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One More Beach Tune...Hippo Suits...Cheap Towns

May 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Just another Hump Day to leap over.



Well, one more song in the pretty tall stack of songs I’ve been writing with Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores.  This one too has a little “sand” in it…his kind of stuff for sure.  There are now enough songs we’ve written together that Brent can turn his attention to thinking about how to safely record his next project. And I was glad to hear my Trop Rock singing friend actually did a little outdoor show down in Gulf Shores a couple of days ago with social distancing.  The folks who hire him actually drew a chalk line six feet out from him reminding folks to stay a safe distance from the funny guy with the guitar and flip-flops.  It was a little cloudy in Nashville yesterday so I always like writing something “sunny” when that happens.



Most evenings now my wife and I join our daughter and son in law who’s in the Army about an hour from us online and we’re binge watching “Parks & Recreation” that’s available on Netflix.  There’s a LOT of episodes over 7 or 8 seasons or however long it’s been on.  We can’t hug right now so it’s the best we can do as we try to stay connected.  Families used to gather around radio, now we gather around a computer and a TV screen.



One woman was so desperate to hug her Mother who’s in a nursing home that she put on an inflatable Hippo suit to do so safely.  Gosh.  What’s happening in nursing homes is about as sad as sad can get. Imagine being in one and then not being able to hug your kids or your grandkids and top that with the staggering number of deaths that have occurred in some of those facilities.  When this is all said and done there will be a lot of studies and hopefully some better plans drawn up for the future to help protect more lives. 



How about Blake Shelton winning “The Voice” again last night?  I thought it was interesting how Blake admitted not being able to really help the careers of three of his winners because they were outside the “country” genre where he can be helpful.  The kids that won that are “country” artists Blake has helped a ton.  And that will apply to his newest winner Todd Tilgham I’m sure.  Congrats to Todd…and team Blake.



Pretty cool idea down in Australia.  Some artists are turning old farm silos into beautiful art work.  Take a look at some of these. Growing up in farm country I saw lots of silos and most were just silver bland looking structures. Apparently some artists in Australia looked and thought…”blank canvas”.  Heck, some farmers might be able to sell corporate sponsorships on their silos for those that are located alongside roads that people would see while driving by. 



MSN has an article this morning listing the “Most Affordable Small Towns In Each State”.  Yep…I had to look.


The first one listed that really caught my eye is “Magnolia Springs” Alabama.  I was just there a few months ago for a shrimp boil. The folks that invited me and my wife and their close friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott have a vacation home there.  They live full time here in Tennessee. Beautiful place on the water and the little picturesque town is not far from Gulf Shores, Alabama where I go a lot.  Worth seeing.  Our night ended with a song pull inside their beautiful home.  One could live there.  But if you do?  Keep a little rifle handy, as snakes tend to crawl up in the yards from the beautiful Springs.


In my home state of Missouri the town of Weston was named.  I have no idea where that is.  But apparently its cheap “Show Me” living there.


Here in Tennessee they named Gatlinburg.  Inexpensive…but crowded.


Check out the full list right HERE if you’d like to find the cheap town in your state.



Some NFL training camps are opening up.  There could be some kind of NFL season this year…we’ll see.  Some of the teams have new uniforms. Three uniforms have been deemed “ugly” by their fans including our Tennessee Titan team, the LA Rams (Eric Dickerson the great running back who used to play for the Rams says they look like two bananas put together…lot of yellow) and the Cincinnati Bengals are listed again too.  I hope your team fared better than ours.



How about the couple that saw a big bag on the road, stopped and picked it up in Virginia and found a million dollars in it when they opened it up back home. They turned it in to police.  The Police think it might have been a transferal of money from the Post Office to a Bank down there that somehow fell out of the delivery vehicle.  And the couple did the right thing.  Hard not to love folks like that.



Songwriting online today with my talented bluegrass friend Irene Kelley.  I’ve been invited a couple of times recently to write face to face with friends like Irene. And as much as I’d prefer to sit with my friends at their tables or office or homes…for now I’m passing and connecting with them on a computer.  Soon I hope. 


And tonight…there’s more REAL Nascar racing on TV back in Darlington.  Two races in a row there just a few days apart.  I might have to take a peek or two at that. 


Have a great Wednesday!














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