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Parton & Rodgriguez...In The Fridge & Airport Duty

Jun 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Waking up to a crowded town this morning as CMA Fest has begun in earnest.



I was on air at WSM yesterday morning once again working with Charlie Mattos (who makes my job so easy) as the host Bill Cody was off and at they Ryman Auditorium to unveil a Little Jimmy Dickens statue which was cool.


I had the pleasure of having Stella Parton AND Johnny Rodriguez in studio.


Me and my band back in the day backed Stella Parton at least once...one time in Decatur, Illinois that she recalled.  It seems like in those days are band backed every famous country sibling.


All of Loretta's kin...sisters Peggy Sue and Crystal Gayle....brother Jay Lee Webb.  All the Twitty kids...Joannie and Michael.  Tommy Cash...and on and on.  So it was fun catching up with Stella who sings, writes, has been on Broadway, TV, films, writes books and on it goes.  Very fun



And I've always been a HUGE Johnny Rodgriguez fan and I think yesterday was the first time I've ever interviewed him.  So much fun.  He told a great, funny, long rambling story about how Tom T. Hall found him and jump started his career when he was only 22 or so.  His daughter...also a singer was with him and she was great too...going to Belmont University right now.


Johnny's next project is going to be very cool.  He's going to record a bunch of his old hits with a Mariachi band.  Looking forward to that.



Both Stella and Johnny will be playing at CMA Fest this week on the Durango stage...the same one my 'Hits & Grins" trio will be on this Sunday at 3:15 pm while 100,000 people will be downtown.  Why?  Because game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs also falls on Sunday.  100,000!  City officials say it will be unlike any day every in Nashville history.  Me?  I'm just hoping to get through the traffic to our stage in time to be on time Sunday.  



After the radio show I flew down to Music Row to write with my friend Zach Runquist (playing mandolin in this video)  aso plays fiddle, guitar, dobro, sings, writes, does leather work...runs sound...everything seemingly...and everything seemingly well.  He gave me a leather key chain after we got done with the ACM logo on it (Academy of Country Music)...as he did a lot of those for the ACM folks this year...I had no idea.  Did I mention he's talented in a lot of arenas? 


And...we finished up a kind of sort of "cowboy" song we had started back in February that turned out great...so...a productive day at the writing table with my friend.  And I got a new key chain!



"Achy Breaky Heart" is 25 years old today.  It made Billy Ray Cyrus a household name.  The song was #1 10 weeks...and was a love or hate kind of thing.  It got people line dancing across the country...created a craze.


I was on the back of a stage sitting on a bleacher when Billy Ray walked out to sing that at his first Fan Fair.  SCREAMING!  I'll never forget the women SCREAMING.


A former painter Don Von Tress wrote the song...by himself.  He don't gotta paint nothing no more. 



82% of people form an opinion about us after they peek in our refrigerator.  I just checked ours and the first thing I saw was a carton of Flax Milk.  So..think what ya wanna think.



Seattle is the latest to put a tax on soda...and sugary drinks.  Gonna cost folks more to get fat and unhealthy in the future.  I can assure you...there is no tax on Flax milk.  Nope.



What's not going up is gas prices even though we are on the verge of summer and vacation trips...a time when the price at the pump normally jumps up big time.  Gas has dropped again...and here in town it's below 2 bucks a gallon again at some pumps.  Don't ask me why.  I have no idea why it goes up and down and up and down or how it ever got to almost 5 bucks a gallon not all that long ago.  But...thank you whomever.



Now someone has invented some kind of app that will let you video bomb....put yourself in a video.  Like photo bombing where someone is mugging in the background while your picture is being taken. 


So...you can go find the old "Achy Breaky" video with Billy Ray...and with this app you can somehow put yourself in the middle of that line dance video if you want.  Ain't we having fun now?  Apparently...some folks have more free time on their hands than I do.



They arrested a dude trying to walk out of store with 15 cans of motor oil tucked down in his pants.  How big a pair of pants would one need to put 15 cans down in them and NOT be noticed?  Must have been an interesting conversation with the police officer.



I'm getting ready to take my daughter to the airport.  She's headed to Virginia to meet her fiancee and ride back home and then on to Fort Campbell where he's based...now that he's finished a 4 month specialized class with the Army out there.  We're all looking forward to seeing Casey again.


Then later this morning I'm writing with Laney Meredith and Sydni Perry...two talented singer-writers who BOTH live in Bowling Green, KY...but have not yet met each other.  It will be fun for me to introduce the two of them to each other...and then write with them.


Have a great Thursday!


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