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Australia Again...Theaters Open...Mr. Entertainer

May 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s the start of another week…a Monday.  And we’re not that far away from another Memorial Day weekend.



Well I had a couple of nice co-writes over the weekend.  Friday morning at the last second after a cancellation…Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores and I wrote yet one more “beach” song to put in his stack of songs we’re writing for his next album project.  We’ve already got enough for him to make a trip to Nashville and start recording some tracks but we still have to figure out a safe way to actually be in a studio to do that.  I’ve seen some photos of my friends in studio and have noticed that the musician’s are wearing facemasks.  Hard to sing through one though.  I’m sure we’re going to figure out a way.


And Saturday night I added another funny song for the catalog of Angus Gill as he’s getting close to having enough songs for a comedy song CD he wants to record in Australia where he’s from.  He did share with me that Australia has opened up a lot and that his country is starting to feel semi-normal again. 



Keith Urban had an unannounced concert at a Drive In Theater near Nashville this past Thursday night that we’re just finding out about. He invited front line workers from Vanderbilt Hospital to come and enjoy a free concert to say thank you in the safety of their cars. I’m pretty sure we’re going to see a lot of old drive in theaters being used for “live” music concerts.


Texas Stadium is going to hold one with some big stars performing in a few weeks.  Plenty of room to social distance there. 


I have felt all along that some really creative minds are going to find some different ways for artists to perform and connect with audiences outside of just on the internet. Backyard concerts, outdoor shows will probably be the first to “boom” during this quarantine life we’re all living.



They did go racing for real again yesterday. There we no crowds in the stands but it was real paint swapping racing going in in Darlington where Kevin Harvick took the checkered flag.  NASCAR has three races trying to make up from lost time in just the next few days.  In fact, they race again Wednesday night May 20 on the Darlington track again.  A first ever for that I think.  That follows up with races on May 24 & 27 so the boys turning left are going to be really busy.


And we had real golf back on too.  No spectators of course, but pro golfers wearing shorts in a relaxed quarantine new world.  Now if I could just get a little baseball again!



Just when it looked like it might be forever before one could do a show in a theater comes news from a venue that booked our “Evening In The Round” show starring Linda Davis with Lang Scott and me…that they are planning to hold our show in Toccoa, Georgia on July 31 at the Ritz Theater.  We played there a little over a year ago.  It’s a beautiful old restored theater and I can only hope this will indeed happen.  And that will be safe to happen.  Georgia of course was the first or amongst the first to open up again.  Stay tuned…we’ll see what happens.



One study suggests that London might be virus free by June.  That would be great news.  And the Londoners would certainly love eating their fish and chips without a mask on.


A Florida Casino is using Plexiglas at the poker table so folks can safely lose their money.  Heck, if you’re going to walk in and give them your money, might as well have it done safely.


No Tony Awards this year.  Broadway is shut down.  Instead of air the Tony Awards June 7 we’ll get to see a “Grease” sing along.  Wonder if John Travolta and Olivia Newton John will make an appearance?


It’s true. More than one person has driven a long way to get a haircut in another state.  600 mile drives for some.  For a haircut.  If nothing else this quarantine has put a spotlight on how much folks love their hair looking good.


There’s been an increase in numbers of folks who are out hunting and fishing.  Makes sense.  Outdoors…pretty safe…a little fresh air.  Lot of boats in the water too.  I grew up hunting and fishing in Missouri…loved it.  Then my Zebco fishing reel and Winchester rifle got replaced by a Gibson guitar and things changed.  And I’ve found that it’s really difficult to land a large mouth bass using a guitar.



How serious do some women take getting a manicure?  Way too serious for one Baltimore woman got arrested for getting her nails done. She parked, and then left her kids in the car while she done did her nails. Well, at least they’ll look great in a jail cell I suppose.



The Old Crow Medicine Show group?  Add them to the many artists who now have a song about Covid-19 and social distancing.  Theirs is called “I’d Like To Kiss You But I'm Quarantined"  The reason there are so many of these songs is because songwriter’s tend to write what they’re feeling and experiencing.  And we’re all feeling the changes in our lives.  I’m guessing if I ask each of my co-writer friends if they’ve written one around that theme that maybe 80% would admit they do. 



Experts of course have predicted there will be a lot of divorces during this quarantine period. Lawyers have heard all kinds of reasons for couples deciding not to stay together.  Here’s one for ya.  A man filed for divorce recently because every morning his wife ask him, “How do you want your coffee”?  She did that every single morning he said for 7 years.  He just couldn’t take it anymore.  Surely after making that decision he ask her, “How do you want your divorce”?



How bout this concept flip phone from Apple?  Just a concept right now but it’s pretty cool looking.  Everything comes full circle for cell phones.  Can’t wait til they roll out another one of those gigantic portable phones in a suitcase again.



Wayne Newton took a bike ride down the Las Vegas strip yesterday.  That guy has been headlining and living in Vegas for 61 years!  I did get to see his show there one time many years ago. I learned how to whirl a microphone around and then catch it to start singing again after watching him do that with a gold microphone he had attached to his cord.  I think that was the first time I’d seen a gold microphone ever.  Yea, for some the show is a little “cheesy” but I’m glad I saw it…once.



I’m back online writing with talented Josh Shilling this morning.  It will be fun to catch up with Josh who’s had all of his shows with Mountain Heart get cancelled and is now doing a lot of recording for others…playing piano or guitar, producing…singing…whatever it takes for right now.  If you’re not familiar with my friend do watch him just tear up the song “Whipping Post” from behind the piano.  Amazing.


Have a great Monday!







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