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Back On The Air

Jun 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And the weekend be here.



I had a blast writing with those two hairy legged songwriters you see here…Brady Seals and Steve Dean as we sat on Brady’s screened in back porch writing something that maybe his new duo Seals & Crofts 2 will love…we hope.  Either way we wrote a very fun song and certainly enjoyed each other’s company.  No matter how you look at the song…it was really fun day of rhyming with a couple of talented guys.







A short blog because I’m on air again at WSM 5:30-10 AM dark and early.  And today…Hall of Famer Charlie Pride is dropping by our studio, which will be a treat because in all my years of interviewing folks…I’ve never sat down with Charlie.  Don’t miss that.  He’ll be on air with me and Charlie Mattos at 9:15 AM this morning.


As always…you can listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com…and I hope you will.





I’ve got a little songwriting appointment right after the radio show and then my daughter Heather and her husband Casey are treating me to an early Father’s Day gift and taking me to Top Golf…that fancy golf place everyone is talking about.  I think it’s fenced in…so those driving nearby have no fear of me cracking their windshield.



Tomorrow morning I’m sitting down with a longtime friend Jim Parker from Huntsville who besides hosting one of the best songwriter shows in the country is now doing a little video thing featuring folks in the creative world.  Somehow he lost his mind and asked to pick my little brain on camera tomorrow.


So…I’m looking for makeup…lots of make up.


Have a great weekend!

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