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Two In One Day...Blues...Carp Fishing

Jun 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and it still feels like Spring when you step outside. 



It was a full and busy day of writing with Brent Baxter and Nathan Woodard at my publishing company.  Brent makes regular trips to Nashville from Missouri and when he’s here he brings lots of ideas.  And just like the first time this particular threesome got together we wrote not one but two new songs.  One idea of mine…one idea of Brent's.  One country song…one bluegrass song.


While I was there my good friend Jerry Salley showed up with another co-writer friend and Jerry pulled me aside to hear some of the “not yet finished” recordings of Kristy Cox the Australian bluegrass artist I’ve mentioned before.  Kristy put this SONG on her last album that I helped write…but this new one will have four songs I’m involved with INCLUDING and “event” type recording from Kristy and Tommy Emmanuelle…one of the greatest guitar players on the planet.  So that was a treat for sure.  That album should be out in just a few months now.


And part of my day was also spent pitching some bluegrass songs to an artist friend of mine in Texas who is getting ready to record a new bluegrass album with his band.  Here’s hoping he likes one or two.



Then when I cleared the building I found some remote WiFi to send my folks in New York a parody about not forgetting ole Dad for Father’s Day.  It’s coming up Sunday ya know. 


Some Dad’s will tell ya they don’t want anything.  I don’t think that’s true.  In fact I think some kids may get written out of the will if they forget.  So…it’s up to you.  I’d get something.


My New York folks also needed 2 custom written pieces for a country radio station up in Albany, New York.  One parody to promote their large outdoor Country Festival coming up July 6, and the other request was for a short morning jingle for the morning radio team at that radio station.   Happy to give them both.


So yep…a really busy day of writing.



The weather in Nashville is unreal right now.  Spring like for sure.  Yesterday was perfect for getting out for a walk…and this morning when I stepped out in shorts it was like “whoa”!  62 degrees in Music City!  And the high today?  77!  Aren’t I living in the South?



I’m from the Show Me State and will be in Branson this weekend.  So yea…I was rooting for the St. Louis Blues last night and they did not disappoint beating the Boston Bruins to capture their first Stanley Cup ever.  I grew up watching my Dad listen to the radio play by play of hockey when I was a kid.  I don’t remember much except that he loved a player named Red Berenson who played for the Blues at the time.


We have a pretty good hockey team here in Nashville…and I watch hockey more than I used to but still not a lot.  And when Nashville is eliminated…I have almost zero interest in watching a hockey game on TV…especially if there’s a baseball game on some other channel.  But…I watched a lot of THAT game last night.  Congrats Blues!



The young Country star just broke some new ground as she posed topless for Playboy.  She’s discreetly covered up but still…it’s not something Loretta ever did.   I don’t think.  And it’s creating both good and bad talk reactions from folks for the “My Church” singer. 


I could use some “buzz” too so look for my centerfold picture soon in Field & Stream. 



Chicago is holding a Carp fishing tournament.  Chicago has carp?  My brothers and I caught carp with my Dad when we were growing up.  Paid fishing.  Lots of carp.  Put them in a gunny sack and took them home and cleaned for HOURS.  Filled ya up…but certainly not the greatest fish to eat.  But…you could not find a red snapper or mahi in a Missouri farm pond.  To all those entering the contest, “Carp pe diem”…or something like that.



If you drive in downtown Nashville it’s not the deer that may jump out at you that you have to be careful to look for…it’s danged motorized scooter.  And now we find out that there a lot of folks who get on those motorized scooters they rent after they’ve been drinking a lot. 


Folks…don’t drink and scoot.  It’s dangerous.


HEADLINE OF THE DAY (speaking of “drunk”)

“Man Gets So Drunk He Unknowingly Swallows His Car Keys”.  Yep.  And then he rented a scooter to get home…I’m just betting.



I’m off to write with a very noted Southern Gospel singer and writer for the first time.  Lee Black has been part of the group Legacy 5…sings solo and has written a ton of gospel songs that others have recorded through the years.  Even though I grew up with Southern Gospel it’s been a long time since I paid attention to it.  I can’t name many of the contemporary groups that folks follow these days.  So this will be fun and an education all at the same time today.


Then tonight it’s suitcase-packing time for Branson Missouri and my three shows for the Billy Yates Songwriting Show at the Americana Theater that starts with a 9:30 show Friday night.  I’m looking forward to being on that stage with Billy and Alan Rhody this time. 


Have a great Thursday!













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