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Doubleheader Night...New Show...Father's Day Weekend

Jun 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday and the weekend be here.



Thursday was spent on working ahead on that “stuff” on my “stuff” desk and catching up. But last night was all about baseball. Remember doubleheaders? The Nashville Sounds had one of those last night. In minor league baseball that means 7 innings per game. We had a perfect evening for it too with temperatures in the lower 80’s and almost zero humidity. A rarity for this time of year. So it was an enjoyable evening in the stands watching my favorite sport.



I did add a new show next year with my “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean, and Victoria Venier in Canton, Illinois. That show will be at 7 pm on Monday May 5 at the High School Auditorium in Canton. All the info will be on the online calendar soon.


And speaking of the calendar, my website is about to have a new look, and I’m spending some time learning how to input dates and material on it as it’s a whole new platform that’s coming with some more bells and whistles than before. Stay tuned.



The White House announced millions of vaccines have been ordered for kids 5 and under.


Well you’ve got to love this. A woman was arrested for crack. She had six identities with COVID unemployment benefits.


In Alameda County, California some restaurants are getting ready to require masks again indoors because of a COVID spike there.



Lots of new acts at CMA Fest which is going on now. And it’s fun to see a new act that’s so good you’re convinced you’re seeing a future star. Robert K. Oermann is a great music critic for Music Row. He reviewed a young artist named Drake Milligan saying the kind “has the presence of an Elvis, the deep-baritone dips of a Merle and the honky-authenticity of a George Strait. Watch him sing his new single “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” and see if you don’t agree with that assessment. He was a former contestant on America’s Got Talent.  He does.



So, did you see this British guy who just dead lifted 258 pounds? With ONE finger?! How do you do that. I have so little strength sometimes that I struggle just to lift my finger. Unreal.



It looks like Johnny Depp’s career post trial is going to be more than fine. He’s the new spokesman for a Dior cologne called “Sauvage Scent” and we’ll soon see him in TV commercials trying to sell us this cologne. A headline writer describes it as, “It smells like victory.”



There’s plenty of things I’ve thrown away that I wish I could have back. Baseball cards, old guitars even one old car. Things that saw their value grow that I never would have predicted. But there are some things you CAN let go that devalue the minute you buy them. Here’s a few that were listed in an article I read this morning. Personal computers, timeshares, pianos, books, and wedding dresses. You wear a wedding dress one danged time!


I’ve got a great computer story too. Years ago I was in Dallas at a radio gathering of morning radio personalities conducted by the late Kidd Kraddick who was a by syndicated radio star. One year he showed the group the internet up on a giant screen. I was clueless and could not believe what I was seeing. When I got home, I bought my first personal computer. A top-of-the-line IBM laptop that cost somewhere near $6,000 as I recall. Geez. Now I could buy that thing for $500 bucks or less. Yep. Should have held on to my Bob Gibson Cardinal baseball card and waited on buying a computer.



Boats and RV’s and most vehicles devalue the minute you drive them off the lot too. Brent Burns and I captured that thought in this funny song “I Bought A Boat.” If you’re a boat owner, you know there’s a lot of truth in what this song has to say.



Reader’s Digest listed what they think are the funniest jokes over the past 100 years. Humor is relative and your laughter may vary. Most did not make me laugh. BUT I did smile at this joke.


A grasshopper walks into a bar. The bartender looks at him and says, “Hey, they named a drink after you!”


“Really?” replies the grasshopper. “There’s a drink named Stan”?



Last night the Dodger’s had to toss a woman out of the stadium because she was dancing. She was dancing, and every time she did her boobs popped out. Pretty sure she gave herself two black eyes when she participated in the wave.


And speaking of bouncing. I’m always amazed at how many folks I write with, or folks who follow my music at all who tell me their favorite funny song of mine is “If I Had Boobs”. I’ve had more than one songwriter tell me how much they love that song. Young Angus Gill who produces acts in Australia confessed to me the first time I met him when he came over here that he reached out to me about writing because he had found that song.  And more than one Mom has told me after buying the CD that has “If I Had Boobs” on it that they’ll be driving down the road and hare their kid singing those lyrics in the back seat.


And then that SILLY song got re-recorded by Cledus T. Judd as I helped him, and his producer re-write it into “If I Had Kelly Pickler’s Boobs.” If I re-write the song a third time, I’ll include that Dodger fan.



“Texas Man Who Raps About Robbing ATM’s Was Arrested For Robbing ATM’s”. Go figure.



That would be Sunday. Don’t forget your Dad if you’re lucky enough to still have him around. One comedian joked that if his Dad called him three time and he didn’t reply that his Dad would call 911. Yep. That’s what Dad’s do.



I’ll be rhyming with a young Trop Rock artist Aubrey Wollett who’s from Florida but in town for CMA Fest. This will be our second write together, and this time my buddy Steve Dean will join us as he’s also written with Aubrey before. And here’s a weird story that connects us, and one we’ll talk about today, I’m sure.


Steve had a title for a song “Boots on the Beach” that I loved so we called Brent Burns who also loved it. We were going to set a date to write that for and with Brent. A few weeks later Aubrey releases a new single. Guess what it’s called?  “Boots on the Beach”. It happens.



No shows this weekend, but next weekend will start a run of them. The first being next Saturday night in Marion, Virginia with Linda Davis, and Lang Scott. That’s followed by a show at the Bluebird Café with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.


Then it’s Missouri, Colorado, Arkansas, and Florida on the calendars.


Have a great weekend!




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