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A Haboob...A Show...D-Day

Jun 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Up early in Lubbock.



What a great day in Lubbock, Texas.  Our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself spent some of Wednesday at a very historical radio station here that is KRFE AM Radio being interviewed before our show here last night.  Jim Stewart has been on the air here for a very long time and he felt like an old friend before we left the building that Waylon used to drop by, and Buddy Holly performed in.  Comedian Jerry Clower cut an iconic comedy album here that included the routine about coon hunting.  “Whooo…shoot this thing.  One of us has got to have some relief”!  So for a radio guy like me the history was just awesome to see.  The old pictures and equipment and control boards that I have not seen the likes of since I started in radio moons ago back in Missouri.  Just very cool.


The three of stayed on air for over an hour and sang several songs and we so appreciate Jim and the radio station for having us and promoting last night’s show.  For a look as some pictures of this radio station just go to my Facebook page.



Last night at the Cactus Theater was so great.  It started in an unusual way as a DUST storm warning dinged on my phone.  A dust storm warning?  Wow.  I’d never seen that before.  Take a look at this picture of Lubbock last night.   Incredible. They call them "haboobs" I believe.  Apparently it’s a normal thing out here…and then the rain follows and cools things down. 


We got through the dust and put on a show that featured a young friend of Linda’s and Lang’s…and now mine.  Geoffrey Andrews does not sing hillbilly music folks.  Nope.  But check out what he does SING.  Think Opera houses and symphonies.  And he is the son of Randy and Susan Andrews who have been our host here in Lubbock.  No wonder they’re poppin’ their buttons.  It was just a pleasure to hear him sing last night.


And then our trio came out and did our thing.  Make that a foursome as Riley Jean Scott is with us on this tour and tearing them up.  We head a great crowd in a very cool theater that’s been here a very long time.  It was our second time playing it…and I’m sure we’ll be back again.  Thank you Darryl and staff for having us in Lubbock.



Last night I sang a patriotic song that I don’t do a lot but it felt right last night knowing in the back of my mind that D-Day is today…75 years ago to the day those young men stepped off those boats and stormed the beaches of Normandy at a tremendous sacrifice.  What I love about doing that song is getting to talk to our veterans who come up after the show to shake MY hand after singing that song “Let Me Shake YOUR Hand”.  Many have tears in their eyes and I was moved by that again last night.  THANK YOU for your service.



We have a long 7 hour road trip today as we make our way to Carthage, Texas where Linda Davis grew up an we’ll have time to visit her brother and his wife and that’s always fun.  Carthage is also the home to the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame that Linda is a member of…inducted one night alongside fellow Texans Michael Martin Murphy and Neal McCoy.  And it’s worth seeing if you’re ever close.  Our trio will be playing there near Thanksgiving for an event called "Thanksgiving At The Hall" and that will be a special evening for sure.


And then Friday morning we’ll roll into Linden, Texas for the 5th of 6 shows on this tour we’re on at the Music City Texas Theater.


Have a great Thursday!

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