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34 and Counting...CMA Fest Week & Cantore

Jun 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well...it twas a busy weekend...and there's an even busier week ahead this.  Bracing myself.



My wife and I celebrated 34 years of marriage yesterday.  Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes...we were touched.  Nothing huge.  We just went out and had fun.  Had lunch at a great Italian restaurant, (leftovers tonight) and we saw "Wonder Woman" which turned out to be a very fun movie.  I was dubious...but kept reading great reviews and hearing great comments...so we went and were pleasantly surprised.  I'm trying to gt Kathy to think about that being her Halloween costume this year.  Yes...I got that woman stare that happens when a man says something moronic.


The movie is already at blockbuster status taking in over 100 million this opening weekend...first time ever that's happened for a woman producer.  Congrats to Patty Jenkins on breaking through that movie glass ceiling.  


Here's to a another 34 and more baby.  What a great ride we've been on.



Well...Nashville was completely bonkers this weekend.  Saturday night over 50,000 people CRAMMED Lower Broadway just to be near the Stanley Cup game.  Another 18,000 or so were screaming inside.  Preds won game 3 over the Penguins.  Alan Jackson played a free concert before, Martina McBride sang the anthem.  Some folks said Nashville was more crowded and crazy than New Orleans at Mardis Gras time.  Parking downtown was $80 at some lots.  Tickets?  Forget about it unless you want to pay a fortune.  Thousands of dollars for 1 ticket.  And the city does it all again tonight with game 4.  Wow. 


Oh yeah...we won Saturday night 5-1.  Indoor decibel levels were shattered...and several catfish landed on the ice.  Just a normal Nashville weekend.  



No wonder so many people are moving here.  Adding a championship calibre sports team increases interest again from folks deciding that this is where they wanna live. 


Add to that...THIS is CMA week.  OMG.  And I'll be trying to get through the crowd this Sunday to play at CMA Fest for the first time ever with my "Hits & Grins" songwriting trio.  I have to stop today on Music Row an pick up credentials, parking passes, and ask someone how in the world do we get to the stage on time on Sunday.  Craziness. 


We play at 3:15 pm this Sunday...and it will be aired on WSM.  Pull it up at wsmonline.com



So all the tourists will be here...and...we'll see a lot of fanny packs.  Apparently...they are making a comeback as some celebrities have started wearing them. Uh huh.  Probably my favorite look at Fan Fair.  Tourist T-shirt...cheap cowboy hat...a new tattoo...fanny pack and crocs.  Gotta love fans who don't care about any of that...and will sit and stand in heat all day just to cheer on their favorite stars.  God bless the fans.


If you're coming...know that downtown hotels are sold out.  The Holiday Inn for crying out loud sold out at $450 per night.  Wow.



I also saw the movie "Hacksaw Ridge" this weekend...on the couch.  True story of an incredibly heroic medic who was a conscientious objector to the war...refused to carry a gun...and still SAVED over 50 American soldiers.  Mel Gibson produced the film...and I could see his touch in the war scenes on Okinawa.  Mel produce and starred in "We Were Soldiers" which is another incredible war story about a Viet Nam bloody battle.  Hard to watch at time...war is horrific.  But...surely glad I watched it.



If you watched all or any of the Civil War series Ken Burns produced...you know what a masterpiece that is.  He's done a great documentary on baseball..and some other subjects...but has now turned his attention to doing on on the Viet Nam War.  It will star airing in September on PBS.  I can't imagine how great and awful this will be all at the same time.  I'll be taping that.



The wonderful comedian, writer, producer of shows like the Dick Van Dyke TV show to name one...has advice to all Seniors.  "Get off your ass and do something".  I've heard more than one senior say they fear if they just sit down...they'll die.  Don't know that I disagree.  Even if I ever fully retire someday...I'll have to have a reason to get out of bed.  I've thought about joining the Senior Chippendale Dancers when I do that...but once again I got THAT stare from my wife.  So...maybe something else. 



A Nobel winner economist says that he expects the stock market to keep climbing...maybe another 50%!  I'm in.  However...I did sell my Kathy Griffin stocks just in time I think.



Kind of relating to what I just said, a survey says that half of all of us in America die broke.  It occurs to me...healthy...unhealthy...broke...rich...good habits...bad habits...we are all still going to die.  And I wish I had written this song that I heard my young friend Jenny Tolman sing last week that the "Old Dogs" of Waylon, Mel Tillis, Jerry Reed and Bobby Bare recorded.  If you have not heard THIS...take a listen.  Should make ya smile.


And keep this in mind.  Some folks supposedly in the know say that going to church helps you live longer.  Folks who sit in pews tend to have less emotional stress.  I have no chance since I've been banned from all churches since I did a cannonball in the baptismal pool many years ago.  But...I had such great form if I do say so.



That swearing eases emotional pain.  Well...damn!



Don't think pot is profitable?  It's making millions in states where it's legalized.  And now this.  "High Times"...the magazine all about that...just sold for $42 MILLION bucks.  There's a publication that went up in smoke profitably.



Hank Jr. is coming back to sing the Monday Night Football Theme again.  Banned for six year because of a controversial Obama comment he made....enough time has gone by that ESPN and ABC are ready to re-commit to Bocephus and take whatever heat might come their way.  Like him or not...they haven't been able to regenerate the excitement that Hank created with anyone else.  Are ya ready for some Bocephus?!



Love this.  One Mom recently tweeted, "My toddler just told me I'm driving him nuts.  So it seems we've come full circle".



Full day.  I'm off to write with Jenny Tolman today...but before we start we're going into a recording studio for me to lay down a weather man type voice for some song that's on her upcoming album.  So...I'll be thinking about this guy that my friend Brent Burns wrote about in the song "Jim Cantore".  Should be fun.  Then it's off to pick up the CMA Fest badges, and parking pass and everything needed for the Sunday show...and then I'll fly home and write a parody comedy song for New York...or two. 


So Carl Reiner...if you are reading this blog today...you'll know that I took your advice a long time ago and got up off my ass and started doing something.


Have a great and busy Monday yourself.



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