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Ireland Day Before Wedding

May 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from Ireland on Wedding Eve.  It’s actually 1:30 AM back home as we are six hours ahead here in our little castle near Belfast.  This is truly an amazing place we are staying in and the owner simply could not be a nicer person.






We made a trip up to the north coast where my daughter’s wedding takes place tomorrow…absolutely gorgeous.  The old castle you see is recognizable I hear to those who were hooked on “Game Of Thrones” that I never saw an episode of.  Nearby is the “Giants Causeway” that we plan on seeing when we make our run up there this morning to prep for the wedding and get some pre-wedding pictures taken.





Every place so far we’ve eaten has been “local” and fun…with great food…especially the seafood.  Cod and chips seem to be the order to make and we’ve done so.  And yes…I’ve had a Guinness or two and each one tastes a little better than the one before.  A bit of acquired taste for me…but I’m kind of into it right now.







Speaking of Guinness…on Saturday I met Casey’s (my almost son in law) family who got in from Miami and Minnesota.  His Mom, her sister and son, Casey’s sister and Casey’s Grandfather and Grandmother.  Our now combined families got to know each other a bit while we toured the Guinness Store House in Dublin which was great fun.  FYI…the tour is more than worth taking…and you get a free pint of Guinness!







At the top of the tour there’s a 360 view of old Dublin the old industrial Irish town that’s seemingly been here for centuries.







Our little family went out sightseeing near our castle which is just outside the towns of Warrenpoint and Newry.  Heather spotted another castle she wanted to take pictures of so off we went down the narrow country roads of Ireland driving on the left…which I don’t think I will ever get used to.  At least not in a relaxed way.





This castle popped up in the middle of the countryside.  No admission…just in a big open field full of green hillsides and incredible views.  Heather told me later that the lady who built in the 1200’s or whatever got some guy to build it for her after promising she would marry the builder.  At their reception she pushed the brand new husband out the window and he died.  Yikes.  Oh those medieval couples!


A farmer surely owns this land…and castle…but you were just on your own.  Push open a farm gate and roam freely…and try to get your car off the side of the little country road so no one hits it while you’re roaming over the pastures FULL of sheep doo doo.  Again…there’s a good reason things are so green around here.









And after that we found a park with a scenic drive that went up and over an Irish mountain with more incredible views…more incredible narrow roads…and lots more sheep and sheep and sheep.  “The Ring Of Guillion” is what they call the place and lot of the locals go hiking there I’m told.  Worth the drive for the views for sure.


A late dinner in the town of Warrenpoint with a charming town square and water views and we were in for the evening.


That’s the short of what’s happened so far with the big day on us tomorrow.  I’m doing my best to throw up more pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter…so check those out if you’d like to see more.



Now…our wedding tomorrow will have a castle and water too…but certainly it is not THE Royal Wedding that I guess millions sat down and watched worldwide.  Nope.


One observation about that Royal Wedding.  It seems to me all the hats the ladies wore?  Pretty sure those were recycled from the Kentucky Derby.  Just a guess.



One article claims that “Tube Tops” are coming back for ladies.  That article of clothing that requires constant tugging to make sure the Golden Globes stay covered up.  Maybe Hot Pants will be “hot” again too.  Can’t imagine.



Lots of fishing in Ireland of course but back in Tennessee...a guy caught a world record crappie a few days ago while we were gone.  5 pounds and over 7 ounces of a black crappie.  If you know anything about fishing…that is a BIG crappie.


If the story turns out to be false it won’t be “fake news” it will be a load of big crappie.



Back to the north coast of Ireland.  With tomorrow being the wedding we’ve got lots of work to do today to make sure we’re good to go.  Me?  I’ll try to stay out of everyone’s way.  It’s what I do best!


Have a great Monday!










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