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Colorado Ahead...Naps and Bees

Jun 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Feels like Spring outdoors this morning in Music City.  Cooler with no complaints from anyone.



My writing appointment was with my friends Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson. Both guys have busy show schedules like mine right now with Paul constantly touring out west and Dan just did CMA Fest with his trio MamaDear and they’re getting ready for a multi-week stay in Monaco overseas.  Tough lives huh?  Dan brought a title to our writing table that turned out to be something we could put a “smile” into so it was certainly a fun few hours catching up with them and writing a new song together.



I added a few more travel days to my calendar that I’m happy about because it will give me the opportunity to write a Veteran’s story into a song again with the group “Operation Song”.  I’ll be part of a retreat where 7 Nashville writers will fly to Montrose, Colorado July 15-18 to sit with veterans, hear their incredible stories and then write those stories into a song.  The retreat will be at The Bridges Country Club their so it will be fun, scenic and more than worthwhile to get to hang with some of the folks who have served our country.  My thanks to Steve Dean, Don Goodman and “Operation Song” for having me be part of this incredible experience again.


THEM AND US       

In case you’re looking for a second mansion…actor Michael Douglas has one he will sell you. Check out this bad boy in Majorca, Spain that you can own for just 26 million dollars.  A SECOND home.


Proof I should have chosen acting over radio I suppose. But, since it’s well known that I have a face for radio and not the big screen…it’s a moot point I suppose.  Sigh.



Have you noticed the price is going the right way lately?  Down.  It was $2.26 per gallon this morning in Nashville but I just read an article that says wait to fill up your tank for another week as prices are going to plummet as much as 16 more cents per gallon.  Ain’t nobody complaining bout that except those folks we just visited in Texas who make a living in the oil industry.



Now scientists say a good nap helps decrease your blood pressure level.  How bout that?  Of  course the things that raise our blood pressure level also make it difficult to go to sleep.  But enough about politics.


And here’s another thing that would raise my blood pressure.  A danged Zombie snake!  They play dead like a possum…then you pick it up and Hello!  It’s alive and biting.  I don’t need that.  Of course I have never held or picked up a snake on purpose so I should be good.  Although the Cincinnati Zoo did bring in a python in a bag once when I was on the radio that they took out causing me to leap out of the window in a 4 story building…but that’s another story.



Given a choice over snake or 30 million bees?  I’ll take the bees.  A truck crashed in Montana that had 30 million bees in it.  True.  And you just know that undercover cops are going to launch an undercover STING to get to the bottom of that story right?



It looks like the hit TV show that I loved “Friends” is coming back as a movie.  Jennifer Aniston had held out not wanting to do it…but has changed her mind and it looks like the cast will have everyone back.  Here’s a TRAILER giving a sneak peek.


Now…can they please get the “Cheers” cast back together?  Norm!



“120 Whoopie Pies Missing From Fairground Booth After Break In”.  This happened in Maine.  I had no idea what a “whoopie pie” was until I looked it up HERE.  Now I can see why they might be worth stealing. 



Interestingly enough a friend and former hockey player for Maine Rob Bellamy is in town today and we’ll write with another young friend Nathan Woodard today at my Publishing Company.  I’ll be asking Rob if he brought a Whoopie Pie!  I hope!


Have a great Tuesday.




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