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Mountain Heart Writing..."The Greatest"...River Cruise 2021

May 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

I’m keeping the umbrella handy this Tuesday morning as Nashville is in a long rainy stretch right now.



Josh Shilling was my writing partner yesterday online from the great progressive bluegrass group Mountain Heart and indeed we did write a bluegrass tune together off an idea I had started.  Josh is not only a really talented musician but he’s also one of my favorite singers in town.  Until it’s safe to play “live” again Josh has been keeping pretty busy doing studio session work from his home that helps to keep his head above water right now…a good thing for sure.  The song was fun to write…the catching up was even better.



The “Last Dance” series wrapped up on ESPN.  It will re-run a few times I’m sure.  If you’re a sports fan at all…or intrigued with folks who excel and are driven…you’ll love this recap of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls run of 6 world championships. I walked away from it realizing I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more driven or someone who HATES losing more than Michael Jordan was.  I’m so glad I got to see him play a couple of times “live”.  I was a big fan of Reggie Miller when Reggie drove the Indiana Pacers when I lived in Indy for a short while.  And the re-cap of the two of them playing against each other was really fun to watch.



Watching “The Last Dance” made me reflect on how many of “The Greatest” at anything have I seen in person?  Of course “greatest” for one may not be the “greatest” for another…I get that.  But for me?


Elvis, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Michael Jordan, Andrea Bocelli, Stan Musial, Robin Williams, The Eagles… I saw all of them “live” and they’d fit in that box for me. 



With at least some kind of positive news about a vaccine the stock market jumped 900 points yesterday.  No telling where it might soar if they really do find a cure.  A good financial adviser schooled me a very long time ago that suggested we invest in the market, leave it alone, and try not to panic.  He said if we do that we’ll have more money than had we not invested.  So, I try not to get too excited when it nose dives, or too excited when it takes a jump like it did yesterday.  It helps me not overdose on Pepto Bismol when I go to bed at night.



4 million Americans have skipped their mortgage payments or rent during this pandemic.  Hard to pay the bills when your jobs go away.  Might not be the greatest time to be a landlord.


Have you seen the round circles at that one park in NYC?  Designed for social distancing one is assigned a round circle to stay in when you go lay out or picnic at the park.  Now, the way I was brought up…in farm country?  If they did that there the circle would also have an electric fence to make sure it worked.


And speaking of “laying out” to get some sun.  Trikinis are apparently catching on for women.  A swimsuit with matching bottoms, tops and a matching face mask.  So, for guys do we get boykinis now?  Matching trunks and facemasks? 


And in Germany bike sales are exploding.  Folks want to get out and not drive so they are taking lots and lots of bike rides.  And that reminds me of the amount of bikes I saw when my wife and I were in Amsterdam a couple of years ago.  One has to look both ways when walking or you will get run over in a heartbeat.  Never ever seen so many bikes in my life.  Apparently half the population there bike to work.  That's a whole bunch of bikes folks.  



And, I’ll have a chance to see if the bike explosion lasts until next year when my wife and I revisit a couple of cities in Germany on our Trop Rock cruise with my friend Brent Burns and Sunny Jim White.  A week onboard a Viking Cruise Ship starting July 4 2021.  A great way to start the 4th of July.  Germany, Vienna, Budapest and more all will be ports of calls and we’ll be playing “live” music onboard.  This one sails down the Danube River and after cruising the Rhine River with Brent and a bunch of Parrot Head fans I can promise you that this will be an incredible experience again.


Want to sail with us?  Here’s all the INFO on that trip.  Sign up and join us!



Kind of made me sad to see Eddie Haskell of “Leave It To Beaver” fame passed at the age of 76.  The Beaver was part of my growing up TV experience…in black and white no less.  Played by actor Ken Osmond ole Eddie was the troublemaker on the series.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Jerry Mather’s “The Beaver” at least once in my radio career.  He could not have been nicer and I remember him talking fondly about the cast…including Ken Osmond.  RIP Eddie…go cause a little trouble upstairs.



George Strait has had over 50 number one hits?  He’s having trouble landing hits on the radio these days.  As I tell my “traditional” frustrated country fans, “It’s hard to get country on country radio”.  Even for King George. This song seems to describe how George really feels about all that.  Check out “Kicked Outta Country”.



“Controversial Study Shows Rats Prefer Jazz To Classical Music, When On Drugs”.  So, to like Jazz ya gotta take drugs?  I will admit, most Jazz escapes me.  I appreciate the talent, but it doesn’t light me up. Neither does classical.  And I just don’t think I’m going to start doing drugs so that my taste might change.  So if you see me post how great some Beethoven movement is on this blog in the future?  I’ll need intervention.



“Two Men Wearing Watermelon Heads Steal Booze”.  Apparently Police dogs are following a trail of seeds.  Hopefully they’ll get apprehend the melon head gang.



Back writing with Brent Burns this morning down in Gulf Shores.  So I have to put on a pair of flip-flops this morning to get in the beach mood for that.


Have a great Tuesday!




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