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More Online Writing...The Canyon...Free Doughnuts

May 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday morning in Nashville where “live” music is starting to be heard again.



My writing appointment online was with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti fresh off of her American Idol experience this year.  Wil was writing at his little Nance farm near me, Lauren at her home and me at mine.  Lauren, besides being one of the most gifted young “country” female singers I know in this town is also a nurse.  So she can’t write face to face with anyone for a while because she’s in a Covid environment all the time.  Got to admire her dedication for sure.


While we were knee deep writing a new fun up-tempo song Wil got a call from his publishing company telling him that he will get the first single off the new Mo Pitney album coming out soon. That kind of call will make your day.  If you’re not familiar with Mo yet check his music out.  I’m a big fan because not only is he such a great young “country” singer and writer…and player…but he’s also down to earth humble.  Wil and I have written with him once and that was such a treat.  The first single that Wil helped write is titled “Local Honey” that Mo’s Mom suggested that he write.  He did, with Wil and the two of them gave Mom a co-writing credit on the tune.  Here’s a “live” version of “Local Honey”…check it out.  Congrats to Wil…and Mo.



The Grand Canyon is going to welcome back tourists in a limited fashion for a while.  Easily one of my favorite sites to see in America.  Every time I’ve peeked over that big ole ditch it feels like I get swept up in a watercolor painting.  FYI…and if you’ve ever been you’ve probably noticed a lot of folks with paintbrush and easel painting away.


The Grand Canyon Railway I’ve had the pleasure of singing on a couple of times is still closed.  Pretty tight quarters there so it’s going to be awhile before folks can enjoy the experience of riding that grand train from Williams, AZ to the South Rim and back daily.  Certainly I’m hoping to be able to do that again sometime down the calendar road. 


If you’re a fan of the Grand Canyon too…I highly suggest a book my longtime friend Roger Naylor wrote. “The Kolb Brothers” is all about the two brothers who really explored the Canyon for the first time.  The scaled down ropes and did some dangerous things to capture some of the early photographs of the Canyon. Really good read with some incredible photos if you're into that kind of thing.




Google will have a lot of employees working from home from now on.  And the company will give each employee who does so $1,000 to outfit their home offices.  There will be a lot of folks who no longer drive to an office to work in the future.


So the employment rate has nosedived of course and that makes the stock market jump.  How does that happen?  I’m not smart enough to figure that out.  Try and get Jim Cramer or Warren Buffett on the phone.  They might be able to splain that.


It’s a really good time to be selling boats and RV’s as folks are looking for safe ways to have fun.  Sales are through the roof right now…and gas is cheap!  That old joke applies to both boats and RV’s from what I understand. Two happiest days in your life is when you buy a boat or RV and the the day you sell them.


In Hawaii hotel occupancy for the month of April was just 9%.  There still not letting folks fly in to learn to Hula dance during the pandemic.  My wife and I have some good friends who own a Macadamia farm on the big island of Hawaii and they tell us that if they do fly in they have to quarantine for a spell before they would be allowed to drive to their house there.   They’re pretty serious about the lock down on the islands.


And in Germany a Burger King or two is giving customers GIGANTIC crowns to wear so that they can social distance while chomping down on their Whoppers.   I think they have beer mugs over there that big too.



Alan Jackson just announced he will play two concerts at small drive in theaters in Alabama.  One in Culman, and the second one in Fairhope.  Fairhope is a beautiful community near Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Musicians want to play “live” music and those old drive in theaters are being used for a lot of those right now.  That would not be a bad vacation run.  Find a secluded part of the white sand in Gulf Shores for a few days then drive over in your car to hear Alan Jackson.



Kylie Jenner took a picture of herself wearing a pair of $15,000 jeans in quarantine.  15 grand for denim.  She’s worth over a billion dollars in her early 20’s so I’m thinking she probably doesn’t bother to look at the price tag.  Without checking, I’d bet the company that designed them let her have them for free just to take advantage of the publicity her wearing them gives them.  I should have practiced being a supermodel instead of a guitar player when I was growing up.



How bout this. Kripsy Kreme has decided to extend National Doughnut Day and make it a week long thing from June 1 to June 5.  And during that period of time you can get a free dang doughnut.  I’ll be looking for a green light to be on and hit the drive thru.  Doughnuts and Free.  That’s a good combo.



I have no idea if we’ll see baseball this year.  More bad signs here.  The Oakland A’s just announced they will furlough all their scouts for now and they will end all pay for minor league baseball players.  So, you’re likely to see some new very fit employees in orange aprons working at Home Depot in the near future.



Did you know Paul McCartney can go “bluegrass”?  Me neither.  But apparently he did that playing around with the Beatle’s classic “Can’t Buy Me Love”.  Check out this version of the song.



No writing appointments today and my hope was to chase a little white golf ball around for a few holes.  But, looking outside my blogging window it looks like more rain is coming.  Sigh.  I am going to take some time to record a couple of new songs to upload on my You Tube Channel so look for those.  And when you watch them, if you’ve not already do hit the “subscribe” button and “notifications” which will tip you off when a new video is available to see and hear. 


Have a great Wednesday!






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