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Great Show Last Night...Dr. Beach...Memorial Day Weekend

May 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Fire up the grills and go buy a mattress.  It’s Memorial Day weekend.



My songwriting appointment was with my friends Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard and we tackled a fun idea I had for Jenny.  We did not get it finished and part of that was because about the time we sat down to write Jenny got some news about Rolling Stone Country releasing her new video of “High Class White Trash” that came with a TERRIFIC review of her upcoming album.  The article also did a great job of capturing who my friend really is.  Click on the link to read the interview and see her new video release.  Happy for my friend, and we’ll finish our idea at a later date.



Jenny came out to hear me and Jimmy Fortune and Steve Dean last night at the Listening Room for our songwriter’s round.  Gosh…we had a GREAT crowd.  A busload of tourists got off a bus from Chicago and came in and caught our show and I had a lot of co-writers and friends who came out.  Irene Kelley, Dick Hardwick (comedian who’s on the Grand Ole Opry tonight) and the folks from my publishing company “Billy Blue Publishing” Joe Dan Cornett and Rick Shelton were in the house too seeing what I do on stage for the first time.  And it certainly was a great musical treat having Jimmy on stage with Steve and me as he took the place of our “Hits & Grins” partner Victoria Venier.  Jimmy pretty much brought the house down a couple of times with his pure high notes.  What a pleasure.


My thanks to all of you who came out!



I’ve blogged here numerous times about how Nashville is growing and growing.  I think every citizen here now owns a crane.  There seem to be that many downtown.  Another new high-rise hotel is going up and they can’t seem to build them fast enough.  And this is really something.  The NFL Draft was held here a few weeks ago and a mammoth crowd showed up.  The spent $133 MILLION dollars while they were here in town to watch football players being chosen for the NFL.  Wow.  The nearest to that figure was when the Draft was held in Dallas and made what seemed like an unreal sum of $74 million.  We almost doubled that in Twang Town.  And CMA Fest is coming up in a few weeks.


I need to learn how to fly and then buy a chopper to get around the traffic.



More of us now have our dinner on the couch that at a kitchen table.  Yep.  That’s where my big screen TV is.  I grew up in a family of 7 at a time when every meal was around the kitchen table with Mom and Dad.  We’re at the point where you only see that now in a Norman Rockwell painting.



Chick N’ Skin sells just the skin from a fried chicken.  I must admit…my favorite part.  And of course it’s unhealthy.  I’m in for this if they ever get one near me.  And if they can then open a store that sells just the last bite from a cake ice cream cone…I’ll know where to go to pick up dessert after the Chick N’ Skin.



Yes.  There is a guy who calls himself Dr. Beach.  He makes his living by scouting out and then writing about his “best beaches”.  What a job!  He just released his best beach for 2019  It’s Kailua Beach Park in Oahu, Hawaii.  And now you know where to take your flip-flops to.



“Man Reports Weird And Creepy Break In:  Nothing Taken, House Cleaned”.  Wow.  My wife now wants to remove all the locks and security devices from our home.  Come on in!



Well…it’s Memorial Day weekend.  Let us not forget the sacrifices that have been made for us to enjoy this long weekend.  I so appreciate everyone who has served and those families who have lost loved ones.  We appreciate you.  Salute.


I’ll certainly catch some of the Indy 500 this weekend too…the only time anyone watches Indy car racing.  I’ve seen it “live” a few times, covered it on the radio a couple of times when I worked in Indy on the radio.  A fun experience, and if you’re a sports fan it should be something you do at least once.  If you go…tour the museum inside the track and take a lap around the track that they provide for a fee.  And if you’re a golfer?  They actually have a golf course that’s terrific with a few holes that run right along the track.


Have a great long weekend!


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