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Covfefe...WSM and One Digit Mascot

Jun 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First day of June and I woke up early from a nightmare.  I dreamed I was in the National Spelling Bee and they gave me the word "covfefe".  I failed.  I'm out.and they gave me the word "covfefe".  I failed.  I'm out.



I had to write a parody song yesterday for my New York folks about the Bee.  This was before the news about Donald Trump's tweet came out...otherwise I'm sure the word covfefe would have made it into the lyrics of that song that was a parody of a hit by Midland called "Drinking Problem".  I turned that into "Spelling Problem" for them...and I'm pretty sure a couple of morning radio shows are playing that this morning and that folks are laughing...I hope.



I was also on air yesterday 10-3 filling in for Mike Terry who was doing a "live" broadcast down at the Ryman Auditorium with 100 of our listeners enjoying a songwriter and free food.  Sounded great on the air.


If you come to town...take the Ryman tour.  There's a new Cafe Lula's there...food and entertainment...and a great new film covering the history of the place that I have yet to take in myself...but will soon.  Thanks to Matt Rogers for being our musical guest yesterday...sounded great.


I'll be back on air next Wednesday morning from 7-10 AM as regular host Bill Cody has to slip out of his own morning show early.  As always you can listen to the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry worldwide at wsmonline.com



Yes...I watched our Preds go down in flames to Pittsburgh last night.  Disappointing performance to say the least.  We're down 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals...not good.  BUT...the town is still hockey banana's.  Proof?


Game three is here...and they will CLOSE DOWN lower Broadway...put up a stage...and Alan Jackson will give a FREE concert before the game to fire fans up even more.


Yesterday the NHL brought the Stanley Cup Trophy to town taking it to several locations and filming it.  They stopped at two honky tonks downtown.  At the first...John Rich of Big and Rich was on hand to welcome the cup and fire folks up.


At Tootsie's...Billy Ray Cyrus was there and got up and sang as the place went bonkers.


I'm late to the party myself...but man this town is hockey crazy right now.  And it's fun to see. 



She would have been better off poking fun at the word "covfefe".  No doubt.  There's a few things you can't pick on.  Areas even the bawdiest comics can't go and get away with yet we see some go brain dead every now and then and go anyway...and then pay the price.  She lost a couple of major endorsements....some gigs...and her New Years Eve gig that she's done for years.


There's history.  Michael Richards is still paying a price for his over step on a comedy stage.  And the Dixie Chicks play great music still...but their careers will never be as big or as broad based as it was before Natalie put her high heel in her mouth on foreign soil.  


That's why we have history.  It lays the groundwork for what will work...and what doesn't...and also tells us what the country is sensitive about.  Ya just have to pay attention to what it's saying. 


If you work on TV or radio...good idea not to pick on a sponsor.  If you make your living being an entertainer in the USA...good idea not to overstep the limits of political humor too...and one can go a long way.  Kathy stepped over a that she should have seen a mile away.



A baseball headed mascot of the New York Mets got so mad after a Mets loss to the Brewers that he flipped the finger to a Brewer fan in the house.  The dude in the baseball head lost his job. 


Kathy Griffin should have held up THAT head instead.



48% of us don't know where chocolate milk comes from.  I had to pause and think myself for a minute but then remembered my FFA classes where I was told it came from chocolate cows.


Heck...I don't know what covfefe comes from either.



I read we have a baking powder shortage?  I just realized I have no idea where baking powder comes from either.  I having a "stupid" first day of June so far.



Supposedly...some day...we'll be able to charge our phones and computer without plugging them in...or without batteries.  Ultrasound waves will somehow eliminate the need or those. That will make for some really light Smart Phones and Macbooks for sure.  Bring it on. 


And because they will be using ultrasound to do the trick...I would surely think expecting parents will be able to wave their phone over a pregnant belly and watch the kid.  Right?



At least one Donut Store is going to use a drone to deliver.  So the exercise that I used to get walking into and out of the store to combat eating a couple of glazed will go away.  I'll be starring in "Free Willie 5" someday.



Our US Commander now says he wants more troops on the ground in Afghanistan in that 15 year war with seemingly no end in sight.  And at the very same time...the head of the Department Of Veteran Affairs is reporting that VA Hospitals are in critical shape.  Old facilities...sub par care...long waits. 


Gosh...it would seem only fair if we ask men and women to sacrifice everything...that at the very least they would know that they are only going to get the BEST care.  Pretty pathetic.



Hard to believe that Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn is 64 today.  Even harder to believe...the Sgt. Peppers iconic album from the Beatles...that's just been re-released and sits at the top of the charts again...is 50 years old!  I remember dorm friends blasting that album in their room that you could hear several doors down.  I must be getting older too. I've got a copy somewhere.  Think I'll drop a needle on it today and think about the bell bottom pants and hair I used to have when it first came out.



A lady has opened up the American Museum of the House Cat  in Sylva, North Carolina.  Looks like she may have converted her home.  Maybe she's actually a hoarder of cats who decided to claim museum status.  I dunno.  If you go...let me know...I'll pass.  But pet ole Hairball for me if you'd like. 



I'm having lunch today with an industry friend I re-met a couple of nights ago at a showcase here in town.  I was introduced...and he actually remembered me singing at the Opryland Hotel with the Cate Sisters (who used to be on the old Jim Ed Brown TV Show) for two weeks.  I opened...then stayed out and played guitar.  One of my favorite steel guitar players...Doug Jernigan played in the band...so I remember having fun..but being very nervous.  My new-old  friend Stan Barnett who works with one of the biggest talent agencies here in town remembered that and had some crazy nice things to say about what he remembered from me singing there.  Man...what a small world.  


So it will be great fun to really catch up today.


Have a great first day of June!

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