.  Sign up and join us.  I’ll do a songwriters workshop one day over that weekend…and Linda will teach her “performance class” on another that you can find out more about by clicking on that link.   Should be great fun.



I’m on late tonight on WSM…that reminds me to share this with you.  A few mornings ago I was on and Hall of Famer Charley Pride sat down with me and Charlie Mattos.  I had never had the pleasure of interviewing him and it turned out to be a fascinating conversation to say the least.


And now I can share it with you.  Charlie was nice enough to send me this LINK to the podcast that is up at wsmonline.com.  Just click on the “pod” icon you see and you hear the conversation.  Certainly it was a memorable morning for me.




I was sorry to hear that DJ Fontana the great drummer passed away.  DJ played drums for Elvis early in the "King's" career.   How cool is that?  He was also an in demand session player too…drummed on numerous songs and albums through the years.  And I have a slight connection with him.


The only vinyl album I ever recorded was titled “Making Music”.  I was a young young guy at the time and came to Nashville with my little band at that time comprised of myself, David Powelson, Randy Wright and Mark Herndon.  The old “Shortline Express” band.  My great friend, booking agent, manager, second Mom…Dean Raymer set up this session for us.  Talk about memories…and hang on…I’ll get to the DJ Fontana connection.


The session took place at Fireside Music Studios…owned at that time by Dolly Parton and Porter Waggoner.  At one point…Dolly showed up…was standing in the hallway with a red bandana on her hair…and said some nice things before she left.  What a pleasant accident that was.


The Kendalls…remember that Father-Daughter duo with  “Heavens Just A Sin Away”?  Dean somehow convinced Royce and Jeannie Kendall to produce this album.  Royce is gone now…but what a great memory I have of them being at the control board offering advice and making some young Show Me kids feel so goo.


Our band recorded several songs on this album by ourselves…just the four of us.  But we also recorded a couple of songs using some studio players.  DJ Fontana played drums on a couple of those.  That’s my Elvis connection.  Can you imagine?  And Hall of Famer Paul Franklin very young himself at that time played steel guitar.  DJ and Paul could not have been nicer.


So you can see why I’m saddened to hear of the passing of a drumming legend this morning.  RIP.



Another marketing idea getting our attention is Dorito making GIGANTIC sized chips to help cross promote the new Jurassic Park about to hit theaters.  You can adopt a chip.  Uh huh.  Proceeds go to the Red Cross.  If you adopt one…they ship it to you in a dinosaur egg.


Now that would be a fun job.  Sitting at the conference table coming up with creative ideas like that.



I saw an ad for a new Rolls Royce kind of SUV vehicle this morning.  It hit me.  How many times have you ever seen a Rolls Royce of any kind?  Me too.  Like almost never.  Might be I live in the wrong zip code to see someone rolling down the window on one of those and asking someone in the other car “got any grey poupon”?



Scientist say there’s so much ice melting there that it’s the cause of so much coastal flooding.  So now ya know. The good news is that I’m sure we’ll be able to take a beach vacation in Antartica soon.  Take a little SPF and pull up a towel next to a penguin.



Gosh…I just can’t get into soccer.  And it’s big news today because the US got the World Cup and word is that every stadium used will be sold out…packed with rabid fans.  We might even get a game here in Nashville who now has a pro soccer team.


Maybe I’ll get enthused one day.  It took me forever to get into hockey a bit.  But with the Nashville Predator Stanley Cup run over the past couple of years…it was hard not to get into the game with all the rabid fans that fill up that arena for EVERY game. 


So maybe guys kicking balls in short pants will appeal to me someday.  Maybe.



I read another article that had tips for bikers that race on gravel.  Like in gravel roads.  Those would be nasty falls I would think.


The article made me realize that there’s not much stress down gravel roads.  I’ve lived down a few.  You’re off the beaten path usually if you’re road is gravel.  Heck…my Dad taught me to drive on a gravel road so I have nothing but good memories.


And it’s interesting.  The VRBO rental in a castle in Ireland we stayed in recently?  The long winding entrance was on an old horrible gravel road.  But the payoff when you pulled up to the castle was priceless.


Let’s hear it for peace and quiet and gravel roads.  Might be a song in all that.



Back to radio today.  I’ll be on air tonight filling in for Eddie Stubbs from 7-Midnight and you can listen from anywhere at wsmonline.com.  And I hope you will!


Have a great Thursday!







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