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Gonna Sing Gonna Shout..."The Match"...Memorial Day

May 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Memorial Day!  Here’s to the all the men and women who have served and sacrificed so that the rest of us can celebrate this holiday freely.  Thank you.



Mine started Friday morning when I wrote for the first time with Rick Lang who’s had a lot of success in the gospel and bluegrass world.  I got to know a lot more about him talking to him on the computer Friday morning.  The things you learn. Rick lives in New Hampshire about an hour north of Boston.  He and his wife have an extremely successful hardwood business Highland Hardwoods that caters to custom builders. They’ve been in business over 30 years now and counting.  Rick has always loved music and so he writes songs when he can because he loves it.  And last year he wrote a bunch of gospel grass songs that went on an album that got two Grammy nominations “Gonna Sing Gonna Shout”.  Every song was sung by a different artist, which made it really appealing to those who love that kind of music.


He’s working towards the next album, a spin off if you will of “Sing and Shout” so we wrote a gospel grass song that came from four lines of an idea Rick e-mailed me.  It fell together pretty quickly.  I fact, I think we visited online longer than we spent writing the song.  It was a pleasure…and we’ll do it again.



“The Match” golf pairing of Tiger Woods with Peyton Manning taking on Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady was SO much fun to watch.  Trash talking, a close match up, and Charles Barkley adding color commentary was a welcome sports diversion.  And this SHOT made after Barkley was trashing Tom Brady’s game (which wasn’t good for the first several holes) is just so funny watch and listen to.  “Suck this Chuck” may become a meme after Brady shouted that back to Charles on national TV.  They need to air more of this kind of stuff right now with all the major sports missing. 


And apparently at ESPN they are announcing that it will be Tom Brady who gets the next “Last Dance” Michael Jordan treatment.  That should be fun to watch too.



We live just off a big lake here in Nashville and it was impossible not to see a bunch of boats out on the water.  Hard to tell there’s any kind of quarantine.  Parks were full; I tried to get in a round of golf early this past Saturday morning and gave up because the course was packed.  We are indeed venturing out in bigger numbers.


And across the country you could see the large crowd gathering without a lot of social distancing in some places.  Lake of the Ozarks got a lot of attention in the news with shots of really big crowds in the bars, on the water without many signs of the 6-foot rule.  For those that have not been, the Lake of the Ozarks in my home state of Missouri has always been a gathering place whether it’s down in the Branson area or Osage Beach where I spent a summer when I was young playing music to the folks who came there to vacation and party.  This might be the most attention the place has ever had…and not for the right reasons.  Just more proof that Americans are really tired of being cooped up.



I was really surprised to see on our local news that Lower Broadway is going to have “live” music again starting today.  In Nashville the Mayor announced four stages of re-opening.  Music was to be in the last phase…phase 4.  But that got moved up.  There are different rules.  Only two musicians can be on a stage to start and they will practice social distance.  I’m betting some of the bouncers will be checking temperatures and looking for folks to wear masks…but we’ll see how that goes.  It’s encouraging to hear and lots of folks will be watching to see the results.


Officials are also telling us that pollution is down…a positive side effect from the virus with a lot less driving going on right now.  Hard to find “positive” right now so we’ll take it.


Meanwhile cannabis stock is jumping on news that weed is good for combating Covid.  A Canadian scientist thinks it could reduce virus entry points by as much as 70%.  Those folks that opened up legal weed shops early are going to be really busy. 


And stocks in bicycle shops should be shooting higher too as many of those shops are saying they can’t keep up with demand right now because of folks wanting to get outside and get a little exercise. 



I had to share this.  When the toilet paper hoarding started my wife tried to order some online.  It never came, never came, and never came.  It came yesterday…little bitty rolls.  In fact, I don’t think I knew they made toilet paper rolls that small.  It only took over two months or so for it to arrive.  And of course by now you can get TP pretty easily again.  Timing is everything.



Now they’re telling us that millions of noisy cicadas may re-surface again this year…especially in parts of the south.  Of course.  Might as well pile one more thing into the year 2020 that many will not regret forgetting when it’s over.  Nothing like walking down your driveway to the sound of “crunch crunch crunch” underneath your feet.



Texas just had a bout with a hailstorm.  Some of the hail was GRAPEFRUIT size!  Good grief.  That happened in the town of Burkburnett, Texas.  And I’ve actually been to Burkburnette.  My late Uncle Alan Milner was stationed at the Airforce base there and I went on a trip with a couple of my Aunts to see him.  We stayed a couple of days, and he took me to the base and showed me the helicopters he works on.  At one point when I was young I thought I wanted to join the Air Force…maybe learn to fly.  He picked up on that I think so we had a little bond that way.  The thing I remember the most was that he and his wife took us to a Mexican Restaurant one night.  It was the first time I had Mexican food.  On the table was a bottle of jalapeno peppers.  I was clueless…I had no idea how HOT they were and my Uncle got me to touch my tongue to one he pulled out of the jar.  I’m pretty sure I cursed in Spanish and drank a gallon of water.  I’ve not ever been tempted to eat one of those bad boys since.



The folks who own the baseball stadium that is the home of the Blue Wahoos…a Double A team down in Pensacola have no games going on like all of baseball.  That also means the stadium is sitting empty.  This one is beautiful as it sits right on the water.  You can see the Gulf over the Centerfield wall.  I’ve been a couple of times and it’s worth a trip just to sit in the stands and see that view.  Now they’ve decided to list it with Airbnb.  You can rent out the stadium for $1,500 for the night. 10 folks and you’ve got the run of the place.  Heck, you can go down on the field and take batting practice.  So if I have a friend who’s going to do this and has room for one more?  Holler at me.  I’ll start corking my bat.



Quiet.  It’s Memorial Day and already at 7:15 AM Nashville time as I’m finishing today’s blogs I can hear the boats on Old Hickory Lake outside my window.  The grills will be firing up, folks will be jumping in pools and hopefully we’ll all take a moment to remember what Memorial Day is truly about.


Have a great Monday!








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