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Leaving New Mexico

Jun 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back to Texas we go.



My wife Kathy and I celebrate a 35th wedding anniversary…apart…again. My career has done that to the two of us a few times unfortunately and I do hate it happened on such a big one.  37 years ago this gorgeous blonde walked into a show I was playing in Cincinnati and I fell in love with her almost instantly.  I honestly can’t imagine my life without here. She’s smarter than I am, prettier than I am, and certainly healthier than I am.  I simply could not be a luckier man having her to share my life with.  Here’s to at least another 35 baby.  Love you so.



Our “Evening In The Round” trio made the most of  last off day we had in gorgeous Ruidoso, New Mexico.  All four of us, Linda Davis, Lang Scott, Rylee Jean Scott and myself made our way to the top of ski mountain here where the views were breathtaking.


The girls all piled into a convertible with our guest and Linda’s cousin Rhonda and made the sky mile upward trip with the top down and Lang and I followed a little slower in bigger vehicle and we went through hair turn after hair turn until we finally reached the top.  Like when I drive mountain roads, Lang kept his hands on the wheel and missed most of the scenery while he heard me going “look at that”!  Glad he didn’t look.


We had hoped to jump on the Zipline which has one of the highest longest lines in the country.  But because it was Monday they had everything shut down at the base of the ski lift.  And that means I’ll have to plan another trip out here to do that.  You won’t have to twist my arm.


A little Mexican food at a great local place Rhonda picked out, a nap, a steak dinner…did I mention yet what a really really tough life this is?


We leave Ruidoso for Texas with a big bag full of wonderful memories from our stay and show we head here.  And we are already scheming to get back out here again next year if at all possible.  Thank you Rhonda Burns for making me feel like part of your family in the mountains.


So a shorter blog this morning as we’re traveling.  Tomorrow I’ll shout at ya from the home of Texas Tech.


Have a great Tuesday!





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