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CMA FEST...KPCR and WSM Tonight

Jun 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

No pressure...but this is the week you have to figure out something good to get for dear old Dad for Father's Day. 
Yesterday was quite an honor.  I got to play on one of the main stages at CMA Fest for the first time...with my "Hits & Grins" trio buddies Victoria Venier and Steve Dean.  After all these years of being on the radio side of this event...it was pretty danged cool to be on the performing end of it.  And I hope some of you were listening in worldwide on WSM radio yesterday.
Over 100,000 folks were in downtown Nashville...a combination of CMA Fest Fans...and Nashville Predator fans who gathered to watch the Preds lose a heart breaker last night...but what a party.
And despite all the traffic...we got to the stage in plenty of time...and getting out was much easier than we thought it might be.  What a great time. 
Our stage was inside the MASSIVE Music City Center.  It was my first time in the building and it truly is HUGE.  We took two escalators up to a green room to wait our turn as we followed Dailey and Vincent on stage...the great bluegrass duo.  They along with folks like Mark Wills, Darryl Worley, Terry McBride, Baillie and the Boys, Lauren Alaina...you name em were either in our green room or close by with performances of their own.
When it was our turn to play...we took two golf carts...because it was too far to our stage to walk with our equipment and we were INSIDE the building! 
The show itself went great due to first rate sound guys who had us set up in a blink.  Eddie Stubbs from WSM introduced us and it was on.  Folks from all over the country and around the world were out front listening...and after the show we had a great time visiting with many of you. 
My thanks to the folks at CMA Fest for having us...and to WSM and all their hard work over the past four days.  I'm proud to be part of that staff for sure.
And now everyone tries to go home today.  Record crowds at the airport they say.  A record breaking amount of fans will now try to catch a plane home.  Thanks for coming.
I go back on the other side of the microphone tonight as I'll be filling in for Eddie Stubbs on 650AM-WSM heard around the world at wsmonline.com.  I'm on 7-Midnight tonight...so tune in some of you can.
My first radio boss was Paul Salois who owned and operated KPCR Radio in Bowling Green, Missouri.  He passed away a couple of days ago.  Because he took a chance on an 18 year old kid from Elsberry, Missouri fresh out of High School I wound up having a long radio career...that's still going on.  I'm forever grateful to him.  Great great person to work for...wonderful family...and my thoughts are with them for sure.
Yesterday during our CMA Fest show he was on my mind.  I have a new song I sing ou all the time titled "I've Got A Face For Radio".  Some of my experience from that Cow Pasture One Bedroom Trailer radio station made it's way into this song.  I dedicated it to Paul yesterday.
I could go on forever here about my days at that radio station working for Paul and his wife Betty and my great friend Joe Lewis but won't.  I'd be blogging forever.  If you want to read more...I put up a tribute to him on my Facebook page that you can check out if you're interested.  Just know that those were some of the best days of my life.  Thank you Paul.  RIP.
Our Batman also passed over the weekend.  Adam West.  Gosh that show was campy wasn't it?  But how iconic.  Adam West was in on his own joke for sure.  He owned that role...and had trouble escaping being Batman when the series was over.  To his credit...he accepted that and embraced a lifelong love relationship with fans who still love what he did with the character today.  Hopefully God built a bat cave for him.
Guess what's coming back?  The Gong Show!  And Mike Meyers (Austin Powers) is going host it with a panel of pretty well known judges.  I'm hoping they will find a way to recreate the "Unknown Comic" and "Gene Gene The Dancing Machine".  
This will be a different way of showcasing talent as opposed to the "Voice" and "Idol" and others.  Imagine Blake Shelton having a "gong" to bang on "The Voice".  Or not.
This TV show is on right now  "Wynonna Earp".  Uh huh.  Wonder if she has a "Naomi Fife" as deputy?
I should mention that I did not win the Powerball.  In case you are the 1 person who won over 400 MILLION dollars this weekend...I'd just like to say how much I've always loved you.  
Someone anonymously bid $2.68 MILLION dollars to have lunch with Warren Buffett.  It goes to a charity I'm sure...and I'm betting they won't be eating Spam sandwiches at a picnic table. 
That would be Dollar Stores...Dollar Tree etc.  While Sears and many other box stores are closing up...those Dollar stores are more than healthy.  I just wish I could actually go in a Dollar store and buy something for $1. 
Name means everything.  How can you NOT walk in a store that says "DOLLAR" store?
The Mustang is the best selling sports car in America.  And that's for 45 years in a row!  Wow.  I rented a Mustang convertible a few months ago on my Spring Training baseball trip I had out in Arizona.  It was a cool car...first time I'd driven one.  So I kinda get it. 
And I have one lasting memory of the iconic car that will stay with me forever. 
I was just a kid and my grandparents took me and some of my sibling to the Montgomery County Fair.  Ferris Wheel...Scrambler...Merry Go Round are the rides I remember.  But under a tent a dealership had the first year Mustang on display.  I can still see it.  Long hood...short back end.  Pony emblem on the front.  I remember thinking it was kind of cool looking...but had no idea how cool it would become through the years. Probably should have bought the first one...1964.  Cost back then?  $2, 368.  Total.
Okay...what to get Dad?  Here are three suggestions I saw in an online article.
A mailbox that looks like a bass....fish. 
A Darth Vader waffle maker.  That's right.  The waffle comes out looking like Darth Vader's helmet head.
And my favorite... a man bra that holds beer.  There ya go Dad.  And I tossed in a box of straws too.  Happy Dad's Day.
They had a "national NAKED bike riders" day in London.  No...I didn't go...but thanks for asking.  Nobody needs to see me pedal that these days.  Nope...nobody.
A little catch up work, some comedy parody song writing for my NY folks, and then tonight...I'm on WSM from 7-Midnight.  I see a nap in the middle of today bracing for that.  Again...listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com
Have a great Monday!

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