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Missouri Rhymes...State Fair Story...The Singing Nurse

May 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And just like that another weekend is on us.  Here in Nashville the long rainy period is over and we expect sunshine and temps in the 70’s.  Perfect for doing something outdoors.



I was face to face with my Paris,Missouri buddy Becky Denton.  Her husband Will was to write with us but he got pulled away by a “real” job thing so it was just the two of us…and her now 7 year old daughter Celia who jumped in to say hello.  Celia just finished up her homeschooling so Becky gets to take her teacher hat off for a while.  Becky is getting ready to start playing some shows in Missouri again as things loosen up just a little.  You can find out more about her and where she’s playing at her WEBSITE.


I had a verse and chorus going to a fun up-tempo summer idea that she loved so it didn’t take us too long to finish it up. So a good day of writing and catching up.



I did try to get in a few holes of golf yesterday with no luck.  The little city park course I’ve played on has re-opened now and that meant all golfers had to go into the clubhouse one by one when admitted with masks on to pay the green fee.  I did not bring mine because the last couple of times I went there you could just walk on and play because the course clubhouse was closed because of the pandemic.  So…another time…and I’ll take my mask.



First time in 75 years the State Fair in Wisconsin will not happen because of the virus. It’s a really great State Fair and I’ve got some great memories from working that Fair when I was doing the morning show at FM*106 in Milwaukee.


Garth Brooks was coming the first year I arrived in Beer City and was playing the State Fair.  So we did an on air contest for front row tickets and a chance to meet Garth.  The contest was called “What Would You Do”? …for that chance to win.  You would not believe some of what we read from folks faxing us their “what they would do’s”.  We narrowed it down to a Top 5 and then did a “live” show just across from the State Fair grounds.  SECOND place went to a guy in a pair of Speedos who strapped on a guitar and sang a Garth song and THEN sawed a car in half with a chain saw!  That was SECOND place.


First place was awarded to a young man who pulled up in a pickup truck.  The bed of the truck was made to look like a barn.  Straw on the floor…barn in the back…barn doors open.  His MOTHER then got up in the truck in a Holstein cow outfit complete with a rigged up udder allowing the young man to MILK his Mom…the cow.  Ya had to be there.  What I remember the most was when we took them backstage to meet Garth.  They took a big picture they had framed of son milking Mom for Garth to autograph.  I can see still see Garth’s expression today.



MSN ran an article this morning listing 20 things that may be obsolete after the pandemic is finally over. A lot of these you could guess.  Hugs, handshakes, high fives.  Anything with touching basically.  They also listed pubic touch screens, buffets and open floor office spaces.  The last…I wouldn’t miss.  I remember going from a traditional office to a big open floor office and never did really care for that environment where there was so much noise and interruption all around you. 


The TSA may never require us to put our keys, phones and wallets into a plastic tub going through screening.  And public water fountains could be gone too.


The one that stands out to me the most is how using cash to a large degree will disappear.  More cashless transactions.  Heck, since the quarantine started…I don’t think I’ve used cash one time.  I’m not sure I miss it.



I want to brag a little bit about a frequent co-writer friend of mine Lauren Mascitti who was girl #21 on American Idol this year that you’ve read about here multiple times on my blog…and I’m sure many of you saw her on Idol too.  Lauren went right back to work as a nurse…night shift…because she loves it and feels the need to contribute in a bigger way.  That’s just the kind of good person she is.  She just did a big virtual concert with some big stars for a chain of hospitals and that got a little attention too.  If you want to learn more about my talented friend read this ARTICLE the Tennessean just printed.  Congrats Lauren.  They may very well start calling her the “Singing Nurse” in the future.



Yesterday I mentioned that Jimmy Buffett has a new CD coming out titled “The Flip Side”.  I think it’s out tomorrow actually.  I’ll be buying that.  Rolling Stone just did a great 30-minute or so video interview with the King of Margaritaville that’s just so good.  Jimmy talks about the early days of living and writing in Key West as well as how he took that beach attitude and turned it into a sandy empire.  And there’s a GREAT story about him hanging with Bob Dylan on Dylan’s boat unexpectedly one day.  Dylan loved Jimmy as a writer and one of his favorite Jimmy songs is “Pirate Looks At 40” which would be in my Top Ten List of all time favorite songs period.  Check out the INTERVIEW.



Yesterday was National Hamburger Day.  I missed the dang memo.  I hit a drive thru on the way to the golf course and got a roast beef sandwich.  Can they fine you for that offense?  Either way…Jimmy Buffett managed to write THE best hamburger song ever.  No wonder he built an empire.



Tomorrow Clint Eastwood turns 90!  90 years old and still going strong.  I’m a fan.  So much so I read his bio on a beach trip a couple of years ago.  They need to do a second one because he’s done so much more from where the book stopped when it was printed.  I’m as big a fan of him as a producer as I am of his acting and that’s saying something. 


My brother in law from North Carolina who is the world wide head of security for Deloitte-Touche told me a story about being out in Carmel one time at a restaurant and Clint walked in.  Long story short they struck up a conversation at the bar and Clint sat down and had dinner with him.  My brother in law said most of the conversation was him telling Clint stories about his job that Clint wanted to know about.  How’s that for a keepsake memory?


If you’ve never seen this video of the song “Don’t Let The Old Man In”…click on and watch.  Toby Keith sings the song that he wrote after Clint said those words to him playing golf one day.  The footage you see is from the Clint movie “The Mule” that I still have yet to see…but will.  Words to live by.



The “Bumper Dumper” is a portable toilet one can attach to the bumper of their truck or car.  I think I’ll wait til they make a Bumper Bidet. 



I’m starting to sadly think that this year’s baseball season may not happen at all.  Players and owners are again at odds on what the pay should be for a shortened season and it looks like the players are dug in.  Unreal.  So, I’m reduced to watching the re-run games on TV.  And this is how bad it really is.  I’ve been betting on those games and losing every time.



I’m actually writing on both Saturday and Sunday online…and that never happens.  But, I’m still writing funny songs with Aaron Gill for his comedy song project down in Australia so we’ll get together Saturday evening. 


Then Sunday afternoon my friend Alex Connerly who plays with really talented group called the “Barefoot Movement” because I have a song idea that I think might fit their group that he’s going to help me finish.  Do watch this VIDEO of their group…four of them…all online in different places just tearing up the Paul Simon classic “You Can Call Me Al”.  So much fun.



I’m writing this morning once again with Steve Dean and Jessie Ritter who’s quarantined down in Pensacola but is starting to play a few beach gigs now.  A guitar with a beach view…not a bad way to spend a day or evening. 


Have a great weekend!




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