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The Danube Is Back On...Route 66...WWJP

May 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning has rolled around. Mid 80’s here today, headed for the 90’s.



I wrote online with my pal Brady Seals on the computer. He’s way south of Nashville, I’m east of Nashville so it’s easier on gas mileage for sure. Brady is working on releasing some new songs after a way too long dry spell in my book so I’m really enjoying the collaboration time again. This time Brady brought a heartfelt personal thought to the songwriting table that I think we just wrote the heck out of. Brady was sitting at his piano as we started to find what to say and the notes to go with the thoughts he had brought. And for me, it’s just a pleasure to sit and listen to him sing. Hard to get tired of that. So thanks Mr. Seals for allowing me to write something so personal with ya.



I did what I love to do about as much as anything. I sat in a ballpark and watched the boys of summer play ball. Our Sounds, a AAA team of the Milwaukee Brewers this year, took on the Braves AAA from Gwinnett, Georgia. I say more than any other Major League team, the Braves would be the MLB club that most Nashville baseball fans would root for. But I did see some Brewer jerseys in the stands to go along with Cardinals and Reds jerseys too. And you see even more sometimes as nobody is really FROM Nashville, they move in from somewhere else. And when they do, they still root for the team they rooted for from where they came. Always interesting to see.


And I saw this morning that Yankee pitcher Corey Kluber threw a no-hitter last night. It’s no longer a rare thing as there have already been SIX no hitters this season in Major League Baseball. What’s with that?



July 4th we I was set to take a river cruise again with my friend Brent Burns and another great Trop Rock artist Sunny Jim. Covid of course forced Brent to cancel this cruise down the Danube River. I’m happy to say it’s back on again and the new sailing date from Germany will be August 13-20 next year, 2022. Lots of folks apparently held onto their reservations and some of those sailed with us before when we went down the Rhine River. It is truly an amazing European sailing experience. The itinerary and


 the details are right here for you to check out. There are some spaces open, and we’d love to have you. I can’t begin to describe what a great trip this is going to be. I will say, I can’t imagine you’d ever regret it if you make the decision to go along with us. Check out the details.



My Arizona Hall of Fame writer-longtime buddy Roger Naylor reached out to me about a new podcast he’s started titled Route 66 Road Trips with Roger Naylor. Not many folks know more about the iconic road than my friend. So much so he wrote a GREAT book about it with just eye-popping pictures of locations along the famous road. Roger was reaching out because they’re looking for a bit of a theme song to start and possibly end each podcast. So I’m digging through my catalog to see if anything works. I may also be a future guest on the show. Route 66 of course runs through my home state of Missouri and I’ve stayed in Williams, Arizona which sits right on Route 66 with all the great neon signs hanging off the business places there. Williams is where I’d jump on the Grand Canyon Railway to perform. More on this to come.



Yesterday Fauci says he’s expecting will have vaccines for kids late this year and that he also sees a need for a booster shot. September maybe for the booster poke. Keep rolling your sleeves up.


Lipstick sales have jumped 80% from last year. Masks were being worn; lipstick was not. Masks are coming down and lipstick is going back on.


Prince William got his first Covid shot yesterday. Call it the “Royal Poke” if you’d like.



Since Bill and Melinda Gates announced they were getting a divorce, Bill Gates has transferred 4 BILLION dollars in shares to her. Gosh, what do I have to do to get him to divorce me?!



Anyone else watch the TV show the Masked Singer and not know who the heck the person was AFTER they took the mask off?


#1 OR #2

Tennessee is the first state that will require establishments to hang a sign letting folks know about transgender bathrooms. A notice to let you know who’s peeing where I suppose. Of course, it’s a tad controversial. When this issue was first brought up in North Carolina a long while ago I sat down and wrote this song with Wil Nance & Steve Dean titled “WWJP”…Where Would Jesus Pee”?  Proof that there is a song in EVERYTHING…controversial or not.


For the record, the song did not make it to #2 or #1.



I think Ford may have hit a home run with the “Lightning”…all electric Ford F-150 pickup. You can use the dang truck as a generator for your house too when the electric goes off as it does at our house with most any kind of storm. I’ll take one for Father’s Day in case my daughter is reading this. And the truck will sell for under $40,000.



That TV show will be more entertaining next season as Adam Levine is going to return after being gone for 4 years. I’ll tune in again just to watch the back and forth between him and Blake Shelton.



Shaquille O’neal can rap. Really. And apparently well enough that Jive Records offered him 10 million dollars to record 3 rap albums for them in 1990. He didn’t, but again, who knew?



The hat Harrison Ford wore as Indiana Jones is going up for auction…the one worn in Temple of Doom back in 84. They think it might fetch as much as $249,000. Considering the hat cost the prop department 15 or 20 bucks at most?  Pretty good return on the investment. No wonder movie studios hang onto to movie stuff. Wonder what his bullwhip would bring?



“Russian Woman Weighing 224 Pounds Accused of Killing Her Husband by Suffocating Him with Her Butt”. (I got nothing for that folks)



A cancellation of a writing appointment has opened up my Thursday. Pretty sure I'll be doing the “honey-do” thing as our deck need staining…and the stain has arrived. Handy dude I is not. So there’s no telling what this will look like when I’m done trying to be a wood deck Picasso. God help me.


Have a great Thursday!








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