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New Friend - Old Stories...new Eagles & 34 Years

Jun 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First weekend of June dead ahead.



I spent the day with Stan Barnett who's been a musician that played in bands that include some old school country names for those of you who remember...Marvin Rainwater and Hugh X. Lewis to name a couple.  That morphed into Stan becoming one of the best booking agents in the world currently working for CAA which represents hundreds of stars.  Stan has booked Keith Whitley, Lady A and is still booking folks like Brenda Lee worldwide.


I saw Stan at a showcase for a young artist I write with Jenny Tolman early this past week...and I mentioned yesterday he remembered ME singing at the Stage Door Inn inside the Opryland Hotel for two weeks with the Cate Sisters back in the day...and he remembers vividly.


So...we had lunch yesterday...and then I followed Stan to his office up in one of those huge tower buildings downtown that overlooks the football stadium, the Cumberland River and all of growing downtown Nashville.  All in all we must have talked and told stories for 6 hours.  We know a lot of the same people and admire a lot of the same artists.  Heck we've played some of the same rooms.  We listened to songs and music of new artists...and old songs that most have forgotten.  Unreal stories...I told some...he told some and I just had the best time soaking it all in.


It won't be the last time I think that we do this.  And it was just a pleasure for me personally and I appreciate him just putting his busy phone on hold for hours just to visit.  A rarity.


Stan and I are about the same age.  He will never retire...still going in 5 days a week and hanging out in his corner office and booking acts...and teeing up other acts for success.  Why would you retire from that?  I know the feeling.  We're both lucky to do what we do.



I knew I was going to enjoy his company when we sat down to lunch and he ordered a fried bologna and cheese sandwich at the restaurant.  Real.



To my sister Rita up in Rochester, Minnesota who celebrated 25 years working for the Mayo Clinic.  They apparently gave her a TV and a Red Lobster gift card.  Good for you sis...congrats.  25 years for one company is an amazing feat.  I never quit figured out how to do that. 


Not sure...but I think if you celebrate 25 years at a hospital that they bring a bed pan with 25 candles in it for you to blow out.  Well...they should.



Our hockey teams tradition of fans tossing catfish on the ice will continue Saturday night when game three is played here in town.  A guy that sells catfish is offering a free catfish to anyone who comes in and shows him their game ticket.  Seriously.  It could be raining mudcats on national TV Saturday night.  What a weird funny tradition.  My brother Gene back in Missouri catches hundreds and hundreds of pounds of catfish every year.  I'm sure he had no idea that instead of frying them up and eating them...that some choose to toss them over plexiglass onto a sheet of ice.  I can see him shaking his head.



Pretty soon we will have an app that will let us hold our phone up...snap a picture of a restaurant we might want to eat at...and a review or two or three will pop up allowing you to make a decision about whether you really want to eat there or not.  Okay.


I already have the "Shazam" app on my phone.  If you don't know about it...it's pretty cool too.  Turn on the app...hold it up to whatever song is being played at a restaurant, in your car, "live" concert...wherever music is being played...and it will tell you the name of the song you're listening too...and the artist singing it...and how and where to buy it.  I hope one of mine is playing somewhere sometime and that somebody will be holding up their "Shazam" app.  And then they'll go...Bill Whyte?



"Live" baseball is coming in a VR mode.  Put those headsets on...and you can watch a "live" Major League Baseball game...and it will be like you are sitting in the park watching the game.  Virtual Reality will let you choose your point of view.  You can watch from the dugout...outfield....the swimming pool if it's the Arizona Diamondbacks game...lots of different angles.


I think those headsets look a little geeky....but if I get a chance to see my Reds that way...call me Mr. Geeky.  Wonder if the umpire hears you if you "boo" a call?



Oreo keeps experimenting with new flavors.  Up next?  A Jelly Donut Oreo.  Yep...just like it sounds.  I'm classic.  Give me the regular Oreo...glass of milk...dunk.  Simple.  I don't know why they mess with perfection.


Although...if they roll out an Oreo Mac N Cheese....all bets are off.



In Switzerland...they have a packed classroom of students learning the fictional language of Klingon.  Yes...the Star Trek language...all made up.  There are 3,000 words in the Klingon vocabulary.  You can go learn them all.  "May the words be with you". 


I'm starting a class on "How To Choose Your Words Carefully".   I can think of a few celebrities and politicians that should be signing up.



Gosh...I think this is great news for Eagle fans like me.  With the death of Glenn Frey...many speculated that would be the end of the Eagles.  Nope.  Glenn Frey's son is going to take his place...and my favorite pop-rock-country group of all time is also adding Vince Gill to play on tour!  What a great choice.  He can swap guitar licks on "Hotel California" with Joe Walsh...and sing high harmony to boot.  Perfect.  I would so go see this...and I'm waiting for the tour dates to roll out to find out the closest venue.


I'm blessed to have a song I helped write that has Vince singing the background harmony on it.  Now I can brag that I have an Eagle as a background singer.  Just really great news for Eagle fans.



A 12 year old girl won the National Spelling Bee.  Her last and winning word was "marocain" a type of dress fabric of ribbed crepe.  Uh...yeah...I knew that.  I'm still working on learning how to spell covfefe.


I'm sure the winner will go to college...where a stat today reveals the AVERAGE salary for a graduate is $45, 361.  Pretty sure if you took all the liberal arts majors out of this equation the average starting salary might be double that.  Maybe.


I'm one of those of course...and in hindsight...I realize I should have learned to sing stock market quotations.



"Antisocial Woman Pretends To Be Blind For 22 Years So She Wouldn't Have To Greet People".  Wow.  She's from Spain. 


Now when you think that YOU are not a people person...think again.



Off to finish up a song with my Australian friend Tamara Stewart down on Music Row today. 


And then...this weekend...Sunday...my wife and I celebrate 34 years together.  Hard to believe she's put up with me that long.  Best day of my life was meeting Kathy 36 years ago in Cincinnati one night while I was singing on a stage.  And pretty much for me...it was love at first sight.  After all these years...that's not changed....in fact...it really has just gotten better and better with time.  And honestly to me...she's as beautiful as that first day I saw her walk into that room.  Any man is lucky to have a great woman in their life.  Consider me double lucky.  Love ya babe.


Have a great weekend!

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