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Back To Writing...Kentucky Date...Back To Woodstock

Jun 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

"Hump Day Wednesday" and cooler weather still prevails. 



My songwriting appointment was with Nathan Woodard and Rob Bellamy.  Nathan writes at my publishing company and we’ve been paired up to write several times now and we’ve found some “rhyming” chemistry between us.  We added my friend Rob yesterday who flew in from Boston where he moved with his girlfriend Ayla Brown who’s an artist and now big time Country Radio personality out east.


Rob misses Nashville and for his birthday Ayla bought him a trip back here to write for a week.  How cool is that?  Rob played hockey for Maine and his sister was on the gold medal women’s hockey team in South Korea a couple of years ago and he told me she may be back on the team for the next Winter Olympics that will be in Beijing. (When I have a hockey question...I call Rob).  He and Ayla still make some music together when her busy radio schedule will allow.  The recently cut a record together with three songs we wrote together on the project.  Here’s ONE.


And Rob brought an idea to the writing room with him that the three of us turned into a new song.  Just a fun day at the writing office with those two.



I added yet another date to my calendar when my friend Dan Modlin sent me a note asking if I would fill in for his songwriter show in Bowling Green, Kentucky as he had a writer cancel on him.  It’s Monday August 12 and I’m happy to fill that slot for his “Water Wheel Round” up in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  It will be the second time I’ve done it and it’s really a great little venue and show.  All the details are on my calendar on the website.



Luke Combs became the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry this weekend.  It’s a big deal to folks who really love country music.  Most burst into tears when they are surprised on the Opry Stage and asked if they’d like to join.  Nobody says “no”…ever.  Most grow up dreaming of one day singing on that little round piece of historical wood center stage that every country singer worth their salt has stood on.  And when they ask you to be a member?  It’s true validation you’ve arrived.  It came true for Luke this weekend.  Congrats.


Watch this great MOMENT from the Opry Stage.



I love this article this morning I found about 15 sayings only Midwest folks would understand.  Now I’m from Missouri and that makes me one of them but there were a couple even I didn’t understand.  My favorite might be “Jeet” which means, “did ya eat”?  If your curious about the others here’s the LIST. I think when I was in Milwaukee I was standing at a “bubbler” once when someone asked, “Jeet”?



Harry Potter continues to be hot and sell lots and lots of stuff.  The latest is a brand of sneakers that seem to be flying off the shelves.


And the new ROLLER COASTER they just opened in Harry Potter Land at Universal Studios in Orlando looks to be a heck of a ride drawing long lines. 


I gotta say…my wife and I stopped there a couple of years ago as we were headed to Miami to hear Andrea Bocelli in concert for a Valentine weekend.  This roller coaster was not there yet but it was great fun.  Especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan at all.  If you go…do order the “Butter Beer” they sell on the streets in Harry Potter Land. 



Credence Clearwater Band will release an album that contains their “live” set from Woodstock on August 2.  Wow.  Talk about musical history.  I was in college when Woodstock happened.  I had friends that made the trek to New York.  Little did I know that it would turn into musical history that just lives on.  I wasn’t into rock and roll in college as I was in a “country” band and was listening to Hag and Jones and Hank.  Some of my buddies were in rock bands…and a couple went. 


All these years later I have more of an appreciation for what Woodstock meant and the music delivered on that stage.  In fact, my friend Brent Burns and I referenced it in a song called “Baby Boomers” that’s the title track of one of Brent’s CD’s.


And all these Baby Boomer years later I’m anxious to hear those “live” recordings from Credence.



There’s a great story about a 60 year old man who just walked across the state of Tennessee.  It’s a significant story because a few years ago he had 100% artery blockage.  Good for him.


And an 86 year old grandma just jumped out of an airplane for the first time because she always wanted to.  Go Granny go.  Or “jump” Granny “jump”!


You don’t create a lot of memories just sitting on the couch with a remote control folks.



“Fainting Dog Collapses At The Sight Of Ducks”.  Don’t believe that?  Take a LOOK.



I’m back to the writing room for the second day in a row with Nathan Woodard and this time our Arkansas friend Brent Baxter will join us again.  I wouldn’t mind writing something this good like Brent did once that Alan Jackson recorded.


And then with the weather being nice I’m going to try and get out and get a good walk in like I did yesterday.  That dude that just walked across our state has me motivated for at least 2 days.


Have a great Wednesday!

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