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May 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A little before 6 AM on wedding day here in Ireland.  Midnight back home in Nashville.



We made the two hour trip once more up to the coast of Northern Ireland to the spot where Heather and Casey will be married at 3:30 pm Irish time today to meet with the videographer and walk through the steps we will retrace later today. 


Yesterday’s weather was like the weather we’ve heard about here…wind…rain…cloudy…but still beautiful in a different kind of way.  The good news is…the forecast calls for clouds and a 55 or so high but no rain for the wedding.  And…Heather tells me clouds have been her wish because that kind of lighting is better for pictures.  I’m sure that’s true…but as I stood in the cold with her yesterday I couldn’t help but think a LITTLE sun and warmth would not have hurt my feelings!






We spent some more quality time with our in-laws to be.  At lunch the girls exchanged a little bling.  My wife Kathy and Heather made sure all the ladies had something to wear on their wrists.






And Casey’s Mom Vanissa gave my wife some pretty earrings.  Casey’s family for the most part live in Minnesota up near where my sister Rita lives.  His Grandfather Tom has worked for a long time in the health care industry and told me he had 4 weddings to take care of.  Wow.  I’m pretty sure if I had 4 weddings to pay for…Heather’s wedding right now might be in front of a PICTURE of Ireland.  <g>






After a final look at the castle and sea we all gathered at the Bayview Hotel…and old hotel with views of the Irish coast and had coffee, Guinness, Tens (a Scottish beer) and coffee and chatted.  And Heather’s maid of honor and her boyfriend joined us too which was great fun.  The maid of honor is a flight attendant for American…and her boyfriend is a drummer.





In Dublin they took a music walking tour of the pubs and he got to play this Irish drum called a Bodhran in a pub with a trio which to me was just way cool and makes me want to sign up for that tour where you get a walking tour of the pubs and an education of Irish music all at the same time.


So we’re having a wedding on the Irish coast…but everyone who made their way over is also getting a great vacation out of it with more to take home than just wedding pictures. 




And I will say…EVERYONE we have encountered here have been SO friendly and helpful.  I’ve fallen in love with the Irish here and the word “lovely” which is used often.



Folks keep asking me at home…and everyone here does too…”why did you choose Ireland”?  It’s always been Heather’s vision to have a destination wedding.  She’s a creative child for sure…she sees things in her head…she hears music in her ears.  Originally she thought France until she spotted this castle in Ireland on the internet.  And that was it.  Once she convinced us it was do-able…we jumped in.  I’ve never been overseas so it’s been quite the adventure…a memorable one to say the least.  And today we’ll put a big stamp on those memories when Heather says “I Do” to Casey.



So…in a couple of hours we’ll make the two hour trip once more up to the wedding location and watch our girl take a big step in her life.  I’m pretty sure some of the pictures will be pretty spectacular and when those get to us…we’ll be sure to post some.






Dad’s love their little girls…they are always always our little girl no matter their age. So when I walk her into the castle grounds today and turn her hand over to Casey…I’ll see a little girl blended into a fine young woman all at the same time. 








I’m lucky to be her Dad.



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