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CMA Fest Ahead...Buckaroos and WSM Tomorrow

Jun 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A little fog this morning in Music City.  A lot of Nashville will be waking up late after celebrating another big hockey win last night.  Just amazing to see how crazy this town is right now over hockey.  Go figure.



I wrote a little yesterday with my friend Jenny Tolman...and also recorded a little vocal recording of me being a weather dude that she and her boyfriend-producer Dave Brainard will use on Jenny's first album coming out soon.  Fun to do.  Jenny had her leg up with a bag of ice on it the entire time we wrote...uh...she fell off a box.  Long story but know that in this case...the box won.


We managed to write a chorus for a new song from an idea Jenny brought to the table...ice bag and all...so we have more work ahead to finish that up.



Finished that up and headed for the CMA office to pick up a parking pass to get our "Hits & Grins" gig this Sunday at 3:15 pm on the Durango Music Stage downtown.  All three of us are looking very foward to playing the big stage this Sunday.  The stage we play on will also host folks like Bobby Bare, Sylvia, Johnny Rodriguez, T.G Sheppard, Jimmy Fortune and many others of that ilk.  All of CMA Fest begins in just two days...and this already crazy hockey town will get even crazier with country music fans pouring in from around the world.  I'm bracing myself.  



My comedy song yesterday that went to New York and then on to country radio stations this morning dealt with the news that wearing "tighty whities" for me does not lower the sperm count and has been rumored.  Again...I just smile sometimes when I see the e-mail requests I get in the morning.   Happy to do it.



And then...I get a text late afternoon from my cowboy pal Paul Bogart that simply said, "what a cool freakin' song"!  Well...that will get one's attention.  I looked...and sure enough Paul had attached a copy of a song going on his album called "Buckaroo Lullabye" that was Paul's idea born out of he and his wife singing to their young son every night and telling him bedtime stories. 


The album was finished...but he and his producer loved this song so much they went BACK in studio and added this one.  And the finished product made me tear up...I'll admit it.  I can't wait for folks to hear it.  It's going to make a great lifetime gift for Paul's son...even after he grows up and sings this lullabye to his own son someday as this little cowboy waltz suggests. 


It's these kind of moments that make me glad that I get to write songs with someone almost every day and share stories, and thoughts...and be creative together.  Made my day yesterday...and thank you Mr. Bogart for letting me help craft your great idea.  Proud of this song for sure.



I had taped "American Sniper".  Yes...I saw the Clint Eastwood film starring Bradley Cooper playing hero Chris Kyle...a sniper who saved may American soldiers lives from his skill set.  It was great a second time too...and I read the book.  So yeah...if you're asking?  See the movie.  It will leave you thankful that you live in a country with so many brave men and women who protect our butts every day...allowing a nobody guy like me to wake up and go write songs, and perform, and do radio shows while they're on the front line digging in.  Can't say enough ever...THANK YOU.



Colin Kaepernick...the NFL quarterback who famously took a knee during the national anthems can't buy a job.  Owners apparently don't want to make their fan base mad by having him on their team...despite his NFL talent.  It's gotten so bad that yesterday he tweeted he was basically willing to take a contract for a lot less dollars than a starting QB would make.


I don't know if he'll catch on with a team again or not.  But it is a glaring lesson again that we live in a free country because of people like the late Texan Chris Kyle and what hey do.  And because of that Colin can take a knee if he wants while the flag waves and everyone else places hands over hearts.  But...the rest of us are free too...free to voice our displeasure.



Brad Paisley may want to re-release his hit song "Ticks" as they are saying it's going to be a big big year for ticks.  Lots of em'.  If for some reason you've never seen a plump tick...go find a long haired dog coming out of the woods and pet him.  You'll feel some bumps.  My brothers and I used to pull them out of the dog's hair when we were growing up.  Somebody else's job now.



In yesterday's blog I mentioned producer-comedian-actor Carl Reiner's advice to seniors.  "Get off your ass".  I found another part of that conversation he had with a reporter about getting old...and folks just sitting down doing nothing and many dying because they're not up and moving.


Carl says about himself, "I'm too busy too die".  I kind of like that.  I'd hang that line in my man cave if I could find that printed on something.



I also mentioned here yesterday that my wife and I saw "Wonder Woman" with a LOT of other folks.  The movie is already so huge that the producer has already started moving forward with a follow up. 


What I did not know was that the actress Gal Gadot who plays "Wonder Woman" was 5 months pregnant when they shot the movie.  Pretty amazing when you consider all the stunts required in a movie like that.  Guess she really is Wonder Woman.



I'll take this.  Apple supposedly will have a new Mac computer coming out that will allow you to put a stop to videos that are already running on your screen from websites you got to.  Thank you!  Now...if there's a setting to stop pop up ads and spam e-mail from Nigeria...I'm totally all in.



A flying car will appear in Japan at the 2020 Olympics.  And whomever is up there in the Jetson mobile will light the Olympic torch.  No kidding.  Toyota is helping undewrite the car that they say will become reality some day.


So traffic will be on the ground and in the air on the daily commute?  Wonder how they will suspend orange barrels in the air?



As if I need more temptation.  Starbucks in one foreign country has rolled out a frappuccino with chocolate cake on top.   Each grande size order comes with a free defibrillator...I'm guessing.



They are losing viewers big time.  Why?  More and more are watching the stuff they want to watch on their cell phones.


In order to offset commercial losses...perhaps NBC, CBS, ABC can open chiropractic offices? 



Off to write with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti.  Wil has had several big hits...Lauren sings like a bird...and then there's me.  Once again...happy to be in the same room.


Tomorrow morning 5:30-10 AM I'll be back on WSM radio.  Tune in if you can at wsmonline.com worldwide. In studio "live" tomorrow special guests will include Stella Parton and Johnny Rodgriguez.  That should be fun!


Have a great Tuesday.


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