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Dancing...Flat Tires and Texas Bound

May 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And Tuesday has started off with a “bang”…literally.



Last night my wife Kathy was in a big dance recital program that she’s been practicing with a group of other dancers for a long while now.  So I went and cheered her on…she was great!  I got to see my wife dance with a pineapple on her head at one point…how many husbands get to say that?  She’s just a really great dancer and it was fun watching her shine on a big stage last night on the campus of MTSU in Murfreesboro.


The night did not end like we wanted as she blew a tire coming home late at night.  She managed to get pulled over at a gas station and found an air pump but as soon as she put air in it she could hear the air flying out of the tire.  So I rushed to join her and then we found out that new cars apparently don’t have a spare tire.  I must be the last to find out as we searched everywhere and none was to be found.  So my early morning started with a tow truck driver who towed the vehicle to a tire place near our house where they will assess the total damage. 



Early this morning before all that at Starbucks I open my e-mail to find my Southwest flight to Texas today was cancelled and I had to rebook a later flight to Odessa Texas where I’ll join my “Evening In The Round” friends Lang Scott, Linda Davis and Riley Jean Scott for the start of our tour out west that begins with a show in Midland-Odessa tomorrow night.  I’ll be in around 10:45 tonight to join them if all goes well the rest of the day.



Yesterday I mentioned how I found the name WHYTE on a wall of heroes in Italy at the American Cemetery outside of Florence.  Today I find out a Whyte Bicycle Company.  Wonder if I get a discount if I order one?



I just found out that the most popular name for baby girls in Tennessee last year was Emma.  Guess what is was for boys?  William.  Uh huh.  I chalk that up to EXTREMELY good taste by new Tennessee parents.



So far this year over 240 guns have been stolen out of cars here in the Rocky Top state.  So if I were you I’d cool my temper if another driver does something stupid you don’t like.  Apparently a Remington is standard equipment on cars here.



That guy on Jeopardy James Holzhauer has now won $2.1 million dollars on that show.  Wow.  I never watch because it reminds me how dumb I am.  I already kind of knew that from playing Trivial Pursuit.  Every time the “Literature” choice came up I knew I was in deep intellectual trouble. 


Now usually I’m pretty fair in the Music and TV categories although I could not answer all of these TV JEOPARDY QUESTIONS.  Scroll through and see if you can answer ANY of these. 



They just sold an original Apple computer that was put in a suitcase by Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak.  It was built in 1976 and he only made about 200 of them.  This is just another reason that some people “hoard” everything and never throw anything away.  That computer just sold for $471,000 at auction. Wow.  I bought an IBM laptop computer back when the Internet was just showing up.  It cost WAY too much money.  In fact today it would probably be selling for a tenth of what I paid for that bad boy back then.  And now I kind of wished I would have kept it just in case it shoots up in value.



One of my favorite books ever is the book on Steve Jobs of Apple.  Eye opening to say the least.  And the movie isn’t bad either.  I could not put down that book.



Now you can take care of your funeral services online.  Yep.  Choose cremation or burial and pay for the whole thing online.  I’m having them Uber me to the gravesite.  Guess I’ll need to tip before I go.



Alright…time to finish packing for the flight to Texas.  Tomorrow morning’s blog coming at ya from Midland.


Have a great Tuesday!




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