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Baseball Weekend...Key West Ahead...Kermit's Black Eye

May 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Starting a new week…Monday Monday. And the tax deadline is today in case you missed it. Someone once wrote, “You don’t pay taxes, they TAKE taxes”. Can I get an Amen?


I want to say a belated Happy Birthday to my younger brother Gene back in Missouri who celebrated with friend yesterday and reds. Crawfish. He’s usually a catfish guy…but yesterday he went Cajun for a change. Never too old to try something different.



Mine started with a writing session with Scott Barrier and Ericca Latza. Scott had spent some time up near Milwaukee where I worked for six years so poor Ericca had to endure some Milwaukee stories (like how to eat a cream puff correctly) before we started writing.


We wound up drawing from our mutual experience of growing up and playing music in small towns and small-town bars. Not everybody. A lucky few have a hit record or a hit song in Nashville.  But there are a lot of folks who make a living in music playing bars, and festivals and house concerts and yes…small town bars and honky-tonks. And most are happy just to have a stage to sing on.to their own fans. Many work for the “bigger thing” in music, but most are just happy to play and sing and write their songs. That’s kind of where this new song went Friday, and I could not be happier with the way it turned out. Ericca is working on a new album right now so I would not be surprised to see her record this one. We’ll see.



Our baseball park is pretty much fully opened again, and I took advantage of that not once but twice this weekend. We had PERFECT weather and I caught a Nashville Sounds game Friday night AND Sunday afternoon too. THEY played the Memphis Cardinals who are the AAA team for the St. Louis Cardinals. Our Sounds just became an affiliate for the Milwaukee Brewers for the second time and one of their big stars Christian Yelich was in our lineup as he’s down for a rehab assignment before returning to Milwaukee and the Major League squad.


And I had no idea, but Ned Yost is an ASSISTANT coach on our Sounds baseball team. I had to look twice. Ned coached the Kansas City Royals to a World Series Championship just a few years ago. And now here he is in Twang Town working with our minor leaguers. Pretty cool to see.


It was a SELLOUT crowd Friday night…over 10,000 fans. Nashville allowed the park to sell full capacity for the first time since the pandemic began and apparently folks were ready for some baseball. I know I was. And it felt normal to be in a baseball park once again.


Did you see this guy at the Red Sox game this weekend nonchalantly catching a flying bat WHILE talking on his cellphone? A one hand job. Pretty amazing…take a look.



I will be playing one of the bigger events this year at the MOTM “Meeting of the Minds” in Key West which is the largest Trop Rock event of the year. Multiple days, Parrot Heads from come from across the country to party and listen to music from those who play beach songs…or as they call it…”Trop Rock Music”.


I’ll be part of “Fools On Stools” with Donny Brewer and Brent Burns November 4 at 8 pm at the Key West Theater. I’ve done one “Fools On Stools” before. That was in New Orleans at Pardi Gras with Brent Burns and Matt Hoggatt. Basically, it’s 3 funny guys (or more) guys who play funny songs taking turns doing so. BUT each singer tries to out insult the other, and the audience scores each insult from 1-10. It’s a hoot to say the least so thank you Donny Brewer for inviting me to join in this year down in Key West. 



And I also added a date for September on my calendar with our “Evening in the Round” show starring Linda Davis, Lang Scott…and they let me tag along. Conroe, Texas September 15 at the Lone Star Convention Center for a mid-morning private show there. And we’re getting ready to add 4 or 5 more shows on the road very soon as shows are being teed up in south Tennessee and Virginia to name a couple. Stay tuned.



I was happy to read the numbers were coming down a little in India which has been devastated over the past few weeks.


Disney World has done away with their mask requirement. Good to hear as we have a little family trip planned for Disney in late August of this year. Riding Space Mountain will be a lot more comfortable.


And another funny Dolly story. Dolly Parton gave Vanderbilt researchers a million dollars to help develop the vaccine. When she rolled up her sleeve she joked, “I’m getting a dose of my own medicine”. Yes, she did.



You simply can’t NOT love Dolly Parton. When asked about her seemingly always happy face she said, “To be honest, that’s the botox”.



I HAVE to buy a Mega Millions ticket today. I always wait unti the pot is so big that I’m guaranteed to NOT be a winner. It’s worth over 460 million for tomorrow night’s drawing. So, time to lay my money down and make my financial advisor shake his head.



Well, if you would have bought stock in pine are hardwood or lumber of any kind, you’d have a lot of money in the bank. The price of lumber is at an all-time high now. $1,686 per thousand board feet. If I were building a house right now it would have to be made of brick. We had thought about rebuilding our wood deck. Not anymore. That means I’ll be on my knees soon trying to stain the dang thing. DIY guy I am not. Could be a very interesting look when I’m done with it.



It might not be funny to everyone, but I laughed out loud when I pulled up this segment of Saturday Night Live with guest host Keegan-Michael Key. I’m a fan of the old Muppet show and two of my favorite characters are Waldorf & Astoria who constantly throw insults from the balcony…Geezers. In this skit, Keegan is a security guy who warns them to stop and when they don’t? Well, I’ve never seen a Muppet get beaten up before. Still laughing.



“Invasive Green Crabs Spreading Along Washington Coast”. I’d never heard of a green crab until I read this. AND…they’re invasive!


Everybody’s got something. Here they tell us the Cicadas are going to be raising a loud ruckus any day now. The also reminded us that if you crank up the right power tools (or the wrong power tools in this case) you could be attacked by those buggers. Makes me glad I’m not a handyman and that someone else mows our lawn. I hope they bought a full-face helmet for the weeks ahead.



How about this tweet where the woman posted, “He dumped me so I’m dating the landlord. We be raising the rent tomorrow”.


“High Speed Chase Ends After Suspect Runs Out Of Gas” Hey, you don’t have to be smart to be a criminal.



I’m bluegrass writing with Troy Engle up in Pennsylvania this morning on our computers. It’s our second time doing so. Troy is just ridiculously talented and plays pretty much any instrument with strings. He’s also a producer. When we finish a song, he can record it and make it sound like a dang record. How do people do that?


Have a great Monday!









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