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Beach Rhymes...Baseball Stories...Show Tonight

Jun 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Tuesday…does anyone know where Dennis Rodman is?



Speaking of Dennis Rodman…my New York comedy song assignment yesterday was to write a parody song about the big summit in Singapore.  Weird rhyming the word “nuke”.  But somebody gotta do it.



My songwriting appointment was with Amanda Williams yesterday.  As we sat down and caught up I looked and saw the last time we had written was in 2014, which is hard to believe.  So much time had passed that she had cancer…did chemo…and is all clear...thank God. 


We talked a bit about Ireland where my daughter was married a couple weeks ago and Amanda told me she had opened for a big artist in Dublin once and loved the country too.  Who knew?


She’s built her own business up…took and old bar and developed a workshop-teaching place with a dedicated listening room down below for songwriter nights which I suspect I’ll be part of sometime in the future…both teaching and performing.



I brought a “beach” song idea to the table she loved…and it fell out pretty fast over a very fun groove.  Just a bonus that went with a great day of conversation and catching up.



Then…headed home from the late afternoon writing appointment…. traffic jam…as always.  So…instead of fighting it…I pulled over and got something to eat and then went straight to our Sounds ballpark to catch a game.  I wound up sitting next to a young man who was from Minnesota in town…and ate up with baseball like I am.  A big Twins fan of course…but he was also a Cardinal fan so we had lots to talk about…even though he was much younger than me.  He’s seeing a bunch of baseball stadiums too around the country and was curious to see our famed guitar scoreboard that is very cool.  Always nice to meet another baseball nut.




I read this morning that some guy at an Oakland A’s baseball game (the parent ball club to our Nashville Sounds) caught a foul ball…and then another on the NEXT pitch!  What are the odds?  That guy will probably be in line to buy a lottery ticket today.


All the ballgames I’ve gone to…hundreds and hundreds…I have never once gone home with a foul ball.  Well…one…sort of.


I once went to catch a Mobile Bears game in Mobile Alabama at Hank Aaron stadium.  The stadium was so so…I left early.  As I was driving out of the parking lot a baseball bounced on the asphalt right in front me and went into the weeds.  I hit the brakes…retrieved the ball and took it home.


I’ve had one ball hit my hands (stung) bounce off and a guy in the next row got the rebound.  Sigh. 


And my daughter Heather?  I took her to a Sounds game once at the old stadium and she got TWO foul balls in ONE game.  She didn’t stick her hands out…smart girl…she just chased both down before anyone else near us got them.  Beginner’s danged luck!



I did watch “Searching For Sugarman” for probably the 4th time this past weekend.  I bring that up because it may be the most unbelievable true story I’ve ever seen on film about a musician.  People ask me from time to time about my favorite movies…and I always mention this one.  You’ll have to seek it out…but watch.  I won’t ruin the story because it’s so unreal…but watch if you get the chance. 










Oh yea.  We be really hot right now.  I’d put in a pool…but I just don’t want to invest the time it would take for me to blow one up.



So now we know the “B” stands for burgers.  Wonder how syrup is going to taste on those?



I’ve not yet done the Uber thing…my daughter tells me I need to get up to speed.  Working on it. 


I did read that Uber now is working on an app thing that can help detect how drunk a customer might be from their mis-spells and their communication on the phones which will help their drivers determine better if they want to pick up THAT passenger or not.  Now as soon as they detect who the really good tippers are…they’ll really be onto something great for their drivers.



Mall owners are selling malls for cheap…really cheap.  They can’t move them.  Those that saw the handwriting on the wall for online shopping sold early.  Those who own malls now?  Taking a hit trying to unload those spaces. 


I’ve never been a mall person.  First one I was ever in was in St. Louis when I was young and remember thinking how incredible it was.  Not so much anymore.  I want it…and I want it now…and I don’t wanna invest my time and gas going and hanging in a mall…like lots of others in 2018. 


Best quote ever came from a friend of mine’s Dad many years ago when his son walked the Father (a farmer) into a mall.  He looked all around in amazement and finally said, “man…you could sure stack a bunch of hay in here”.



1,600 people are gathering in the state of Maine to try and break the record for most  folks making a moose call at one time.  Uh huh.


Maybe that Uber app can detect people who make moose calls too so the driver is forewarned.



I’m off to write with Paul Bogart and Gerald Smith on Music Row as we are attempting to take funny Christmas song we wrote the last time we were together and turn it into a “non-Christmas” song so that we have two different ways to pitch it to artists…if that makes any sense.   


And then tonight I’m grabbing my guitar and joining these other three songwriters you see in the poster for an 8:30 pm show at the Listening Room here in Nashville.  Happy to be amongst these talented folks.  Come see us if you can.








Have a great Tuesday!






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