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Carthage TX...Larry's Diner...Hot Springs Tomorrow

Jun 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And good morning from Carthage, Texas where there's time for a short blog.



Our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott, Rylee Jean Scott and myself made about a 7 hour drive from Lubbock to Carthage, Texas which is not only the home of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame but Linda’s brother Troy and his wife Sonya have a big ranch outside of town and that’s where we bedded down last night. 


On the ranch they built a very cool guesthouse above the horse stables they refer to as Churchill Downs and that’s where I got to bunk down for the second time.  And after putting 4 shows and a bunch of miles behind us…it was a great place to lay my head.


Troy and Sonya and several other family members of Linda’s and friends will be joining us in Linden, Texas for show 5 of our 6-show tour later this evening starting around 8 pm.  Linden is not more than two hours away from here at the most and we’ll play at the Music City Texas Theater. I’ve got some friends who took the Italy tour with me and my friend Brent Burns last year Don and Madeline who live not too far away and it will be great so see them again tonight as well.


Texas is full of great musicians and great places to play and I see us playing in the Lone Star state more and more in the future.  In fact we’re about ready to add two more Texas dates for the first weekend in October…hang on for details on that.



If you watch Larry’s Diner on RFD do yourself a favor and watch the current taping.  It features friends Shawn Camp and my co-writer Lauren Mascitti who I’ve mentioned here before.  Shawn and Lauren are engaged and both are so good.  All of us here sat on the couch and watched and I was tickled to see Lauren do so well on national TV.  Her first album is out soon…and I’m thrilled to have this SONG on it that the two of us wrote with Wil Nance.



Sound check is around 3 pm today in Linden so we have a little while to hang here on the Carthage ranch before leaving to get ready for the show tonight.


Then tomorrow night we wrap up this tour in Hot Springs Arkansas for our final show at a new place owned by some old friends Tom and Susan Wilkins at the Barrett Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas. 


So the next blog will be from Nashville as we are back home Sunday evening. 


Have a great weekend!


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