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Jingle Talk...Showbiz Meeting...Car Thief Decked

May 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Middle of the week again…Wednesday.



I had an interesting meeting with a co-writer Jeff Dayton who played guitar for a long while with Glen Campbell and he’s got all those great stories to tell that I love from those days. Jeff and I co-wrote a fun song called “Have A Biscuit”. Turns out that an ad agency likes our song for a client that everyone knows about, so we will need to write this into a 30 second commercial jingle for them to pitch to this client. That will be a fun undertaking that we will start on ASAP then sit and cross our fingers. It would surely be a cool thing if they said “yes”. We’ll see.


It’s amazing how songs can sit around for a long while and then somehow find a potential home 9 years down the road like this one. That’s how long ago we penned this fun tune at Jeff’s house.


Jeff has been staying creatively busy during the pandemic. He’s still doing his Glen Campbell tribute songs across the country some, but also does solo, duo gigs too. He’s versatile that way. And he still finds time to write. My thank again to Jeff for pitching our little song.



Our “Hits & Grins” trio got together with one of our agents Mark Ross with Live Arts & Attractions to talk about the future and working towards adding some more shows for the trio with Victoria Venier, Steve Dean, and myself. We gathered outdoors and Victoria’s place around the pool with cold drinks and just had the greatest time talking about booking future dates, catching up and just laughing together as a trio which we normally do a lot…especially on road trips. The booking agency has not had a lot going since the pandemic, but things are changing, and folks are starting to tour again, and we hope that includes us too as a trio.


The trio recorded this VIDEO a couple of years ago which was shot when we played in front of theater buyers from all over the country. Out of that showcase came over 25 dates around the country that all got cancelled because of Covid-19. The good news is they will use this video to RE-showcase us at the next big showcase in Nashville as all of it will be done virtually. All the buyers will receive our tape along with others for booking consideration in 2023. And it’s our hopes that a lot of those who had booked us for their shows last Fall and this Spring will add us to their entertainment series again for 2023. And the agency also plans on showcasing us at a couple of other buyer’s conferences later this year. One in North Carolina, and another for the northwest part of the country. A productive and VERY fun meeting for sure.



60% of the country has had at least one shot. And a concerted effort is underway to convince those that don’t want one to change their minds. I’m in the camp of “it’s an individual decision” and whatever one chooses is fine with me. I get both sides of the vaccine arguments…and I hear those arguments a lot. One of the excuses given a lot for NOT vaccinating seems to be “you don’t know what’s in it”. Comedian Chris Rock has heard that too and his comedic response is, “Hell, I don’t know what’s in Fruit Loops”.


Eye opening. The CDC says that there are 10 states where less than half the population has been vaccinated. And those 10 states have the highest number of Covid cases. They are about 19% higher than other states.


Europe has announced it’s going to welcome back fully vaccinated tourists from countries who have Covid under control…they just don’t know when. Meanwhile in China they’ve had a fresh outbreak which prompted 100 million people getting vaccinated in just 9 days.


We had an interesting discussion last night at our “Hits & Grins” roundtable gathering I mentioned earlier in this blog about getting the shot or not that relates to what we do. Travel and play music. Our booking agency books theaters, produces theme park shows and they book quite a bit of music on cruises which is starting to happen. So any entertainer that wants to sing or play on a ship? They’ll have to choose between turning down the gig or getting the shot if they’ve been holding out. That’s going to get interesting in the future.



Actor Charles Grodin passed away. Kind of a curmudgeon, deadpan kind of guy who was in a lot of movies and TV stuff. But what I remember him most for was his appearances on the old Johnny Carson “Tonight Show” couch. The interaction between him and Johnny was always fascinating to watch unfold. Just…well…different. Smart guy. But what those appearances also showed off what Johnny Carson’s skill set interviewing guests…even those who were a challenge like Grodin was sometimes. Here’s an example.



See a need…meet a need. Ever been walking and staring into your iPhone and then bump into someone or something because you’re not paying attention?  Just me?  Lots of you are guilty. And an industrial design student took notice and invented a 3rd eye that sticks on your forehead and will buzz your ear when you’re looking down to let you know and object is approaching. True.  So you can buy this thing and look really really geeky…or you can just put your phone in your pocket and wait until you get to where you’re going before texting someone back.


I’m not sure if it’s been named yet or not. I’m voting for it to be named the “I Got An Eye On U”.



So this young punk has a device out trying to break into a car. He was trying to break into a UFC fighter’s car by the name of Derrick Lewis who walked out at just the right time. He knocked the guy out and let him just lay there until police arrived. The police report is funny. It reads, “Mr. Lewis says he went over to the suspect, struck him, placed him onto the ground until police arrived” The policeman then added, “That’s the nicest way to put it”.



There’s something called a Velicopter…a flying taxi that seats 4 people that they say will start flying in Singapore in 2023. No word on what it will cost you for a seat to fly you to work and back every day…but it’s coming. And airborne Uber if you will.



Here’s a truth shared from one husband. “My wife and I went to 3 different stores to pick out the perfect decorator towels that we will NEVER use.”  Oh yea. Not only will they hang them, but some wives (not mentioning names) will remind you NOT to use them.


It’s a shopping addiction that will never make sense to us hairy legged guys. It goes right with the purchase of 20 pillows they put on a bed that you have to remove every night to get to the ONE you lay your head on.


I’ll never get that. But on the other hand, my wife will never understand why the 3 Stooges make me laugh…so maybe we’re even.



“I Faked My Own Death To Get Ex’s Attention-People Say It’s Weird But It Worked”. I can only hope the guy collected on the insurance before she magically popped back to the living again.



I’m writing with my buddy Brady Seals this morning who’s getting busy himself again on the road and is writing songs again towards a new album. Brady is just so creative and so fun to write with that I always look forward to seeing him and creating something new. Besides being his co-writer sometimes I’m a fan and love so many of his songs. Like this one he released when he was the lead singer for the group Hot Apple Pie.


Then tonight, I’m headed back to the ballpark downtown to just sit and soak up America’s pastime. Tough life huh?


Have a great Wednesday!



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