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Wisconsin Cancellation....Crickets...#18 Roulette

May 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday and I’m hoping to break out of this little rainy run we’re having.



I got to visit and write with Irene Kelley online and that’s truly a pleasure every time.  Irene was at her kitchen table as always where I could hear her parrot chime in every now and then.  I swear that bird wants to be a writer.  I hated hearing that Irene had a little tour in France coming up for a big festival there. You can guess what happened.  Added to the stack of concert cancellations that continue.  Fun way to spend three hours yesterday and we did add a bluegrass song we can pitch to a lot of “grass” artists to our growing catalog.



And I did have yet another concert date cancel yesterday.  Our “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself that was scheduled for Friday June 26 has been cancelled for a second time now because of the pandemic.  We’re thinking it may reschedule yet again, but not until 2021.  I’ll let you know.  With Lady A, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift and so many other major artists cancelling their entire year it just doesn’t look good for almost anyone playing music right now as far as being able to hold dates.



My friend Dan Modlin who’s a great songwriter singer in Bowling Green, Kentucky just posted this video of me singing “Crickets” a song I co-wrote with Brent Baxter and Lisa Shaffer that was a title track on a Joe Nichols CD.  This was shot at the “Water Wheel Rounds” that Dan hosts once a month up in Bowling Green that I’ve been part of a few times.  In fact, we have a date coming up Monday evening July 13 if the pandemic will allow.    



So the big news on the virus front yesterday was the CDC now saying it does not spread easily on surfaces.  They still want us to wipe down but they’re learning it does not spread as easily on your countertop as they had thought.  They and we are still trying to wrap our heads around the “dos and don’t’” and the “what we think we know” and “what we don’t”.  Man.  No wonder folks are just doing what they think is right as safely as they can.


Victoria’a Secret announced they will close 250 stores nationwide. Not a lot of women walking into clothing stores right now so those that want something teeny-weeny will have to shop online right now.  I have heard that some stores that are open have closed their changing rooms and that customers actually take home the clothes they are interested in, try them on, and return them if they don’t fit or if they don’t like them at no charge.  Then those clothes are quarantined for several days before the store racks them again. 


On a brighter note…maybe.  Some Caribbean islands are saying they will re-open for tourists next month.  Folks who are braver than me are taking advantage of bargain airfares and flying.  I don’t have any doubt that next month some of those island beaches will be filled with bikinis and masks.


Will movie theaters survive the pandemic?  Some think maybe not.  We’re getting used to watching movies from home.  First run movies will surely be released on Pay Per View or other digital streaming platforms.  Yep, the movie may cost you $20 but if you’ve got 2, 3, 4 or more people on your couch it’s a pretty good bargain.  And…your popcorn and coke will be a LOT cheaper.  Summer is the time a lot of blockbuster movies roll out.  This year the question is, where will we find them?


Yankee Stadium is on board with showing movies and holding concerts in New York.  They’ll be using their massive parking lot to do so in the future…so they say.



Peyton Manning is getting his own whiskey.  His brother Eli is in on it too I believe.  Surely Peyton’s will be named “Omaha Whiskey” right?


Speaking of #18.  Pat McAfee, a kicker who played with Peyton and the Colts tells a great gambling story related to Peyton.  Apparently Peyton, Pat and some others went to French Lick, Indiana to play some golf.  That evening they walked into a casino and Peyton went up to a roulette table and told everyone playing they should be betting on the number 18…his uniform number.  They did. And on the very next spin guess what number the little white ball dropped into?  Can’t make that kind of stuff up.  Apparently a lot of folks made a lot of money on that one spin. 



I scanned a list of what one online magazine deemed the funniest bumper stickers of all time.  Couple faves here.


“I Believe In A Better World Where Chickens Can Cross The Road Without Having Their Motives Questioned”.


“If Money Is The Root Of All Evil, Why Do Churches Beg For It”?


“Preserve Wildlife Pickle A Squirrel”.



True story.  Yesterday on I-24 in Music City a tractor-trailer overturned and spilled 43,000 pounds of pasta in the road. Now, if we could have gotten another one carrying marinara sauce to overturn in the same place?  There would have been an interstate feeding frenzy.



But…here’s a baseball related item that’s pretty amazing.  Mike Trout, perhaps the best player in baseball the past few years with the LA Angels?  His “prospect” baseball card just sold for $900,000 at auction.  Did you throw your shoebox of cards away too? 



I’m writing with former American Idol star Janelle Arthur and hit writer Gerald Smith a little later this morning.  Always a fun trio to be part of because Gerald ALWAYS makes us laugh, and getting to hear Janelle sing is a treat. This is Janelle’s new SONG she just released.  Check out her great voice.


Have a great Thursday!







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