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Jun 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

By the time you read this mornings Blog...I'll be on air for WSM so dial me up.  On the internet go to wsmonline.com...and watch if you'd like on Heartland TV at watchheartlandtv.com.


It's CMA week here in Music City and Bill Cody...the Hall of Fame regular host needs a couple of days so I'm up dark and early again.  Like old times.



Charlie Mattos the producer and myself have a couple of in studio "live" guests today.  Hawkshaw Hawkins Jr....son of THE Hawkshaw Hawkins and long time Grand Ole Opry start Jean Shepard will be here as will my great Australian friend Tamara Stewart to talk about her new album that will have a song on it the two of us wrote together.



I've got some new shows added to my calendar...or will be...and I'm going to be a feature songwriter on a very cool radio show that I'll tell you about here tomorrow when I have time to really catch up.


For now...tune in!


Have a great Wednesday!

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