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Hello Lubbock...Anniversary Nuggets...Show Tonight

Jun 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from Lubbock...home of Buddy Holly and Mac Davis.



It was pack and move day once more on our “Evening In The Round” tour with Linda Davis, Lang Scott, Rylee Jean Scott and me out west.  We drove from Ruidoso, NM to Lubbock, Texas where last night we bedded down at a guesthouse of a friend of Linda Davis after a stop for lunch in UFO land in Roswell, New Mexico.


I did get to see my daughter Heather surprise my wife on Face time when she walked into our house in Nashville and gave Kathy a package for our 35th wedding anniversary that was yesterday. Inside the bag with the balloon on it?  35 Chik Fil A nuggets.  True.  My wife loves them and she got one for each year and a big laugh.  Some women get jewelry…mine gets nuggets.  My thanks to my daughter Heather who drove down from Clarksville where she lives to be in on the surprise.  I think she enjoyed it almost as much as my wife and I did.



We wrapped up our Wednesday night with a low country boil that our friends fixed around their pool.  Sausage, corn, shrimp crab, potatoes.  Lang is from South Carolina where “low country boils” are a regular deal.  I only knew about them because every year at the “Blast On The Bay” songwriter Festival in Port St. Joe, Florida they kick it off the evening before the songwriter shows start with one.  On the beach…with a bonfire.  I highly recommend going to one if you get the chance.



I want to say Happy Birthday to my sister Vickie who just celebrated her birthday yesterday…same day as my Anniversary!  Happy Birthday sis.  I’ll hopefully get to see her at a show we have coming up in Lancaster, PA in August when we open for Gene Watson.



If you did not see this on my Facebook page yesterday check out this VIDEO of our group performing “I Run To You” by Lady Antebellum.  Hillary Scott of course with Lady A is the oldest daughter of Lang and Linda’s and we always sing this song as part of our show.  But at the Ruidoso show we had a full band and Hillary’s younger sister Rylee singing along to this great song.  It was pretty special for sure.



I’d just like to say never use me for helping you predict the stock market. With the tariff war and all that’s been going on I would have bet the bank the stock market would have dropped like the Beast Roller Coaster at Kings Island yesterday. Instead it jumped over 500 points.  Again…I know nothing.



Apparently “double asteroid” zoomed by earth at about 43,000 miles per hour last month.  The operative and positive phrase here is “zoomed by”.  As long as they keep doing that we’re all still good to wake up and give Starbucks 5 bucks for a shot of coffee.



Meanwhile Charmin has released a BIG roll of toilet paper designed three times longer than a normal roll.  (I think it has nothing to do with one finding out a double asteroid is zipping by)  For a family you can purchase a 12 inch roll for $9.99 and not have to worry about “over or under” for over a month. 



The one that finally lost but not before almost 2.5 million?  He’s going to have to give up 1.2 million of his winnings to Uncle Sam.  Taxes.  Still, he’ll have enough left to pay for that 12 inch roll of Charmin a few times over. 



Forbes just released its list of top music earners this past year.  Garth came out of retirement and banked 45 million and that tied him for 27 on the list.  Jimmy Buffett was at 18 with 51 million bucks worth of Margarita dough.  Luke Bryan was just above him netting 52 million.  The Eagles with Vince Gill helping out raked in 56 million that put them at number 14.  Taylor Swift will somehow have to get by after making only 80 MILLION putting her at #6.


But U2 and Bono finished at #1 with $118 MILLION for making music.  I looked for William Hung but could not find him on the list anywhere.



A Taco Bell customer in New York called the cops.  Why?  They had run out of Taco shells.  Holy Chalupa…order a Quesadilla and chill.



A full day here in Lubbock starting with a couple of radio interviews to promote our show tonight at the Cactus Theater here in town.  One on the phone and the other “in studio”.  It’s always odd for me being on the other side of the microphone and I always find myself trying hard not to turn into the INTERVIEWER instead of the INTERVIEWEE. 


And then we have our show tonight before rising really early in the morning for a long haul down to Carthage, Texas tomorrow.  Life on the road.


Have a great Wednesday!





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