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Pepperoni Baseball...Bare Yoga...Show Tonight

May 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning in Music City and we’re up in the 90’s again today. 



Wednesday started with a songwriting session with Nathan Woodard and Devin McGlamery at my Publishing Company’s office and of all things we found ourselves writing a beach song yesterday over a melodic groove that Nathan started on guitar.  I’m always pleasantly surprised when nobody has a good title idea and then someone grabs a guitar or starts playing piano and words somehow started falling out over that melody structure.  And I’m not sure how I’ve wound up writing so many beach songs but I have and those are always fun to write.


My Missouri friend Becky Denton has a song out right now titled “Take Me Back To Tybee” that I wrote with her and her husband Will that is currently sitting at #18  on one of the Trop Rock Radio stations so that’s kind of cool…and I know Becky is tickled.


So…I never complain if someone wants to write beach music.



A little baseball.  A perfect evening for it in Nashville.  And the best part?  When I left the park after our team got blown out…they were passing out free pepperoni.  Who gives free pepperoni at a ballpark?!  Just another reason one has to love minor league baseball.



I saw my home state got hit with an awful tornado yesterday.  The State Capitol got hit the worse in Jefferson City.  A way of life in the Midwest unfortunately.  Never good when they use the word “devastating” in front of the word “tornado”.  Gosh. 



So they say (whomever “they” are) that SMARTER people listen to “instrumental music”.  This orchestra or jazz.  That leaves me in the lower IQ pile I guess.  However there are exceptions.  I can listen to this guy Tommy Emmauel play guitar all day.  And especially after he just contributed his gigantic talent to a song I helped write.  Hmmm….maybe I’m smart after all.



Check out this BAD BOY.  The Hard Rock has a new hotel in Florida that looks like a guitar.  Going to be a job changing broken strings I’m betting.



The artist “Halsey” just paid a speeding ticket for a fan.  The fan said she was speeding because she had “Halsey” on in her car and without knowing she was speeding.  It cost her $250 bucks.  That’s when Halsey found out and paid the speeding ticket.  Pretty cool.


The right kind of music?  I’m doing the same.  Crank up “Born To Be Wild” and pretty soon your 20 mph over the limit.  This is why I listen to nothing but sappy ballads when I’m driving in the car. 


I do remember once flying through the state of Utah on my motorcycle when a cop pulled me over for speeding.  Guilty.  The scenery was terrific, I had my feet up on the pegs leaning back and was oblivious that I was going that fast.  The cop walked up and said, “beautiful country isn’t it”?  I said yes sir and handed him my license.  He handed it back and said, “I’ve got a bike too son.  Back off your speed a little”.  And he let me out of that ticket.  Thank you officer!



The West is gorgeous.  Love that part of our country.  Love the south too.  Maybe that’s why I spend so much time there…but I’m not the only one.  New stats show that more and more people are moving to those two regions of the country moving out of northern and eastern locations.  I get that.  Ya just feel better when you live in sunshine or gorgeous scenery.  As my longtime friend once told me when he moved from Cincinnati to Arizona, “it’s not the snow or cold…it’s the gray”.  Yep.  And I’m certainly looking forward to my “western” trip that starts next week with my “Evening In The Round” trio.  This year we’ll get to see New Mexico and Montana both and that will not be a bad thing.  Take a look at this place we're playing this year in Livingston, Montana.  Wow. 



Man there are lots of ways to yoga.  Goat yoga, hot yoga, and now “naked” yoga.  So of the three I’m guessing which one you don’t want to see me do…right?  Thank you.



Actress Elle Fanning wore a dress SO dang tight at the Cannes Film Festival that she fainted.  Have I ever mentioned that I’m glad I’m a guy?  My friend Brent Burns and I captured that thought in this funny song “Cause I’m A Guy”.



I just read a movie review on “Rocketman” the movie about Elton John that’s in theaters this Memorial Day weekend.  This noted reviewer claims it’s better than “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  Okay then.  I’ll be buying a ticket for that. 



Busy Thursday starts with a writing appointment with Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman.  Jenny’s new CD is out in a few days with a big “Release Party” that I’ll be at to celebrate with them.  So it will be fun to hear more about that and rhyme something together today.


Then tonight I’m on stage at 6 pm at the Listening Room with my buddy Steve Dean and Jimmy Fortune who was once the high tenor singer for the Statler Brothers.  This will be great fun tonight.  Come out if you’re in town…you’ll enjoy this I promise.


Have a great Thursday!



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