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Millennial Songwriting...Facebook Live Show Rewind...Backyard Chickens

May 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

90 degree day in Music City.  And folks who have allergy problems?  They be doing a lot of sneezing right now.



Tuesday was an absolute blur of activity that started with a great co-write with former American Idol star Janelle Arthur.  (click on that link to see her AI audition).  Janelle invited a talented friend of hers Jordan Rainer and boy am I glad she did.  Jordan is a young talented singer-writer AND a heck of a guitar player.  The three of us gathered at Janelle’s place out in the country where she and her husband own quite a few acres and we wrote in their old farm house that Janelle has been updating that was so pretty.  Sun was streaming through the windows and it reminded me of the houses and farmland I grew up in back in Missouri. 


Fortunately I had an idea that we all loved and then I listened and watched these two young girls go to work and put it in a very “contemporary” pop kind of groove that was absolutely contagious.  I love writing with young talented folks like these two and shaping songs with younger minds.  It was great fun and it won’t be the last time we write for sure.



And then it was off for Music Row where I stopped at a club called “The Local” where my friend Jenny Tolman was doing a set along with her boyfriend-producer Dave Brainard and a full band that includes Alex Connerly who I write with some.  Alex is also a member of a very talented group “The Barefoot Movement” and he had is wife with him and their first young child a daughter.  So it was great seeing them and getting to hear Jenny sing songs from her first album including this ONE.  I’m a big fan and I’m certainly rooting for her success.



I did another “Live” Facebook show on “Songwriter’s Pickin’ Corner” hosted by my good friend Rick Tiger.  I think somewhere near 3,000 of you tuned in to hear some stories and songs from the two of us.  Rick at my request did a song the two of us wrote titled “Pearly Gates” that I love which talks about how the two of us relate to our families.


The chorus goes:


I’m just like my Father, look just like my Mother

Love just like my sisters got the strength of my brothers

And they all live within me and will be with me with every step I take

When I’m walking through your Pearly Gates


Rick had half written that song and invited me to finish it.  At first I didn’t want to because I thought the song was too personal to him about his family.  But on his insistence I jumped in and wrote a lot of the last verse and helped tweak the chorus line.  Only later did I realize the song related to me and my family too. 


It was great hearing him sing that last night.  If you want to hear it…and our stories and other songs just CLICK HERE to listen and watch.  Thank you Rick for having me as your guest last night.



So…Nashville has scooters.  LOTS of scooters.  You rent them and leave them then someone else picks it up and rents it again.  If you drive downtown you’d better be looking for them like one looks for deer out on the country roads.  One darted in front of a car the other day and the person riding it got killed.  Now there’s talk of banning them.  What seemed like a good idea…maybe not so much.  It starting to look like those traffic scenes one sees in Vietnam on “The Amazing Race” TV show.



So I spotted an article today “What Is A Bidet”?  I know what it is so I didn’t have to read the article.  I know what it is because there’s one in my house.  And for the record…I’ve never turned it on once nor has my wife.  I just don’t think there’s a need to have water blast me down south.  I could be wrong…but for now…I’m sticking with Charmin.  Just thought you should know.



Dunkin Donut is offering up a “Salted Egg Donut”.  I’m not sure exactly what that will taste like…but I’m willing to try that.  I like eggs, love donuts and shouldn’t have salt BUT…I think I’ll risk a bite of that bad boy.



Backyard chickens have become a big thing down here.  Everybody is buying coops and chickens and sticking them in their backyards.  Now…a bunch of folks who own those are reporting salmonella because of contact with chickens and several have been hospitalized.  So it will be interesting to see what happens now and a list of things and suggestions are coming out as to “what not to do” if you own chickens.


I grew up with those cluckers.  We needed the eggs.  I always made sure the hen was off the nest before trying to grab her eggs for breakfast.  To show you how things change…back then I don’t ever remember hearing the word salmonella.  Nope.  All I heard was, “fried or scrambled”?



So…Millennials have their own language.  I believe this is because they don’t want their parents to know what they’re talking about.  Kind of like Code.


Hundo P means “Hundred percent”. 


Dipset means to “bail on someone”.


V mean “very”


And JK means “just kidding”. 


Wonder if that means “Far Out” is old now?



I’m off to write at my publishing company with a couple of young talented writers.  And I’m “V” excited to be doing so. 


And don’t forget that tomorrow night I’ll be at the “Listening Room Café” in Nashville for a 6 pm songwriter show with Steve Dean and Jimmy Fortune which should really be great.  I know for sure we have several friends and music folks that will be showing up so there’s no telling who might jump on stage with us before we’re done.  Hope to see you there.


Have a great Wednesday!







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