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Memorial Day...El Paso City and Mo Mo Lives

May 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And today most of us get an extra day off!  Does is seem like Sunday to anyone else?



Certainly I’m thinking about those who have truly given all so that the rest of us can enjoy our freedom over this long holiday weekend.  I have such an appreciation for the men and women who serve and a lot of those are friends and family members. 


Recently my wife Kathy and myself were in Italy for a tour that I was on with Brent Burns and a group of Parrot Head fans.  Beautiful to say the least.  Despite the incredible architecture food wine history and eye popping scenery we saw everywhere…my favorite memory came when our bus made an unexpected stop at the American Cemetery outside of Florence.  The white gravestones spread out over acres of green grass.  Beneath each stone was an American Soldier who did not make it home from World War II.  The Italians have pristinely maintained this sacred place and it was inspiring.  On a wall of names we found a WHYTE.  That will give you pause.  May we never forget the sacrifices made for our freedom.



I caught a couple baseball games, watched a really exciting Indianapolis 500 and then some of my time was spent doing a little packing for a long “Evening In The Round Road” trip for Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me that will have us in six different theaters over a long 12 day road trip.  I catch a bird tomorrow in Nashville to join them in Midland-Odessa, Texas tomorrow night.  Our first show of the run is there in Midland at the beautiful Wagner-Noel Theater.  Going to be fun.


And I also got out this past Friday night I went out and saw Shawn Camp and his fiancee’ Lauren Mascitti play for a couple of hours at 3rd & Lindsley.  Awesome band that included some of the best pickers in town.  When Lauren got up to sing she chose a song that she, Wil Nance and I wrote that’s going on her album that she’s working on now.  And here’s a little sneak preview of her and our SONG.  Really fun to see her sing this “live”. 



I gave Lauren a hug before the show and visited with her Nana who raised Lauren and moved here with her so Lauren can chase her dream.  Great lady.  And seated with them was an older gentleman who knew me.  It turned out to be the husband of Peggy Bradley who passed away a few years ago.  Before she passed Peggy handled some of my song catalog.  Turns out that Peggy’s husband was a studio engineer for a long long time. 


He told me he heard me talking about Grady Martin playing a nylon string guitar on El Paso and El Paso City.  Turns out I was wrong…and he would know.  He engineered those songs and it was a unique guitar I had never heard of before.  I stand corrected.  It’s just another reason I love this town.  You get to hear stories like that all the time.



Someone posted a needle dropping on my first record on their Facebook Page this weekend. Guess what record was playing?  “Mo Mo The Missouri Monster”.  My first Nashville recording ever that I’ve talked about here before.  It just will NOT die.  The monster still lives in the Show Me State I suppose.  It certainly made me smile when I saw that.



Okay…admittedly I do like a cold beer every now and then.  Especially when the temps are in the 90’s like they are now.  But…I don’t ever see myself drinking at the Coach and Horses Pub in London where folks drink naked.  Yep.  It’s a thing I guess.


Reading that makes me feel really good about the new song I wrote with Brent Burns on the beach a few weeks ago titled, “Exercise Makes You Look Good Naked But So Does Beer”.  I’ve got to figure away to get it on the jukebox in that London Pub.



Okay…if I had money to blow I’d do this.  Get on board a two man Uber Ride Share Submarine that one can take out over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  It cost $2,000 per driver to take one out.  How cool would that be?



And now they say that pizza is actually a healthier choice for breakfast over cereal.  Cool.  Wonder how a meat-lovers will taste in milk?



Anyone for chocolate gravy?  I had no idea it existed. Remember to ask for the DARK chocolate gravy because it’s SO much healthier for you.



A new study suggests that those who use marijuana have a better chance of surviving a heart attack.  I think those who partake are so mellow that the odds of them even having a heart attack from any stress is minimal.  I don’t know.  Next time I talk to Willie I’ll get his theory on this.



I’m off to watch my wife dance today…and she can dance.  She’s in a big production today that’s the end result of many dance sessions she’s been attending over the last several months.  Four numbers she’ll be tapping to today at MTSU’s theater on campus.  So for a change I’ll be rooting her on while she’s on stage!  I’ll be the one whistling out in the crowd.


Have a great Memorial Day!

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