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Home...Branson Ahead...Tractor Racing

Jun 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Home again in Music City.



I gotta admit it felt good to wake up in my own bed next to my wife this morning.  But what a great time our “Evening In The Round” tour with Linda Davis, Lang Scott, Rylee Jean Scott and myself had on our 12 six day run of shows that just wrapped up.


Friday night we played the historic Music City Texas Theater in Linden, Texas that has seen a “who’s who” of stars grace it’s stage.  And Friday night it was us.  Linda is from East Texas and had a lot of family who were there Friday night and it was great seeing all of them…some of whom I’ve become close to.  Just a great family.


And my old friend Richard Bowden came and stayed for the entire show.  Richard is from Linden as is the Eagles Don Henley.  Those two have played a lot of music together through the years and still do on occasion.  But Richard was half of a comic duo “Pinkard and Bowden” and they were one of the funniest two men ever to terrorize a song in a parody form.  Here’s one of my FAVES you can check out.  I had not seen Richard in 20 years or more so it was just cool to catch up and hear about new music he’s making and what he’s been up to.  What a treat for me.


And my friend Don and Madeline Williams who went on my tour of Italy last year with Brent Burns were there too…AND in two weeks they will join me and my wife Kathy and Brent on that Rhine River Cruise we’re taking where we’ll see Amsterdam, three German Cities and Switzerland departing the dock in Amsterdam June 24.  Can’t wait.


Thank you David, crew, volunteers…everyone at the theater for making Friday night unforgettable for us. 



The final show of our tour was in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Hot Springs was spared all the flooding this state has had somehow so it was beautiful looking when we crossed over Lake Hamilton and rolled into town.  Our friend Tom Wilkins is running a brand new place here called “The Barrett Center” that’s a huge space where they will be able to have shows of all kinds, weddings, events and more.  And we were the first musical act to break in the stage and that was kind of cool.  The preacher who married Lang and Linda 35 years ago was there and I found out his anniversary is the same as mine for my wife Kathy and me that we just celebrated.  And an old radio fan Linda Kreuser and her husband who live down in Malvern made a trip up for the show with a table of 10.  They used to be regular listeners when all of us lived in Milwaukee and I worked on the radio there.


My thanks to Tom and his wife Susan for the Arkansas hospitality. 


12 days on the road, six great shows and a bag full of great memories.  And there’s more to come in the days ahead.



On the trip home from Hot Springs I got a text from my friend Billy Yates asking me to fill in for a songwriter who had to cancel being part of his songwriter show this weekend at the Americana Theater in Branson.  So…it’s right back on the road this Friday morning and I’ll have three shows this weekend with Billy and songwriter Alan Rhody.  The Friday and Saturday shows are at 9:30 pm and there’s a Sunday afternoon show at 2 pm.  See you in Missouri.



Nashville was absolutely flooded again while we were gone.  Some of that involved water but most of it involved country music fans who were here for CMA Fest that just concluded.  They are amazing as they’ll stand in the hot sun and pouring down rain just to catch a glimpse of their favorite country music stars.  Many found out how crowded this city can be as folks continue to flock here.  Now a Smart App is on the way that might be useful.  This one will allow you to find an empty parking meter and pre-pay for that open slot instead of driving around trying to find one. 


After being on the road all over the country for the last several days I’d love to see an App that would allow you to push a button and automatically move a SLOW driver hanging in the fast lane over to the lane they’re supposed to be in.  If you’re bumper sticker reads “I Love The Amish”…move over a lane…please.



Technology that will put the name of the person texting or calling you instead of just a number forcing one to reply, “who is this”?  Like most of you I never answer calls anymore that don’t have a name on it.  And some of those are calls I should be taking.  So to see a name pop up even when that person is not in your phone data would be cool with me.



NASA is going to allow tourists to bed down in the Space Station.  True.  It will cost you $35,00 per night to lay your head down up there and look back at earth.  But it will cost you $50 MILLION for the ride up on Space X.  I’d love to go but I’m just a tad short on money.  Send me some postcards if you go.



Who knew that in Russia they race tractors?  They do. Proof that there are rednecks in Russia too.  Check out this VIDEO.  I can’t wait for them to start racing combines in the future.



For movie fans for sure.  Sigourney Weaver will appear in a new “Ghostbuster 3” movie WITH Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray.  Just seeing Akroyd and Murray play off one another again will be worth the price of the ticket but adding Sigourney will just make it more of a “gotta see it again” movie.  Who ya gonna call?



“Farmer Steals Chickens To Buy Gas For His $29,000 BMW”  Can’t wait to see him plead his case with Judge Judy.



Off to write with my buddies Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson and catch up on their busy lives.  Back to rhyming again.


Have a great Monday!






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