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Ugly Music...This Bud's For You...New Jimmy

May 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And a good Thursday morning to you from cloudy Music City USA.



A lazy Wednesday is what I had.  Rain ruined some plans of playing a little golf so the creative part of my day was recording a couple of new songs to video to load onto my You Tube Channel.  I added a funny song I wrote yesterday titled, “You Can’t Be Ugly And Be A Star In This Town” that’s all about how important it is to be young and pretty to have a chance to be on the charts. Funny with some truth laced throughout the song.  If you’ve not gone, go to my You Tube Channel and you can watch and listen to all the songs.  I think there are over 20 now.  Subscribe to the channel, and if you hit the “notification” button your be alerted every time we put up a new song on the Channel.  For now the “loose” goal is to put up 2 of those each week.



My wife is VERY happy today.  She’s finally got an appointment with her hairdresser…the first since the pandemic started.  File the love affair women have with their stylists under “things a guy never understands”. I offered to cut her hair multiple times but kept getting the same reaction and just gave up.  Heck, I even bought a Flowbee to try on her!  Dang.



Lift off now is Saturday for Space X after weather in Florida cancelled the launch yesterday.  I do like the new spacesuits and the “touch” screen monitor in the capsule that sits on top of that rocket.  Here’s hoping things go smoothly with our return to space on Saturday



The stock market went two days in a row gaining 500 points or more and is back to 25,000 for the first time since March.  Investors apparently are feeling good about the company opening back up and the country going to work again. Some company stocks have gone up during the Pandemic.  If you own Zoom stock you’ve done well.  And now Papa John’s has announced record sales making their stock jump too.  Lot of pizza being consumed while folks have been on Zoom meetings.



Disney World announced they will re-open the Happiest Place On Earth in mid-July.  Don’t forget your Goofy mask and Mickey hand sanitizer.  Wonder if all those dolls on the “It’s A Small World” ride will be wearing masks? 


And how can you not LOVE the 103 year old woman near Boston who just recovered from the virus and celebrated that with the Doctor’s and nurses by cracking open a Bud?  Probably the best beer of her life.  Yep…Budweiser should revive their old commercials and salute this woman with “This Bud’s For You”.


And then there’s the woman in the Ukraine who showed up at the local post office wearing her panties over her face as a mask.  Hopefully she chose a full size panty and not a thong to be safe.


Couple of CEO’s in Vegas REALLY want to jumpstart the economy out there in the desert.  So much so that they’re offering free flights to Vegas just to get tourists and gamblers back out there and sitting at the tables.  Lots of good travel bargains for those willing to go right now.



Amazon Prime is now offering up “wedgie free” underwear for sale.  I don’t know what kind of material insures that you go wedgie free…but that’s what they’re claiming.  It would have been fun to see this pitch on Shark Tank.



Phil Mickelson wants “The Match” to happen every year with other celebrities.  He, Tiger Wood, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning broke some cable records for golf viewing with the first “Suck On It Chuck” match last weekend.  So fun to watch, and one would think it’s a no brainer to make that an annual event.  Phil thinks Michael Jordan and Stephon Curry would make great playing partners next time around.  I agree.  Just make sure you sign up Charles Barkley for the next one too.


And if you don't know how funny Charles can be?  Watch some of these MOMENTS.



I see that Jimmy Buffett has a new album “Life On The Flip Side” that will be out in a couple of days.  I’ll be buying that CD on Amazon Prime and not buying the wedgie free underwear.  Hard not to be in a good mood listening to that kind of music.  The big news is Jimmy announcing he no longer drinks margaritas.  And of course “margarita” and Buffett have gone together for a long time.  If you’re wondering Jimmy’s new drink of choice is Tequila on ice. 


I got hooked on beach music and Buffett a long time ago when a friend loaned me the first three Jimmy albums.  I stayed up all night listening to those three albums and got totally hooked like lots and lots and lots of other folks.  Through the years I’ve been around him a few times, interviewed him on the radio and I’ve seen his concerts “live” a few times too.  The guy has built an empire out of flip-flops, margaritas and beach music.  And think of the money he’s saved by not ever having to buy shoes or long pants!



I’m guessing I’ll actually be writing a “beach” song later this morning with my Missouri friend Becky Denton and her husband Will as Becky has dipped her toes into the beach music world over the past couple of years.  So I’m looking for my flip-flops right now.


Have a great Thursday!



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