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Facebook Live Last Night...Commencement Dollars...Busy Week Ahead

May 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s the start of another busy week…couple of cool shows…a lot of songwriting and some pre-packing for a tour out West.


And the weather here is heating up as we’ll be in the mid- 90’s some this week. 



I hope you had a chance to watch our “live”  Facebook show Sunday evening with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself.  The good news is…if you did not watch you still have a chance.  Just click HERE to watch how much fun we had Sunday night. I’m pretty sure we surprised ourselves as over 10,000 folks nationwide at least took a peek and well over 3,000 were watching at any given moment.  Wow.  It was the first time we’d done this…it won’t be our last.  It gave us a chance to talk to folks all over the US…and some in foreign countries…Scotland for one.  Some Nashville writers, artists, TV folks were all tuned in last night as we played music and tried to interact with as many as we could during the little on line show we threw at Lang and Linda’s house last night.  And if you watch you’ll see and hear all the details of our upcoming tour out west that starts Memorial Day weekend.  What fun.


And to all of you who did tune in…thanks for watching!



They named the winner last night.  That good looking kid Laine Hardy won which was really not a surprise.  Although…of the three contestants left…and all of them could have won…Alejandro was my fave.  So much so that his first album would be the only one I’d pay money for at the record store. It’s nice to see kids with that much artistry get that far and that kind of exposure.  I don’t think he’ll have to play on the streets or for tips anymore. 


And congrats to the other two as well.  Laine Hardy didn’t even audition this year but showed up to play guitar for a friend and the judges made him audition…and he WON.  So it’s a great story for TV.



How about the Billionaire commencement speaker who paid all of the college debt off for every student he was talking to at Morehouse University this weekend?  Where was he when I graduated from Elsberry High in Missouri!??  What a cool thing to do.


It’s graduation time right now.  I saw a picture online this weekend of the Senior Student at Elsberry High where I graduated talking to her classmates.  Eons ago I was that person chosen to talk to my classmates.  Then later I was surprised when they called out my name and the local Kiwanis Club gave me some scholarship money to attend Central Missouri State University.  I took out a government loan that I paid off a little at a time through the years.  It would not have hurt my feelings one iota if that Billionaire had been our commencement speaker!


Incidentally…congrats to my young friend Riley Jean Scott who graduates tomorrow in Nashville!  Riley will be out on the road singing with our “Evening In The Round” show on our western tour coming up so we’ll have a chance to congratulate her on stage and that will be special



You’ve heard of “must read books”?  I’m gonna put the book “Am I Dying” on the “won’t read” list.  You feel bad?  Look up what they think you have and find out if you’re dying…I guess. I don’t wanna know.  I’ll pass.


I’m a bit like Yogi Berra who’s wife came to him one day and said, “Yogi, you’re getting older.  When you die do you want to be buried or cremated”?  The Yankee Hall of Famer thought for a while and eventually answered as only Yogi could.  “Surprise me”.



I saw an article that ask, “what book was your favorite that you read during a vacation”?  My vote goes for this great book about the BEATLES that my friend Steve Dean gave me as I headed for the beach with my wife a couple of years ago.  Comprehensive to say the least and the stories about how those songs came about were fascinating to me.  In fact, I’d often read about one of the songs like “Yesterday” and I’d bookmark the page and then pull up the song on You Tube to hear the song as if it were brand new. 


If you’re a Beatles fan and have not read that book…I highly recommend it. Hey…if Oprah can have a Book Club…so can I!



Fanny packs supposedly are hot and popular again.  Come to Nashville at CMA Fest time and you’ll see more Fanny Packs on tourists than one should ever have to see.  Add that around your waist and wear a pair of plastic Crocs and my friends…you are styling.



No texting while you walk may become a law in the near future in some cities.  No texting while driving or walking.  My wife caught me texting in church once.  Hopefully they won’t outlaw that.



I’ll say it again.  I surely am the only person not to see Game Of Thrones that wrapped up forever last night.  Someone died I’m sure.  That’s all I know about it.  Someone also dies.


That HBO series was shot in Ireland and tourism is up at those locales.  My only connection with that show is my daughter Heather married her husband Casey in Northern Ireland up on the coast at a location often used by Game Of Thrones.  It’s absolutely beautiful up there in the old castle ruins on the sea and my wife and I would surely go back there if we could someday.


The difference in our wedding and Game of Thrones?  Nobody got killed at the wedding that I know of.


Casey and Heather celebrate their one-year Anniversary next week.  Time do fly.



“Man Charged With Reckless Driving Says He Would Rather Go To Jail Than Back Home To His Wife”.  I think the fire has gone out of that marriage. 



I’m doing another Facebook “Live” show with my songwriter buddy Rick Tiger.  You’ll find the show HERE at the Songwriters Pickin’ Corner Facebook page.  We start at 7 pm tomorrow night from Music Row.  Tune in if you can.



If you’re in town I have a show at the Listening Room with Steve Dean and Jimmy Fortune from the Statler Brothers fame.  This will be a very entertaining evening and we start at 6 pm.  Just getting to hear Jimmy sing “Elizabeth” is worth the price of admission for sure.



I’m off to write with Jimmy Fortune today and my young talented friend Lauren Mascitti.  It’s the first time the three of us have written together.  Hearing either of them sing in a writing room is like a free concert for me.  Looking forward to this!


Have a great Monday!

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