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Midland to Artesia...Ocotillo Theater...Ruidoso Tomorrow

May 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And good morning from Artesia, New Mexico home of  bronze statues and Artesian wells…and lots and lots of oil.



Our “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott & Riley Jean Scott with me in tow made the drive from Midland, Texas to the site of our second show on this tour at the Octillo Theater in Artesia, New Mexico.  (FYI..."Ocotillio" is a kind of cactus)


You learn to have patience when you’re on the road.  Yesterday out in the middle of the flatland of Texas where the only scenery is oil wells an RV completely flipped upside down and blocked the highway.  All of us are praying that the folks inside were alright.  We knew that was going to be a LONG wait before that ever cleared so we managed to get across the ditch and go back the other way to re-route to Artesia.  The good news is we had left ourselves plenty to time to compensate for that.


And last night’s show was awesome.  The staff at the theater was ready for us and so easy to work with.  The Octillo Theater is one of those old theaters restored to its glory and we love to play places like that.  Last night’s crowd was so into the show and we just truly enjoyed their company.  So many friendly folks and Linda had quite a few family members who came out last night too and it was nice to meet and play for them as well.  Two hours of music just flew by last night and we surely hope to return to play this venue again somewhere down the road.  And today we go about another two hours north to beautiful Ruidoso, New Mexico where the high temp is 75 today!  More on that at the end of today’s blog.



It’s been something hasn’t it?  At breakfast here this morning we heard that a tornado had hit not all that from where we are right now.  And temps are unseasonably cool here…not that any of us are complaining.  But it’s really unusual weather dotting large parts of the country.  We’re out on a 12-day run and our last show will be in Arkansas where they are dealing with flooding big time.  So while we travel we keep one eye on the weather forecasts for sure.



I think we’re going to have to find a place that sells Mega Millions between here and our next destination as it’s up to $444 Million right now.  Perfect time to buy a ticket when the odds say, “you have no chance of winning”.  Usually you can buy a long Slim Jim at the same place you buy a Lotto ticket so I’m all in.


How about an 8 way tie in the National Spelling Bee?  8 really smart kids.  But shouldn’t there be a way to break an 8-way tie?  Maybe have them start spelling words backwards?  Something?!



Apparently they are now working on a gluten free BEER!  I don’t think anyone drinks beer to be healthy.  I can’t imagine sitting on a stool in a biker’s bar and having the nerve to ask for a gluten free beer. Nope. 



John Rich who’s half of Big and Rich has released a song called “Shut Up About Politics”.  Although I agree whole heartedly with that sentiment…it’s odd to release a song with that title because you are then singing about the very thing you want folks to shut up about.  I think I’d announce the name of the song and then just sit there on stage and not say anything for the three minutes worth of time that song would take up if you sang the lyrics.  Maybe. 



Interesting ARTICLE here that lists the “Ugliest Cars” of each decade.  I was shocked that the AMC Pacer was not on the list…but these were some ugly cars for sure.  And I’ll bet some of us owned one of these ugly bad boys.  Check and see if your ugly car made the list. 



So when we travel and do shows we get out late from theaters and we’re always looking for a place that might be open because we’re hungry.  Or we’re trying to find a Starbucks, or a drugstore or something and we have no idea where they might be…if they’re close or not.  So I downloaded a new app I like called  "Around Me” that simply lets me hit it and then I can find the nearest whatever I’m looking for.  Easy to use.  And it’s a lot easier than doing a “google” search on my phone.  Today I’m going to open it and see it it will tell me the nearest place to buy my Mega million ticket.



We have an off day today but we travel to Ruidoso where we will have dinner with some of Linda’s family tonight.  Ruidoso is in the mountains and is really beautiful.  Tomorrow night we play at the incredible Spencer Theater that’s truly and incredible building.  It will be our second time playing there and this time we’re actually flying a band in from Nashville to do the first half of the show with us, which will be something different for us.  And it’s going to be so much fun singing a song with those pros who are flying in to meet us this evening.  So I’ll be working on the classic Merle Haggard song “That’s The Way Love Goes” today for my little part in that section of the show.  I’ll give you a full report on this show in Monday’s blog.


Have a great weekend!

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