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Christmas Song...Listening Room...Printers Alley Tonight

Jun 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day in Music City.



After writing a funny Father’s Day song parody for New York I spent the middle part of the day writing with friend Paul Bogart and Gerald Smith at Sony on Music Row.  The last time the three of us got together we wrote a funny Christmas song…and yesterday we worked at taking the Christmas part out and just making it funny without any holiday references so we now have two songs that will allow us to pitch both commercially but we’ll also have a version to pitch in case a country artist is recording a Christmas project. 


We finished that up in short order and that left us with enough time to write a new song from an idea Gerald brought with him that tips it’s hat to those artists who’s music stands the test of time long after their gone.  Those artists and songwriters pass on like we all do.  Their lasting legacy is their songs that folks continue to love and sing along with years after the creative person has passed.  It was fun digging into that thought with a couple of really good guys.



Last night found me on stage with the foursome you see here at the Listening Room in Nashville.  My thanks to Tamara Stewart for inviting me to be part of it.  Folks were in the room from Texas, Ohio, Arizona, London…you name it. 





Clay Mills who was in our group last night has had several big hits…”Beautiful Mess” by Diamond Rio being his first number one song.  But…he’s had hits by Trisha Yearwood and a couple by Darrius Rucker.  He forgot his own lyrics a couple of times (it happens) and Tamara grabbed her phone and Googled the lyrics while he stalled.  It made for a very funny moment or two.


Thanks to all who came out to enjoy some original music last night.



Fast approaching so all the ads are out…what to buy for good ole Dad.  I think maybe sometimes we kill ourselves trying to come up with something “different” for Dad that he’ll like…for those of you looking to do that this year.  For me as a Dad I’m simple.  I think my daughter knows she could just take me to a baseball game or buy a ball cap…buy some new music I have not heard.  Tried and true stuff. 


But I will say…what you see here might be cool…literally. 











This new place in Nashville that just opened caught my attention.  “Slim Husky’s Pizza and Beeria.  Beeria?


Combine pizza and beer in one place?  With those two offerings at Slim Husky’s my guess is there will be more Husky folks in there as opposed to “Slim” folks.



So we find out for sure iHOB…is all about iHop adding burgers to the menu.  We do love our burgers.  Articles are written all the time listing favorite burger places.




I love my friend Roger Naylor’s book “Boots and Burgers” that combines trail walking in Arizona and then linking the nearest burger place to that trail so when you’re done walking and sweating you can sit down for one.













Best burger I ever had?  When I lived in Decatur, Illinois I befriended Bill Krekel  who’s gone now.  He ran a little burger place that made the best burger ever in my book.  I’d walk in the back door and visit with him while he sat with a big plastic bucket of burgers and roll and flatten them out for the grill.  Delicious.  I think his kids still have the place running…go if you’re ever near.  He made noise for himself by driving around town in a big ole Cadillac with a rooster head on top of the roof.  The eyes lit up.  Everyone in town knew him…and they knew his burgers for sure.






For me?  My first grilled hot dog ever at old Sportsman Park in St. Louis home of Stan The Man Musial and the Cardinals.  A lasting memory.  I don’t know if it’s the best…but in my memory it is.  In my book…every hot dog should be grilled…and burnt.


Maybe that will be my restaurant name.  “Grilled…Burnt…and Plain”.



They have new app rolling out that will monitor how you’re sleeping.  You wake up and it gives you a report card and suggests better ways to get better sleep.  If I can’t sleep I put on a political talk TV show.  Puts me to sleep instantly. 



Those are economical and fun.  It’s amazing how you can live in a city for a long time and not see everything it has to offer. 


MSN says the best Staycation city in the country is Orlando.  You can figure out why.  The worst?  Lubbock, Texas.  I didn’t read why.  But...I played Lubbock once at a great old theater there on Buddy Holly Avenue with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.  We walked across the street to have early dinner before our show and the food was off the hook.  Texas Tech is in Lubbock.  So I’m going to disagree with MSN.  Worst staycation for me?  A winter staycation in Bismark, North Dakota.  It gets cold there folks…really really cold.



So they’re now turning the animated Disney classic “Dumbo” into a “live” action production like they’ve done with “Sound Of Music” and other classics.  That means…they’re hiring.  Bring your own shovel.



I've added a new show to my calendar.  December 21 I'll be in Huntsville, Alabama for the Jim Parker Songwriter Series in the held in the beautiful VBC Theater.  It will be Jim's birthday celebration so I'm tickled to be part of this.  My great friend Brady Seals will be with us along with his duet partner Lua Crofts so we'll get to hear Seals & Crofts 2...and hear some of those iconic hits.  It's dinner and a show and it's one of my favorite places to play.  Worth the trip.  More info to come...but it's on my calendar on my website at billwhytecomedy.com. 



No writing appointments today…so I’ve got a long “catch up” list in front me to get to.  Tonight however I’ll be on stage at Alley Taps in Printers Alley here in town with a longtime radio-songwriter friend Dave Lenahan.  We start warbling at 8:30 AM.  If you happen to be in town…by all means drop by.




Have a great Wednesday!

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