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Show In The Mountains...On The Beach Chart...Lubbock Ahead

Jun 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And good morning from beautiful Ruidoso, New Mexico.



Too many highlights on this part of our western trip to mention but here are a few nuggets.


We made the drive in from Artesia, New Mexico up here to the cool weather in Ruidoso.  Perfect climate in the mountains.  Our “Evening In The Round Trio” is bedded down on a 500-acre ranch here owned by Rhonda Burns who’s been here for years and is a successful real estate broker. She's also the sweet cousin of Linda Davis. We can’t thank her enough for her hospitality out here as we gaze at the mountains from her ranch.


Friday night all of us, Linda Davis, Lang Scott, Rylee Jean and myself went with Rhonda to a beautiful Country Club close to the ranch and had dinner with some friends of hers and folks we met 4 years ago when we played here.  And after dinner at the piano bar Linda and the rest of us kind of took over and sang at the piano bar where folks quickly gathered round and sang with us. We made some new friends for sure...some of those who decided to buy tickets for the show on Saturday night. 



A very full workday with sound check and rehearsal with the Nashville band we flew in for just this concert on our tour that started around 1 pm.  The 4 guys Lang and Linda chose has a resume that’s a mile long.  They’ve played on hundreds and hundreds of hit records through the years.  They’ve been on the road with Don Williams, Clint Black, Olivia Newton John, Lyle Lovett, Kenny Rogers, Vince Gill, The Time Jumpers and on and on it could go.


The first half of our show was something very different for us.  We sang Country classics.  Lang sang “My Maria”, Rylee Jean did “Coal Miner’s Daughter and I did the Merle Haggard classic “That’s The Way Love Goes” while Linda just knocked down the house of well over 400 with one classic after another including her hit “Does He Love You”.  What a treat to stand in front of that band and sing those songs!


The second half of our show was more acoustic per normal…but the band members slipped out and played behind some of those songs too including my funny songs like “Ugly Early” and “Leave Em’ Laughin’.  Surreal and awesome.  If you’re curious just Google the bios of Dane Bryant (keyboards) Billy Thomas (drums) Pat McGrath (guitar) and Matt McKenzie (bass).  You’ll be amazed…just like we were Saturday night.


And the audience was just terrific in one of the most beautiful theaters we’ve ever played out on the road If you’re ever near Alto, New Mexico, just drive by to see this stunning place that is the "Spencer Theater For The Performing Arts".



And props to Lang who showed off how great the sound is in this theater by taking his guitar, walking out to the front of the stage with his guitar but no mic and singing "Sweet Memories" that got a standing ovation from the crowd.  As it should!  Goose bump stuff folks out here on the road.



We went to a Race Track Church.  Yep.  Like in horse racing.  A little church where the jockeys, and those that work at the track go to on Sunday morning just before the races start next door.  And the Scott Family got up and did some traditional hymns as well as selections from their Grammy winning album “Love Remains” including “Ain’t No Grave” featuring my buddy Lang Scott.  Again, just really nice folks we met there and the preacher was great in a very low-key “folksy” way that we all loved.  It was a pleasure to sing in that chapel.


Then after that we went over to the Jockey’s Club upstairs at the horse track “Ruidoso Downs”…and the preacher in the next room picked up the bill!  How many times do that happen?



A local radio guy caught our show Saturday night and came up to me to tell me how much he loved my song “Face For Radio”.  He and the radio station just lost an air personality they all loved.  He asked if I could send him a copy to play and dedicate to him to honor their friend at his funeral today here in New Mexico.  As a songwriter, I never now how original songs will connect with folks.  I’m honored that this one connected in this fashion. 


Did I mention there were too many highlights to mention?


And Sunday night friends came over to the ranch along with our band that came in from Nashville for our show and one of our guests who has chef experience grilled up chicken and quail and all the fixin’s.  I don’t think I’ve had quail since I grew up in Missouri and in conjured up images of being out in fields with my Dad’s and brother and a bird dog with shotguns hoping to scare up a covey or two of what was dinner Sunday night in New Mexico.  It was delicious to say the least and it made for a perfect ending of a great weekend as we watched the sunset together over the New Mexico mountains.



To my daughter Heather who sang for the first time as a new member of the music group at her church in Clarksville, Tennessee.  From what I hear from her Mom...she more than fit in with the talented group of musicians and singers in the large non-denominational church she attends there with her husband Casey.  Proud of my girl…and I’ll be out front soon as I’m home on the next Sunday available.



Congrats to my Missouri friend Becky Denton and her husband Will as they now have the #12 song on the A1A Trop Rock Chart that we wrote together “Take Me Back To Tybee”.  It’s a great little beach song we wrote about their favorite get away place in Georgia.  Way to go guys.  Take a listen yourself and you may find yourself wanting to take a trip to their favorite getaway place too.



It’s coming up.  If you can’t think of anything good to give ole Dad maybe he’ll want a $200 light saber you can purchase at Disneyland and that huge new Star Wars attraction Disney fans are lined up to see. May the "Mastercard Be With You".



In Florida a mad alligator broke into a home.  I don’t want that.  Here in New Mexico they have mountain lions and elk.  We’ve seen numerous elk already…completely unafraid of human beings.  For the record, I’ll take an elk in my kitchen over a gator.



Our little group here in the mountains will miss the mass of country music fans that are invading Nashville right now for CMA Fest.  We’ve all been part of the festival since it was called “Fan Fair” back in the day out at the hot fairgrounds in Nashville.  But sitting here in the cool mountains of New Mexico with no heat and no crowds?  I think we’re all good just sitting here and reading the highlights as they happen this go round.  Y’all have fun without us.



It’s another off day to enjoy the beauty here before we pack again and start heading towards Lubbock, Texas where we have a show at the Cactus Theater Wednesday night right on Buddy Holly Boulevard.  I’m hearing whispers of “shopping” and…there’s a really really long Zipline up here in the ski area that we may have to check out too. I’ll let ya know how that goes.


Have a great Monday!









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