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Trop Rock News...Muppet Reboot...Memorial Day Weekend

May 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday…headed for Memorial Day weekend.  Fire up the grills.



We’re getting a lot of rain right now…some heavy rain slated today and we had a dose of it yesterday.  So it was kind of a gray feeling mood when Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur joined me to write a new together online.  These days I find the folks I write with want to catch up, talk and share how they’re feeling and what their takes are on the virus.  Some of them are eating in restaurants now as Gerald confided in us yesterday.  I’ve not done that yet.  Drive-thru only for Janelle and me.  Sometimes the conversation is more interesting or as interesting as the songs we’re writing these days.  Fortunately Janelle had a great melody for a song she shared with us and we crafted some words to toss over that melody.  So it was like getting a news update and a new song all in one three hour writing slot yesterday.



My Trop Rock friends, those wearing shorts and sandals are busier than most musicians I know of.  That’s largely because they can play on decks, outdoors, often times looking at the water.  It’s almost tempting to take up temporary residence in one of those places just to be able to play a little “live” music.  Even with that though comes sad news that the biggest event of the year for Trop Rockers in Key West has been cancelled.  The Meeting Of The Minds, a multiple day event that’s held every November that draws the entire Trop Rock World will not happen for the first time ever. 


With all of that in mind the booking agency that takes care of road gigs for my “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier just released this VIDEO that features a lot of the management team and the artists they book encouraging the those venues and folks who book “live” entertainment to hang in there with us.  I was happy to participate in that.



Good time to be a Drive In Theater owner.  Everything old is new again.  With not indoor theaters open for movies those old outdoor theaters have become a hot ticket item again with many of them selling out for every movie they throw up on the outdoor big screen.  Really hot in New York and Jersey according to reports.  Will we see new one’s being built?


One report is suggesting that cannabis MAY help treat Covid-19.  I’m guessing Willie Nelson is smiling at that and no longer wearing a mask.


Facebook is now saying they expect half of their employees to work remotely over the next 5-10 years.  Offices are going to have tumbleweed blowing down the hallways.



It’s been an interesting spring in Nashville with lots of rain, a tornado, a straight wind rare thing that was worse than a tornado and for the most part no really hot temperatures.  Right on cue though it looks like we’ll hit 90 over the Memorial Day weekend straight ahead.  Climate change is really startling in Antarctica where more and more green ice is showing up because of all the early blooming algae.  Hey, it ain’t easy being green.



The Muppet Show is going to reboot on Disney + later this year.  Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and my favorites…the Two Old Geezers are off the unemployment line.  In the new episodes maybe I’ll be able to finally figure out what the Swedish Chef is saying.  Funny show.



Yep, makes ya feel a little old when you realize that the first Harry Potter book came out over 20 years ago.  Our daughter was young and totally into it so like a lot of parents we bought all the books, saw all the movies.  My wife and I on our own stopped at Universal Studios in Orlando to check out the new Harry Potter section and I give that experience two thumbs up.  Try the butter beer for sure…and the main attraction ride is really terrific stuff.  I did pass on buying a wand though.



The Indy 500 that normally runs this weekend is postponed to August because of Covid-19.  That will be weird to not see that on the TV this weekend.  Working radio in Indy for a couple of years gave me the chance to see the race a couple of times and interview a lot of the drivers.  The city has a huge 500 parade that snakes through downtown that I was also a part of and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of that great race.  Heck, I even got to ride in the back of an Indy car once taking a couple of hot laps at the track in northern Kentucky.  Best thrill ride ever.  Gonna miss that tradition this weekend.


There will be a cool golf thing on TV with Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods pairing up with NFL greats Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as their playing partners. With their mics on?  There should be some interesting back and forth and trash-talking going on.  I’m there for that.




I’m writing with Rick Lang for the first time today.  Rick has an impressive string of bluegrass, southern gospel and even jazz songs that have been recorded by artists over the last many years.  His CD “Gonna Sing Gonna Shout” received two Grammy nominations last year and that album features a string of great artists like “The Whites” & “Marty Raybon” singing Rick’s songs.  So I’m looking to getting to know him better today as well as getting to create something with him.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend!



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