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Seeing The World...Souvenir I Need...Old Dj's

May 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And how’s your Tuesday morning so far?



I did a little bluegrass songwriting with my new Pennsylvania friend Troy Engle. It’s the second time we’ve written. Troy is a GREAT musician and songwriter and yesterday I found out he likes to write funny tunes too. Even songs about trailers, which I have a few of in my catalog. So I made a note of that for the future. Yesterday we wrote a cool bluegrass-gospel number that rolled out pretty quickly as I already had the chorus written before Troy popped up on my Mac Book screen. One of the great things about Troy is, once we finish an idea, he’ll record it and it comes back sounding SO good.


I wrote with a guy who made his living as a White House journalist last week, David Morris who told me of all the foreign places he visited that Viet Nam was his favorite. So I asked Troy yesterday his favorite country as he’s traveled with his music quite a bit. He said London. My wife lived in London for a couple of years when she was very young and liked it…so it’s on my list. Viet Nam? Not as much.


The most touching Viet Nam story I ever saw was when ESPN filmed former Pittsburgh Steeler running back great Rocky Bleir returning to Viet Nam where he lost a bunch of buddies in a fight there. The footage will move you as it did me, I’m sure.



I think my mouth dropped open on the couch last night as I happened to be watching the Braves-Mets game (the Reds weren’t on) when Kevin Pillar got hit by a 94-mph fast ball directly in the face. Horrific. The really good news is that he’s doing fine. The Phillies star Bryce Harper had the same thing happen to him a few weeks ago and seems to be doing okay. It’s amazing to see most guys come back from that as pitchers can routinely throw over 90 mph. Imagine getting hit with a 94-mph fast ball directly in the face. The pitcher for the Braves was so shook up that they took him out of the game. You could see coaches trying to console him. He obviously did not mean to hit Pillar, but that’s an image he’ll carry around for a long while too.



I want one of THESE! My friend Linda Davis sent me a picture of this baseball bat beer mug that they gave away at a recent Myrtle Beach Pelicans minor league baseball game. I had already seen it posted so I told her that one could pass out or strike out with one of these. And she replied, “or both”. Indeed! I want one!  Isn’t Father’s Day coming up?



The President warned yesterday that those unvaccinated “will pay a price”. He stated that 60% of all Americans have had at least one shot and that the death rate is down 81%. And that all 50 states have seen a decline.


Meanwhile, Texas has had zero deaths in 2 months after the President declared “neanderthal thinking” on their part for opening up too soon and dropping masks well before a lot of states did.  They’ve had their lowest Covid positivity rate for a 7-day period…ever. So there’s the ying and the yang of it.


One of the big signs to me that the pandemic is lessening up is it’s no longer the lead in every newscast or news publication. Have you noticed?  That doesn’t hurt my feelings. Pretty soon I’ll be able to stop wearing a mask when I watch or read the news!



They’re back, emerging by the BILLIONS according to one report. We still have not heard them hear in Twang Town but in some places, restaurants have been forced to close because of them. Imagine outdoor dining right now if you’re in one of the red eyed buggy areas. No thanks. Cover up your patio furniture kids unless you want to sit with them. And I saw one tip that suggested you keep your water hose handy to spray them off your house.



I’d never heard this until I read about it this morning. Apparently, some mail carriers will leave a dryer sheet in mailboxes. Why? They help keep wasps away. Many have reached into a mailbox only to be attacked by a swarm. Yikes. The dryer sheets keep them from building nests. If I were a mail carrier, I’d do that too…and I’d take along a flame thrower just in case.



I should not have read this article titled “Eat This, Not That” that lists all the things that happen if you give up ice cream. Less sugar, your heart health improves, you sleep better, and your stomach may feel better. SIGH.


BUT… there was some positives. If you stop cold turkey, you’ll lose calcium. And that was the only positive they mentioned. I’m going to tell myself I can’t afford to lose calcium. Who can give up ice cream?! Just blogging about it makes me want to lick the ladle coming out of a hand cranked tin of homemade like we made growing up.



Airlines may start weighing all passengers for “weigh” safety concerns. It would be voluntary. Okay, I may have to give up ice cream after all.



Amazon looks to be buying MGM studios for roughly 9 BILLION dollars. More content for their Amazon Prime network I would think. Certainly Amazon has changed the way we shop, hasn’t it? I’ve never been a fan of malls, so it works for me for sure. On a radio conference trip once to Minneapolis they took all of us broadcasters out to the Mall of America. It’s the law up there I think. I saw maybe a third of it and had enough. Just not my thing. Even with a theme park with rides tucked in the middle of the thing.



The world’s oldest DJ just retired in Hong Kong. Roy Cordeiro just hung up his headphones. He’s 92. Pretty amazing. Great to have a job you love that much.



I should have never read the article titled “Why People Don’t Like You”. I read it, then found out the author don’t like me.



I’ve got a couple of music business meetings today. One about a song that’s being pitched for a commercial (can’t wait to find out more about that) and the second with my “Hits & Grins” trio and our booking agent to talk about trying to pick up some more shows for the trio. No guitar needed today.


Have a great Tuesday!






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