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Texas Dates...Mask-No Mask...Sad Songs & Waltzes

May 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s finally Friday!



I had no songwriting appointment on Wednesday so that left a little time to help my wife stain part of our wood deck that desperately needs it. Painter, I’m not. But, good enough to slather some stain over a bit of bare wood. I remind myself if I get too proficient at being a handyman the projects will never end…and my honey-dang-do list will be as long as the trip is from Nashville to Louisville. So…just a little staining folks.


Some more show dates came rolling in yesterday too as my friend Lang Scott has been working hard to get our “Evening in the Round” show back out on the road again. Looks like we’re going to have a 5-day run or so through Texas with three shows scattered over that period in the month of September. Conroe, Texas is already locked in, look for two other stops on this Texas swing to be added to my calendar on my website soon including one at the Dosey Do in Woodlands, Texas.



To my Australian bluegrass friend Kristy Cox who just signed a deal with Billy Blue Records which is the label associated with my publishing company. Kristy has been very kind and recorded several of my songs over the past few years, one which won the Golden Guitar Award in Australia earlier this year for “Best Bluegrass Recording of the Year” for “Finger Pickin’ Good” featuring another Aussie the incredible Tommy Emmanuel.


So that means Kristy’s new album that she’s recording right now will come out on our Billy Blue label, and the really good news for me is that Kristy is recording 3 maybe 4 more songs that I’m a writer on, one which will pay tribute to the real heroes of the pandemic, our nurses and frontline folks. Excited for that.



The largest recorded iceberg (how big?) one that’s three time bigger than the city of Los Angeles just broke off from Antarctica. Add to that the fact that experts are predicting and UNUSUSALLY destructive hurricane and wildfire season and you can bet that somewhere Al Gore is thinking, “told ya so”.



Not good. A Colorado bus driver slaps a 10-year-old girl in the face for refusing to wear her mask over her nose.


Meanwhile the Governor in wide open Texas is banning schools from requiring students to wear a mask. And there’s both sides of a mask story right there.


Survey says, unvaccinated Americans are less worried about traveling than those who have been already vaccinated.


We had a handyman take a look at some things that need fixing around the Whyte House. Really nice man. During our conversation he told us that the pandemic year was his biggest year ever. He said folks had time to look around and see things that needed attention. Makes sense.



Michelob Ultra is giving away free beer for folks who exercise this summer. You register on the MyCooler app, then you upload your pushups and sit ups and “what ups”…and they send you a gift card to buy a Mich Ultra. I’m already trying to do the math and figure out if I drink a bottle, how many planks will I need to do to overcome the calories in a bottle? 


I’m trying to get my wife to register, send in the video, and since she doesn’t drink beer, I get a freebie…with no sweat. Is that wrong?



That Michelob announcement comes on the heels of a study that says drinking ANY amount of alcohol causes damage to the brain. Hard to argue. I have no other way of explaining how I’m able to write songs like, “Exercise Makes Me Look Good Naked, But So Does Beer”.



Some folks are seeing them already. This morning a headline described them as “Flying Salt Shakers of Death”. I’ve never heard that before, but I’m trying to figure out how to stick that in some song some way.



I hear folks I know complain about the death of real country music. That’s largely true with the younger pop-rap influence we hear on the mainstream country radio stations these days. Things change.


The good news is you can still find young artist who record and love that kind of music as lots of us do. I’m a fan of this guy Cody Johnson. If you want a shot of great traditional country music then check out his new recording of the classic he sings with Willie Nelson that Willie wrote a long time ago, “Sad Songs and Waltzes”. And keep in mind Willie is 88…and still singing great in the studio.



“You May Be Able To Breathe Out Your Butt, And One Day It Could Save Your Life”. Uh huh. I know some folks who TALK out of their butt, but the breathing thing is new to me. And it do make me wonder if you ever would have trouble breathing, where do they place the oxygen mask?



I’m writing for the first time with Natalie Murphy today. I met Natalie a few weeks ago as we were both in a songwriter round that our mutual friend Becky Denton hosted. Natalie plays great fiddle, sings great, and writes. And she’s married to a talented musician who also plays fiddle and sings. So I am looking forward to getting to knowing her better this morning and creating something together that we can use her fiddle skills on.


And then the weekend starts!  Have a great one.







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