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Flip Floppin'...New Single Release...Beach Cover Boy

Jun 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday and the temps are heating up in Twang Town.  Temperatures are rising too...but so far the town is still standing and making hillbilly music.



I wrote with both Jerry Salley & Brent Burns yesterday online.  We did get a fun beach song out of the session along with a lot of laughter. I learned a lot about flip-plops, Tongs and Thongs while writing this song yesterday.


Brent now has enough new material to start thinking about setting up a recording session here in Nashville for his next CD.  Depending on availability the first part of that recording process might happen in July or August.  Recording sessions are going on in town with musicians wearing their masks while they play.  I see flip-flops, sandals and masks in the recording studio soon.


SOME GOOD NEWS           

Before we rhymed a word yesterday Jerry gave me some really good news.  A song that he and I co-wrote with Kristy Cox “Finger Pickin’ Good” that features world class guitarist Tommy Emmanuel was just released as Kristy’s new single off her “No Headlights” album.  Woo hoo!  Truly one of the highlights of my songwriting career was being in the studio the night Tommy came in and played guitar on this idea I had that we wrote together.  It’s truly like we wrote the song for Tommy as much as we did Kristy.  Both of them are Australian so I’m pretty sure this song-event will be in the running later this year for the Golden Guitar Awards in Australia which is the equivalent of a CMA Award here I the states.  Happy for Kristy and Jerry…and I’m happy to be a small part of this song.  Bluegrass Weekly…the magazine for all things bluegrass featured Kristy in the current issue and in the article there’s a picture of me, Jerry, Kristy and Tommy in studio.  Can’t wait to see what happens with this song.



And…my buddy Brent Burns is on the cover (with his clothes on) of “Phlockers Magazine” and that magazine is THE publication that covers all things Trop Rock.  Brent has had a really interesting life as the article points out.  Click on and thumb through the pages and read the article if you’d like to know more about my long time collaborator and friend.  Congrats Brent.



Good and bad news on that front.


Bad news is that 26,000 have now died in nursing homes from Covid-19.  Too sad to comprehend really.


Good news is that in Spain that had zero deaths reported over the last 24-hour period.  That’s the first time it’s happened since March.  One can only hope that trend will take over everywhere.


A new study claims that 7 out of every 10 WILL get the vaccine shot if and when they develop one.  The faster they find one the better.



I was at a writing camp years ago in Gatlinburg.  I sat in a room with some amateur writers as part of the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival along with pro-writer Brady Seals.  We were given the task of writing something about the Gatlinburg area.  One of the local writers mentioned the “Synchronized Firefly” show that happens every year.  At that point, I’d never heard of it…nor had Brady.  But once a year the fireflies all gather on a mountain and their little butt lights all go off together creating quite the mountain spectacle.  We wound up writing a very cool song about that and I got an education.



Never could.  Too many years being on the stage instead of a dance floor.  So I was amazed to see that the TV show “Dancing With The Stars” has now been on TV for 15 years already.  For the record…I’m no good at watching dancing either.



Maybe an idea that will give us some baseball this year.  The owners now propose a 60 game season.  The player’s salaries would be pro-rated to cover those games.  Makes sense to me.  Seems fair to me.  But considering the way the owners and players fight?  I’m thinking I’ll be watching more Cornhole tournaments than baseball games. 



I’m hooking up with Brent Baxter in Missouri who helped write “Monday Morning Church” for Alan Jackson and Nathan Woodard here in Nashville who’s gospel writing has earned him multiple Dove Award nominations.  Because of their background you’d think we’d be writing a gospel song today but I never know.  We’ll see which way the writing winds blow later this morning.


Have a great Tuesday!





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