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Memorial Day Weekend...Shrimp Boil...Go To Hawaii

May 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s Tuesday…and we’re starting the last week of May 2020…already.



It was pretty quiet here yesterday.  Another storm moved through late afternoon with some loud thunder and lightning.  We’ve surely had our share of that this year. And last night Nashville started playing “live” music again in a lot of venues.  Only two musicians are allowed on a stage right now with limited customers and the venue must have a menu.  But, it’s a start and in Music City…we’ll take it.  Two of my favorite co-writers Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard invited me to come see the two of them play “live” for the first time last night since the quarantine has started. They were playing at a place called "The Local" that's back open for business. Though I could not make it last night it was really great knowing they were back on stage again.  And the three of us have scheduled our first sit down face to face songwriting session coming up in a few weeks.  Coming out of our shells little by little.


This is a VIDEO of Jenny and Dave singing with a full band at "The Local" before the virus hit knocking out a little Texas song the three of us wrote that will show up on her next album...I think.



My wife got creative last night and created a shrimp boil in our kitchen.  Shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn.  Pretty much like they do it on the beaches.  All we needed was a water view outside our window to make it totally realistic.  In October…with any luck…the “Blast On The Bay Songwriters” festival will be held once again and that always kicks off with a huge shrimp boil for everyone.  Peeling shrimp at my own kitchen table certainly made me think of that last night.





MSN printed a list of “peak dates” for the virus state by state.  Our peak date in Tennessee was actually several weeks ago…hence the phasing back to some kind of normalcy that’s going on here right now.  Here’s the article so that you can check out your state if you’d like


Another sign of recovery is the price of gas is starting to sneak north with an average nationwide price of around $1.96 I think I heard them say.  This Memorial Day weekend that just concluded?  Cheapest gas in more than 20 years for that holiday period.


Back home in Missouri health officials are now asking all those folks who ignored social distancing in the pools and water at Osage Beach to self-quarantine for two weeks.  Good luck with that.  If they can ignore a huge sign over the pool asking them to self-distance?  Doubt that many will self-quarantine for two weeks.  And so it goes.



The Airforce has now dropped its requirement that one must be 5 foot 4 to join. So, start tailoring some shorter uniforms.  The new rule will certainly help more women serve in the Air Force now if they’d like too.  Our son in law’s daughter recently graduated boot camp in the AF and she’s petite for sure so I kind of think they may have already been relaxing that rule before they made it official.



That match play game with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady?  It was the most watched golf event in cable history!  It was truly fun to watch and it was a welcome TV relief to see a “live” sporting event again.  The golf was great, but it was the “back and forth” trash talk and fun between the four and the on air commentators that really put it over the top.  Good idea…and charity benefited making it an even greater idea.



Someone has offered Mike Tyson 20 million dollars to get into a bareknuckle fight.  Even at the age he is now he still packs a scary punch.  So what are they going to give the guy who’s willing to crawl into the ring with him?



I’m not sure why some choreographer doesn’t go viral with a “squirrel” dance.  Every time I drive down our little two-lane road I get to see the squirrel dance.  Middle of the road.  Left…right…left…left…jump…before they get hit…which is rare.



Now…Too Slim of the “Riders In The Sky” does have a rabbit dance so maybe he owns the rights.  I’ll have to check.  (Can you tell I’ve been quarantined a tad too long?)



“Two Brothers Let Black Widow Spider Bite Them In Hopes Of Turning Into Spiderman”.  Uh huh.  Wonder how many kids back in the day jumped into a phone booth hoping to change into Superman?



Back to writing online with Wil Nance and one of the American Idol stars this year Lauren Mascitti.  Wil has actually built a writing cabin on his property but we’re still a few weeks away from writing in person so today’s it’s on the computer. 


Wil is a writer on this truly great song that could be a single later this year “Hawaii On Me” that he wrote with Chris Janson and his wife.  The song is on the current Chris Janson album and you actually get to hear their kids singing at the end of the song.  Would not surprise me if Wil doesn’t have another really big hit on his hand.


And it will surely be fun hearing some of Lauren’s American Idol stories today too.


Have a great Tuesday!



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