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Weekend Writes...Safe Haven...Pretty Cities

Jun 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s the first of June?  Seriously?  Already?  Wow.  I spent some of the weekend watching the painful news of ridiculous riots everywhere including burning and looting by idiots here in Nashville.  Anyone else notice that rioters don’t practice social distancing during a virus?  I tried hard not to concentrate on that and made sure I took some time to celebrate the better side of humanity when Space X launched successfully.  Beautiful and thrilling to see.  And then it docked with the Space Station flawlessly.  Y’all watch what you want. 



 I had a really busy weekend of songwriting that started Friday morning with Steve Dean and Jessie Toups (Ritter)  Jessie lives in Pensacola so we did the right thing and wrote her a beach song.  Funny how nobody feels bad when they’re thinking beach.  Tired of all the bad news on TV?  Turn on some Jimmy Buffett music and think beach…you’ll feel better.


Saturday evening I hooked up online again with Angus Gill down in Australia.  The two of us have written several Saturday evenings in a row now trying to stack up enough funny songs for his first comedy song CD that he’s getting ready to produce.  Without giving the joke away this weekend’s song has to do with a custody dispute over a dog and a cockatoo.  Time will tell if that makes the album or not.  Angus has also been working with some of the top stand up comedians in Australia on this project too, which is smart.  For the most part I think our work is done and I can’t wait for the album to come out.


Sunday afternoon Alex Conerly was with me and helped me write song idea that I thought might fit the group he plays guitar in…and sings with…The Barefoot Movement.


Alex and I will have a pretty unique connection for the rest of our lives.  Alex was writing with me in 2012 when I got a call telling me that I was going to be inducted into the Country Radio Broadcasters Hall of Fame. That news pretty much wrecked any songwriting that day but we’ve made up for it over the years. 



Sunday I loaded a new video on my You Tube Channel of the song “Safe Haven” that I wrote with Hillary Scott, Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry that Hillary Scott & The Scott Family recorded on their Grammy winning album “Love Remains”.  If you want to hear some of the story about how and why this song was written, watch the VIDEO.  And please hit the SUBSCRIBE button if you will as I’m trying to add more followers for the channel.  Thanks.



Douglas Corner is an iconic place for songwriters.  It’s been there for years giving songwriters a platform to be heard.  A “who’s who” of folks has graced their stage.  The owner announced late last week that he would have to shut the doors from all that’s going on.  And then there was such an outpouring of love from the music community that he’s now re-considering.  Anyone who’s played there, including myself hopes that he finds a way to keep those doors open.


Music is coming back in a bigger way here as the Mayor is allowing full bands to take stages again.  Last week only 2 could be on a stage.  However, with the new rules bands must bring their own equipment now and not use house equipment…including their own microphones.  When a band steps down, the next one has to wait until the first band clears the stage and everything is wiped down again.  So if you walk into a honky-tonk on Lower Broadway and see a dude with really big arms and a menacing tattoo disinfecting?  You’ll know the bouncer is pulling double duty.



What a surprise.  Someone in that pool in the Ozarks at Osage Beach that we’ve all seen pictures of has tested positive for the virus.  Pretty much a toss up for me as to who’s dumber…those folks who ignored the “social distance” sign hanging above the pool, or those out on the street looting and burning.  Flip a coin.


I write a lot of beach songs with my friend Brent Burns and some other artists who play “Trop-Rock” music.  They are just starting to find outdoor stages to play on and make money again down by the ocean.  And this weekend a bunch of those “beach” singers released this really cool VIDEO about staying strong during the pandemic.  My friend Donny Brewer and some other folks did a great job of putting this together.



Man I’m a sucker for State lists.  Like this one. “Prettiest Town In Each State”.  I had to look. 


Hard to argue with Sedona for Arizona.  Breathtaking beauty in those red rocks that I’ve hiked on a few times.


Arkansas…Hot Springs?  Yep.  Played there a few times.  Agree.


Carmel, California.  For sure.  Can’t afford to live there but the beach and Pebble Beach Golf Course?  Gorgeous.


They chose Hermann, Missouri for prettiest in the Show Me State.  Full of wine and hills and very close to where I was born in Montgomery City.  I might have chosen a town in the Ozarks myself…but it is pretty.


For North Dakota they chose Medora.  There’s an outdoors theater I went too there and played music nearby where the Black Hills are.  I’d say they got that one right too.


Lot of pretty places to see in the country.  Here’s their complete LIST.



The average American spends six months of their life waiting for red lights to turn green.  The good news is I’ve gotten a lot of texting done through the years at red lights.



The average household has 300,000 things in it…including thumbtacks.  And for most of us I’d bet if we got rid of 250,000 of those “things” we would not miss em’.  But, when I do try to downsize I realize I just can’t let of my baseball bobblehead dolls.  Downsizing might be a real problem for me.



Yep, I certainly miss sitting in a baseball park this time of year.  And now there’s a real chance there could be no Major League Baseball at all because once again the owners and players are at an impasse on making some kind of agreement that would put a shortened season on TV.  The latest proposal from the players is a 114 game season.  I’m starting to think there’s a real chance we won’t hear anyone scream out “play ball” this year.  That realization makes me really glad I made a last second decision to go out to Phoenix and catch some of the Spring Training games before the entire sport got shut down.



I’ll be pairing up my friend Jerry Salley with my beach friend Brent Burns as we have a beach song idea to write this morning.  Brent is piling up a few more songs for his next album.  The three of us wrote once before when Brent came to town to record his last album “My Jukebox At The Beach”.  We wrote this song “Motel Margaritaville” that’s really fun…and hopefully we’ll be able to write something that fun this morning.  We’ll see.


Have a great Monday!

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