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New Cuts...Dog House and CMA Fest Show

Jun 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bring on the weekend...and CMA Fest.



I sat down in a screened in porch on Music Row and wrote with two talented young ladies Sydni Perry and Laney Meredith.  It was their first time meeting each other...and working together and we had great fun starting a song together.  Laney is working on an EP...so we tried to get in a groove of something she might like...or at least consider when it comes time to pick the songs that will go on her project.  Laney just started college...but has been on stages since she was 12 or so and just has one of those "head turning" kind of voices when you hear her sing.  After taking some time off to be a young girl...she's now got her nose back into it as they say...and it's great to see that.


Just another great day sitting in the middle of young talented folks.



Backing up just a bit.  I was on WSM Wednesday morning as I mentioned yesterday and had so much fun interviewing Johnny Rodriguez...one of my favorite country singers all time.  One story he talked about was at one time...he was a contestant on the old "Dating Game"!  He told me that the TV show sort of gave him the questions to ask the girls...he picked one...and then got so busy with his career that he never did go out on a date with the girl!  Ahh...the things that go on we DON'T know about on TV.  Just wanted to share the story. 


I also mentioned yesterday that it was Tom T. Hall who jump started Johnny's career when he was just getting here from Texas.  Here's a great Ralph Emery TV show clip with Tom T. and Johnny together that's cool to see. 



I'll be on twice next week filling in for Eddie Stubbs on the late show from 7-Midnight.  Monday and Wednesday night.  Tune in if you can worldwide at wsmonline.com



To Norro Wilson...a great producer-songwriter-singer who helped write hits like "The Most Beautiful Girl" "The Grand Tour" and one of my all time favorite classics "Picture Of Me Without You".  He passed this week and will be missed by many.


I was around him a couple of different times.  He had a place down in Gulf Shores, Alabama where I vacation and play a lot...and his house on the lagoon down there was right next to Roger Sovine's house.  Roger was the head of BMI...his father the legendary Red Sovine who had all those truck driving hits in the day.  Roger was throwing a party...I got invited...and enjoyed the conversation that evening with both of them.  Imagine he stories between the two of them.


But my favorite everlasting memory of Norro will be the night I was playing with several other writers at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.  My friend down there Brent Burns and I did a set together...Norro was in the crowd and we got him up.  He asked if anyone knew the chords to "Picture Of Me Without You"...and even though I'm not a great guitar player...I surely knew that song.  So it was just Norro and me on his classic hit...and he tore them up.  I'll never forget it.  What a nice man.  RIP.



Some new music news there as Brent told me yesterday his new album is complete and will be in hand in a few days and available at his shows and online.  This is my Trop Rock friend's 13th CD...and this one I'm sure will be welcome in his merchandise rack because it's the longest he's gone without a new project.  Brent usually records one every year but it was  two year gap this time.  The album is titled "Emergency Vacation" and I'm a co-writer on that title song along with 5 others...and yes...a couple of new funny ones.  I'll let you know the day it's available online.  I feel blessed that I met Brent all those years ago and then started writing with him.  Not only has he become one of my greatest friends...but with these six new tunes we've written I now have 46 songs that Brent has recorded on his albums through the years.  Hard to imagine...and I'm grateful to my musical friend.


I'm also blessed to have the title track on a new Jerry Salley album "Front Porch Philosophy" that should be heard in the bluegrass world.  And my friend Paul Bogart's album is due shortly...a real deal cowboy-George Strait singer who has three songs we've written together on this one.  


This song "Grow" will be on it...and then we have a really cool western swing tune...and a cowboy lullabye song that I think will tug at some parents hearts when they hear that.  


So some good news on the music front for sure.  And then there's this.


Yesterday we got a little wall hanger.  A certificate acknowledging the song I co-wrote with Hillary Scott, Sydni Perry and Jimmy Fortune "Safe Haven" that's on the Grammy winning album "Love Remains".  The certificate has the Grammy trophy picture right on it...so it will hang somewhere in the Whyte House soon.  Again...just grateful for a blessing like that.



It's going full tilt boogie right now.  I play Sunday at 3:15 pm with "Hits & Grins" and that should be an experience.  Our show is on the Durango Spot Music Stage in the Music City Center downtown...drop by if you're here for the Festival. 


Garth showed up last night and surprised everyone at the stadium where all the superstars perform.  And my friend Linda Davis was on the big stage too singing with Kenny Rogers.  Happy for her! 



Fellow radio dude Gerry House...one of the best in the biz ever tweeted the line of the day I think around the Comey testimony. "The White House has more leaks than a urologist waiting room". 


Apparently...a LOT of folks were in bars watching the testimony in the middle of the day like a football game was on.  "Day Drinking" if you will.  Little Big Town has a big hit called "Day Drinking"...I have a feeling I'll be re-writing that for my folks in New York.


Politics right now is almost like watching a train wreck TV reality show.  They are actually starting to make the "Kardashian's" seem normal to me.



Proof that some folks have more money than they need.  Some of the rich can now buy a dog house for Fido that will cost $200,000. 


I'm guessing that maybe the husband likes it because when she gets mad at him and he's in the doghouse...it won't be so bad.



You can now purchase Harry Potter makeup.  I have no idea if it includes "Hogwarts Removal Cream" or not.  I'm pretty sure the folks who will drop dollars for Harry Potter makeup will also be buying a $200,000 dog house.



Police arrested a man for selling fake drugs.  He told police that he was doing God's work.  I must have missed the scripture of "verily I say to thee...go out and sell fake drugs".  Leviticus maybe?



It's all about getting everything ready for our "Hits & Grins" show Sunday at CMA Fest.  A reminder...you can hear our performance which will last an hour "live" on WSM radio at wsmonline.com.  We start singing at 3:15 pm...so tune in.  Be nice to have ya.


Have a great weekend!


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